Is Inbound Closer a Scam or Legit? (A Must Read Review!!!!!)

Inbound Closer Review

There are so many reasons to want to start earning money from home and taking Ecommerce courses, is one way that will help you learn about that type of affiliate marketing. However, there are different types of affiliate marketing and dropshipping is kind of like an expensive route.

To get started in dropshipping using Amazon FBA you have to have quite a lot of money (about $15-20 grand).

But What is and is it a reliable source for earning money online?

If you’re a beginner and have paid for multiple courses that haven’t worked, I want you to understand why. A course is not enough to help you make money online. You must have a live chat community and so much more. New people to the industry need a lot of help.

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What is Inbound Closer?

Inbound Closer is an online training program that teaches people how to perfectly Close the deal when conversing with a client. In depth, you get taught how to become an affiliate marketer and sales closer.

The extensive ad network is an extensive $129B industry, whereby Inbound Closer teaches you how to create a funnel that runs leads into more clients.

Is Inbound Closer a reliable site to earn?

The name Inbound Closer refers learning how to close more deals on the interception of marketing.

Inbound Closer claims that 1621 people replaced their 9-5 income in 21 days. Members are said to receive $987 commission per sale.

Inbound Closer was founded by Payton Welch who a success digital marketer. There is not a whole lot of information on Payton Welch except for he has a brother called Taylor Welch, who also helps him to promote Inbound Closer. Taylor Welch has stated he owns a $21M company that teaches & advises businesses online on how to generate a seven-to-eight-figure revenue through inbound marketing and closing processes.

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How does Inbound Closer work?

Generally people will stumble upon this type of training by hearing about the opportunity there is in affiliate marketing and Amazon and this is where they’ll search Google. Google will pull up results based on what you’re searching for and from there also provide you ads on the same topic. You can click into the ad at any moment and get started with the training.

All of this training exclaims that you learn all of this with nothing but a 6-page PDF. Now, I can tell you now that if you’re serious about earning money online, this might be a waste of your time. There is no point in reading a PDF that contains ways which work for one person. You’ll still need live 24/7 support and coaching. Instead, think carefully, and also check out How I Earned $9465.05 More Referrals Inside This Amazing Platform!

The following is what is included in the Inbound Closer Training:

  • The Daily Commission Check Blueprint
  • Inbound Closing Accelerator
Is Inbound Closer a reliable site to earn?

There are also these “growth-accelerating bonuses” included:

  • Bonus 1 – Post-Call Recordings and breakdowns – These recordings will help you increase the percentage of your closed sales by listening to calls made by Taylor and analyzed by other very successful closers’, so that you can copy his methods and increase your closing rate.
  • Bonus 2Access to the Inbound Closer Mastermind Facebook Group – Once you have purchased the system and you provide them with the email you have used to purchase the system, you will have access to this private Facebook group where you will be part of a community of members that will help you ask questions, practice, and strategize with fellow members.

The Inbound Closer product is not that expensive, at only $97 it is a seemingly affordable price. But beware that when products like this come forth, it is not just about this product, and in fact, in many instances, it is more likely a lead to another more expensive product.

Now, when you don’t know anything about this type of stuff, you’ll go ahead and make those more costly purchases. That is how these marketers become so rich. And you never actually get anywhere. The only way to actually become successful online is by learning about real affiliate marketing which is about writing short articles on things people search for and getting to understand your client’s need (in this case, making money online).

You can start a strong foundation that will directly drive you into a business of wealth by getting the right training and support and not wasting money on courses that don’t work. I can show you proof right now $6.2K Month – October Monthly Update!, the latter is a post from inside the training I promote and highly recommend. I coach you for free.


After reviewing the Inbound Closer, I can carefully say that it is a product that can shine some light on new elements in the digital marketing space, but it is not going to help you literally make money online. For that you’ll need proper training inside a platform where others train and can speak to your through live chat.

Check out My First Website Sold For $38,479. The latter is a link to a person who used the training and was able to build a website and sell it for over $38K. It is truly what you’re looking for if you want to earn money online.

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What I personally recommend

Real Affiliate Marketing is when you build a website and give it a name that you like. This is the real beginning of building a brand and company that is going to net you real income over time.

When the site is up and running, you’ll just need to write an article and hit publish. This, along with SEO will get people coming to your site and seeing everything you have to offer.

Try my #1 Rated Training Now to do this and I will coach you for free on the inside.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in closing sales? Have you tried Inbound Closer before?

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