Is Marketforce Legit? An Honest Review

Market Force Review

This is my Market Force Review. Find out if Market Force is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There is nothing better than making money online. If you’re here looking at what type of opportunity the Market Force platform can provide you then read the rest of this review to find out.

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So, what is and can they assist you with something that you need to get moving within the right path? Let’s find out now!

What is Market Force Information?

Market Force Information (Market Force) is an online company set to take over the Mystery shopping industry and more. Market Force Information provides what they local-level customer experience management that which provides solutions to some of the biggest companies products and services being sold and kept at the industry-standard performance. Market Force Information was founded in 2005 by Karl Maier, Paul Berberian, Rushton McGarr. Market Force Information Last funding type was Debt Financing. Market Force Information is headquartered in Colorado and industries include Analytics, Consulting, Market Research. Some of Market Force Information Investors are Monitor Clipper Funds, Boulder Ventures, and Vista Ventures.

Although does sound legit, there are still some particular elements that we need to look at in order to see if they are going to be helpful or not to some of the people who want to use them. Facebook is one of these elements; where if they have a Facebook Fan Page you will likely benefit a lot from this company as you’ll be able to grab support plus keep up to date on different topics set out within their pathway plan. After having a quick search on Facebook I was able to find that Market Force Information does have their own Facebook Fan Page and they boast over 28K Likes.

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How does Market Force work?

Through a suite of products, Market Force Information helps businesses increase customer loyalty and protect the brand at the store level through the corporate level. To start using Market Force Mystery Shopper and Surveys, you will need to create an account using both your name and email address which you can do straight from here using Market Force Shopper Login on their platform. What makes this site more appealing is the fact that they also offer the Market Force Help Desk to make all your estimated inquiries.

Market Force has offices within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Spain. This can also let loose more common knowledge for those who wish to dive deep with this company.

Market Force operates at scale across the globe. As a member of the Market Force Information company you will indulge in many different activities, which we’ll go through now.

Market Force Information solutions provide a robust framework for measuring and improving operational excellence, customer experience, and your financial KPIs.

  • Measurement channels: mystery shopping, customer experience surveys, contact center calls, social media, employee engagement surveys
  • Knowledge Force® technology platform an Eyes: OnTM mobile app
  • Predictive Analytics to determine what matters most and the ROI for investing in improvements
  • Market Research services (e.g., customer segmentation, Attitude Trial, and Usage studies, custom research projects)
  • Strategic Advisory Services to design and implement effective measurement systems and improve performance

The following are different types of elements that make up what this company is involved with:

  • Complete over 100,000 mystery shops
  • Collect, process, and analyze millions of employee and customer experience surveys
  • Manage over a hundred thousand inbound calls to our contact center
  • Host over 1 million user logins on our KnowledgeForce® reporting platform


Now that I have fully finished this Market Force Review I can conclude that the company is legitimate and anyone looking to make ends meet will be able to do that just fine with this establishment.

Pros And Cons About Market Force


  • Market Force information is a free option to make some extra money
  • Market Force information has many different locations that they operate in
  • Market Force information has a good company reputation that which stands behind them
  • Market Force information also boasts a wonderful Facebook Fan Page where both prospect and existing members can get their information from.


  • Market Force information website lacks information on how to get informed on their mystery shopping opportunity 
  • The website is hard to navigate and options are not equally mapped out 

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