Is Kibo Code Quantum a scam? A PPC Training Review

Kibo Code Quantum Review

There are so many reasons to want to earn an extra side income and many people are looking to the internet to see whether there is something they can use to make things happen for them.

But to be honest, I am shocked at some of the courses coming out. Some of them are just very lame and by this I mean, not sporting any community or platform where inside members can talk about their businesses.

All you’ll ever see in some of these eCommerce Courses are lessons laid out that which you have to follow. In some of them, you’re required to pay hefty monthly payments to third-party platforms such as Shopify and it just isn’t good enough. I mean, who can’t just head over to Shopify and do that themselves?

But What is and is it any better than some other Amazon FBA Courses? Yes, and No. And the reason why I say this is because it is one of the courses that expected members to shell out hefty monthly expenses on Shopify.

When I am paying for a service I expect it to work by itself. I don’t expect to have to go to third-party sites to make everything work.

And the reason why I know this is because I use an affiliate training platform that taught me everything about blogging and I did not have to go anywhere. If there was a third party platform involved (Such as WordPress) my training included it in my training and I didn’t have to do anything.

You should highly consider this training $6.2K Month – October Monthly Update! Where the latter is what it takes to be successful if you’re just starting out. Trust you me, if you’re new to this, I would take the latter and run. I will coach you on the inside.

What is Kibo Code Quantum?

Kibo Code Quantum is an online training course based on teaching its members how to build and scale and eCommerce online business.

The Kibo Code Quantum program includes a total of 7 modules, all of which will help users learn something new about setting up and running their very own e-commerce business. Different techniques will be discussed during the modules to provide them with a stronger platform for their upcoming journey.

Is Kibo Code Quantum a reliable site to earn?

Kibo Code Quantum was founded by Co-Founders both Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton and when the first edition of the training was launched, it attracted the founders over $11M in sales.

The first thing I noticed when doing this Kibo Code Quantum Review was there is a lot of sites reviewing them. I think the founders have used this opportunity to ask bloggers to review them so they can get their label out there, get what I mean? I’ve never seen an eCommerce course get raised such as this before which is a bit weird. Usually bloggers would want links back to their blog, asking sites to add a link of your site is a blogger’s thing to do, and that is why I find it a bit weird seeing as a course is doing it as well.

Is Kibo Code Quantum a reliable site to earn?

Anyway the first Edition of this course was created where members had to use Shopify to set up a store and pay $120 per month for this service (along with other apps). After doing some research I found that this time round, Kibo Code Quantum does not ask members to use any third-party website building platforms as special software is being introduced into the training. Kibo Code Quantum now has faster and easier eCommerce software made so students can build directly from the platform.

Another new element to the Kibo Code Quantum training is driving free traffic to your online store front instead of having to pay. Both Steve and Aiden use special SEO tactics such as Social media platforms to get this free traffic.

There is so much involved with eCommerce training that you just have to do it to figure it out. However, if this industry has too many moving parts or for some reasons isn’t what you’re into, then look at From $39-month to $2,233month! After 1-Year Of Hard Work, and see if you’re willing to start a blog and I will be your coach.

How does Kibo Code Quantum work?

Getting started with Kibo Code Quantum will need you to go to their website. Sometimes you’ll notice that on the sign up page, it says the doors are closed at the moment but that is only because they’re in the middle of teaching people their tricks of the trade.

But on the sign up page, you’re to enter your email address first, and this will take you to another page where you can pay for the training and costs $3,479. Now, this is one of the higher paying courses and with a price like this, it is easy to see how they were able to generate $11M on their first launch.

After you have paid for the Kibo Code Quantum course there are still some further expenses, you need to pay for such as:

  • Domain Cost – Domains are cheap, they cost around $14 per year. Keep in mind that this is just another platform that you have to stay in contact with while you perform your journey. Inside the training I use members get all this for free without even having to use any other third party websites.
  • Hosting – In most cases you’ll buy hosting with your domain, but there are two options to choose from that which are both shared hosting and private hosting. These are all little things, you’ll have to either remember or write down.
  • Advertisement Cost – This is what you need to get people coming to your website. Members have the choice of paying for Google or Facebook Ads. There are other social platforms you can use as well. Again, this is another cost that you’ll be paying and having to keep an eye on. In the latest version of Kibo Code Quantum, it claims that Kibo Code Quantum focuses more on getting free traffic from social media. But I can tell you now that this is going to be hard. Remember to bookmark my site in case you get stuck and want to take my free coaching.
Is Kibo Code Quantum a reliable site to earn?

I mean, if you have time and patience it will work. In the screenshot above it shows countless people making money with Kibo Code Quantum Training. However, you need to see that this screenshot is a forum and very hard to get into and start chatting. Often times you’ll find this type of software buried deep inside a platform and not easy to use or get to. Members are literally only allowed to post a question and then wait for a reply? Facebook would be much more efficient than doing this.

I also want to show you a small comparison to what Kibo Code Quantum is trying to do compared to a platform that is offering live chat and success posts:

Is Kibo Code Quantum a reliable site to earn?

I just had to add another screenshot of a quality training above because I didn’t think it would be right showing you a forum from Kibo Code Quantum that which is very misleading for new people. Being new you’ll think it is a form of community, but that is far from the truth. It is not quality as adding a forum to a course takes a few minutes.

Anyway, an overall of everything you get from Kibo Code Quantum is as follows:

  • Product pages
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Control dashboard
  • Storefronts
  • Software
  • Coaching
  • Community access
  • Tech support

Everything you see in the list above is what this course offers. I must admit it was hard trying to find all of the information for this as it doesn’t have email access. This means you just have to pay if you want to see what its about and that is another downside.

If you want to try something that offers more value, check out the industry that calls for blogging and read $45K Offered For My Website, Should I Take It? (Learn How to Build Your Own With This Training!)


After finishing my Kibo Code Quantum Review I can now fully conclude that it is an OK product, but not by much. I honestly wouldn’t really recommend you take this training just because it does not add up to what you would expect for something that is earning over $11 per year.

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What I personally recommend

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling Amazon products from home? Have you tried Kibo Code Quantum before?

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