Is Leap Vista a Scam or Legit? Review

Leap Vista Review

There are so many reasons to want to earn from an extra side gig, and since the inception of the internet, it has made so much available to us.

In this Leap Vista Review I’ll go over what the website contains and if you’ll benefit from it or not. I’ll also show you the difference between the two most common marketing industries, including both ECommerce and Affiliate Marketing.

The harder industry to get going in is Ecommerce because you have to spend a ton of money on getting your business up and running. People generally buy courses to help them, such as eCom Domination but these courses cost an arm and a leg, and it is just that, a course. But each course generally expresses a coaching section as well, where the founders will coach you along the way. The only issue I find with this, is that the courses don’t have custom platforms where a live community can talk. They’re only lessons and that is all, they also have both email contact along with a Facebook Group where they tell prospect clients that they have ongoing coaching.

But What is Leap Vista and does their services add up to being a way to increase in revenue? Yes, and no.

If you have money to spend and just want to make money, then yes. Leap Vista will definitely be able to show you more on Ecommerce and how to start your own Dropshipping store.

But if you’re serious about starting a sustainable business, then I would prefer you start blogging. A website and content is the only true way to be happy with an online business. Even getting success posts such as $40,000 In One Weekend is a way to really see where the value is coming from.

What is Leap Vista?

Leap Vista is an online Ecommerce training platform that boasts a strong client base and extreme core value process, value, and mission.

Is Leap Vista a reliable site to earn?

The Leap Vista website is 1.5 years old and was founded back in July 2019 by both Steve and Evan Tan. It contains a bunch of courses on Ecommerce which people can pay for and begin learning how to make money with Dropshipping.

These courses are:

  • eCom Domination
  • AMZ Elite
  • Digital Secrets

The course I want to show you is Ecom Domination which is the only available course from their site at the moment. AMZ Elite and Digital Secrets are said to be coming soon. Keep reading to learn more about ECom Domination.

Is Leap Vista a reliable site to earn?

Steve and Evan are both nine-figure earners in their Leap Vista business.

Leap Vista is also a proclamation of being annoyed at the typical guru clientele courses and both boast on how they create a sustainable path for revenue income for anyone who signs up with them.

But is it going to be worth taking the ECom Domination course and trying your luck at making money?

Their may be some proof of people who are gaining success with the Leap Vista company, but they lose traction when it comes to showing a blog post from inside the training platform. I would generally like to see a platform that offers blog profiles for their members such as this one My First Website Sold For $38,479. In the latter, it clearly shows people who have success and can show others the way inside the same training.

How does Leap Vista work?

To be honest I have seen the Leap Vista website and Ecom Domination Masterclass advertised on social media ads a number of time leading up to this Review. When I see the advertisements I think the founders both Steve & Evan sound smart and professional.

But what is eCom Domination Masterclass?

I am guessing that to get started with the Ecom Domination Masterclass Training you’ll obviously need to go to their website, but you can also keep a look out on social ads. You can also copy and paste the name from this review and punch it into your web browser for search mode.

The eCom Domination Masterclass cost price is not labeled on the Leap Vista website. The previous course from Leap Vista was Ultimate eCom System and costed $1997 which was then lowered to $1497. This is giving us an estimation that ECom Domination Masterclass could cost around the same price as this, maybe even $1500 (an in-between price).

After you’ve purchased the eCom Domination Masterclass training course you’ll receive 13 modules. Each module comes with both text lessons and videos. In total, you will get an over-100 + video lessons within their system.

Leap Vista has an established bunch of trainers that are there to help people with their coursework. These trainers start off with the founders, the “Tan Brothers”, Shannon Goh (the Chief Operating Officer who doesn’t even have a LinkedIn profile), Gabriel Wong, and Benjamin Tan (the coach of AMZ Elite).

So judging by some of the eCom Domination Masterclass resources, you’re looking at getting some pretty good training. I mean, I can see how many people would buy this training straight away just because of how well it is presented.

But do they offer a member profile inside the training on a platform, open sourced, where members can congregate and talk? To get a clear picture of what I am talking about have a look at this $45,000 Offered For My Website (Just By Taking This Training). The latter shows a platform built for affiliate marketing and you will need to really consider which it will be that gets you to where you need to be.


Now that I have fully finished my eCom Domination Masterclass Review I can say that they’re definitely a legitimate platform. I have done a few of these types of reviews and to be honest, Leap Vista actually looks like a very good business to be learning from.

They offer straight up explaining within their training and this is what you want when trying for an online income.

The only element to their core focus is coaching. I mean, I coach people for free inside platforms like this My Blogs Earned Over $100k-Part-Time in 2018. This is the latter, and it is high-class learning for people who are dedicated to learning how to build an online business. I coach you for free if you want to take this route. But why this route is better than the eCom Domination Masterclass Course is because it has a lot more. It has weekly webinars and coaches who upload live webinar classes. You build a WordPress website inside the training and create powerful content that ranks in Google. When you start getting traffic you start earning money, and it is much a bigger deal than dropshipping.

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What I personally recommend

Affiliate marketing is when you write content for your website and publish it to your website. There are countless affiliate programs online where businesses want you to help promote their products.

The reason why blogging is so powerful is because once your build your site, it is there to stay forever. A website with content is always going to rank and grow in any niche. If you can get trained on how to do this, it is just a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Take my #1 Rated Training to get started now and I’ll coach you for free inside.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience selling products online? Have you tried Leap Vista before?

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