Is Mintel Legit? An Honest Review

Mintel Review

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But what is Mintel about and what can provide on a lump sum basis? Let’s find out now!

What is Mintel?

Mintel is one of the world’s largest Market Research companies within the world. Mintel Claims to be the largest eyes and ears across the globe when it comes to leading market intelligence and sports launching over 38K products per month. Their website states that they ask thousands among thousands of people for their opinions each month while tracking consumer spending across 34 markets across the globe. Mintel Market Research was founded by Nicholas Barry way back in 1972. Now they work across the globe, proving the platform has grown and has no reason to raise concern for applying to earn money. Mintel’s top competitor is Kantar, led by Ian Griffiths, who is their Interim-CEO. Mintel industries include market research. Mintel Group Ltd is based in London and boasts offices in both Chicago New York, Mumbai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, and Seoul. Mintel databases, analysis, and forecasts are accessible to subscribing clients, those who purchase standalone reports, and to students in participating university libraries.

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How does Mintel work? is easy to sign up to and has so many different elements to them. If you’re somebody who likes a variety of things to give your opinion on them this is the company you want to work for as they produce options in the following categories:

  • Food & Drink
  • Mintel GNPD
  • Mintel Reports Mintel Trends
  • Mintel Market Sizes
  • Mintel Beauty & Personal Care
  • Report by Industry
  • Automotive
  • Beauty, Personal Goods And Toiletries
  • Clothing, Footwear, Accessories
  • Consumer Lifestyles, Marketing, Promotion
  • Drink And Tobacco
  • Electrical Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Food And Foodservice
  • Health And Wellbeing
  • Holidays And Travel
  • Household/House And Home
  • Industrial
  • Leisure Time
  • Life-stages
  • Media, Books, Stationery
  • Retail
  • Technology/Telecoms
  • Report Types
  • Consumer Reports

Mintel is a consulting agency that provide market research and analysis, product intelligence, and competitive intelligence services. To start earning from here you will need to find the Mintel Mystery Shopper Login and save that page somewhere where you can easily access it. Mintel Market Research has so much going on there site it’s hard to take all in but you get the drift. Mintel Jobs will consist of giving your feedback on a number of different products. If you would like to request more information from the Mintel Market Research company, it can bring light to what you’re chasing.

If you want to do both, Mintel is also something that does Mystery Shopping, which means you can take surveys and mystery shop for extra money. After you have signed up to their website and started, you’ll receive a shopping list that tells you exactly what you have to buy. The good thing here is that next to earning their fee, everything is paid for including Products, packaging, and shipping. Mintel claim there are no hidden fees when it comes to Mystery shopping.

Pathway to Industry shopping is:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • In-Store Audits
  • Collecting Promotional material
  • Getting paid


Now that I have fully finished this Mintel Review I can conclude that the Platform is legitimate and you will earn some good money from this company.

Pros And Cons About Mintel


  • Mintel is a good way to earn some good money
  • Mintel is a backed-up company with over many years of experience
  • Mintel has tons of different opportunities to get involved with
  • Mintel also acts like a big family where everyone gets involved.


  • Searching for the Mintel Sign up information is hard
  • The Mintel website is packed full of information, making it hard to see the opportunity

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