Is Matt McCall Investment Opportunities a Scam? In Depth Review

Matt McCall Investment Opportunities Review

There are so many ways to earn money online and in this review, we’ll discuss the Matt McCall Investment Opportunities, which is a newsletter on the stock market.

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What is Matt McCall Investment Opportunities?

Matt McCall Investment Opportunities is an online newsletter that provides information on the stock market and teaches people how to choose the increasing stock for that period of time.

Before signing up to this newsletter, Matt has put together a list of stocks that have come to fruition to show everyone that he’s predictions and true and reliable.

Matt McCall Investment Opportunities was founded by Matt McCall, who is a renowned Stock investor with over 17 years of experience. He began he’s journey working as a broker for Charles Schwab.

Because of Matts thorough knowledge in investing, people like to ask him questions and receive advice. He is currently working as a senior technical analyst at InvestorPlace, which is a financial research firm within the US.

And here’s an overview of his qualification in finance industry:

  • Founded Penn Financial Group, a RIA similar to Charles Schwab
  • Founded CrowdVest. Co., an equity crowdsourcing platform
  • Founded Point B Publishing
  • Founded Crowdvest Securities
  • The author of The Next Great Bull Market
  • MBA Degree in Finance from the University of Colorado
  • Bachelor Degree in Finance from Kutztown University
  • The chief technical analyst for Winning on Wall Street

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How does Matt McCall Investment Opportunities work?

The Matt McCall Investment Opportunities newsletter opportunity is hosted at the firm he’s working for, which is a large online platform for investors to send out their products and newsletters, among other things. You will need to know about this site to subscribe to the newsletter.

Subscribers get new stock recommendations every week, and it costs $99US per year with a 30-refund policy.

As part of the testimonials that encourage you to sign up for the newsletter, it listed some successful investment recommendations given to its readers, including:

  • 611% gains from shares of Liquefied Natural Gas Unlimited in less than one year
  • 324% gains in less than two months from shares of Bitcoin Services Inc.
  • 253% gains from shares of Elbit Systems Ltd in five years

These analysts look impressive, but I would imagine wanting to see other subscriber’s success stories on the website as well. Knowing that people are making money from this source provides more value in prospecting than just what the chosen stocks are. Not having this information could a sign that indeed most stock recommendations actually fall. Right now, the worst stock is Tesla, and it’s only a matter of time before these battery operated cars that are blowing every other driver off the road and finished upon.

While the newsletters focus on US stock, the newsletters do include some content of other financial instruments, such as:

  • Commodities
  • Real Estate
  • Bonds
  • Gold

Here’s an overview of what you will get for the subscription of McCall’s Investment Opportunities:

  • Investment Opportunities Newsletters: monthly newsletters that include the “World’s biggest investment opportunities, the latest investment recommendations, and insights.
  • Special Reports: some reports about the new technology and business trends in the world.
  • Urgent Position Updates: if there is something significant happening that would affect their position or opinions of stock recommendations, they will give you an update
  • Investment Opportunities Owner’s Manual: a brief manual that explains how McCall finds and evaluates investment opportunities.

So now I can say that with the above information, it looks like there is a bit there that will help you to succeed.

But there are heaps better ways to earn money online at the moment, which I think is important that you know.

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After carefully checking over the Matt McCall Investment Opportunities, I can now conclude that it is a legitimate source to help get on top of your finances.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience In investing? Have you tried Matt McCall Investment Opportunities before?

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