Is Hiving Surveys a Scam or Legit? Review

Hiving surveys Review

There are millions of reasons to learn how to make money online in today’s day and age and I am here to say that next to learning more about surveys and this Survey panel- Hiving surveys Platform, the other more important project is building an online business so that you can advertise whatever it is you’re selling to the 57% of the world’s internet users (Which is your referral link). There are 7.676 billion people in the world and over 57% of that population uses the internet to search for things and a lot of that is work from home related, I mean, how many people want to work-from-home?

Survey Platforms provide an awesome way to make money online but one of those ways is by using their referral links which I am starting to notice that members don’t know how to do that because of that one main reason, they don’t have any experience online.

If you are taking surveys, then it is so important that you either read this review and begin taking the surveys or use what I recommend, which is to start an online business so that you can refer people to all the survey platforms that you are already signing up to anyway.

The thing is with referring people to the Survey Platform of your choice that when members get the link all they can do is publish the link to their Facebook Feeds and hope that as many people sign up as possible. This is why members send their referral links to Facebook Feeds over and over again because it gets addictive. The more people who sign up the more money and rewards you earn. When Facebook detects spam in their feeds your Survey or Hiving surveys Referral link will be banned and this happens when people publish them too much without any relevant content.

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What is Hiving surveys? is an online opportunity for people to make some extra cash from home. Hiving surveys was founded in 2009 and they are situated in France. Hiving surveys work together with people of the public in regard to market research for customer feedback. Since their founding they have since grown to over 20 countries all around the world.

Hiving surveys is open to all communities with an illegible age requirement of 15 years. “Hiving” refers to the term of “bringing a focus back to life at home, while still keeping open and strong communication with the outside world”.

Hiving surveys is one that has the platform initiated into different languages around the world so that as many people as possible can join, but so clients in different countries can also get the answers that they need about their products. This is where their members take control and provide them with the answers that they need.
As a member of Hiving, you’ll have a chance to fill out surveys and complete other tasks so that Hiving’s clients can get the information they need to shape their businesses, products, and services.

Hiving surveys says that it formed its name from the idea of a hive, or a home-like place that makes you feel comfortable. The company’s main goal has been to create a community with people around the world where they can share their ideas and be a part of the bigger picture.

I have had to edit all these articles and reviews because I am learning a lot with these blogs. If you wish to make money online then start with: 9 Year Anniversary And A $30,000 Sale, as you can see, the member has been around for over 9 years which shows you its legitimacy!

How does Hiving surveys work?

Getting your show on the road with surveys is pretty easy to start. The first thing you have to do is create an account and verify your email address and the way you do this is by filling in your name email and d.o.b and then going back to your email inbox and clicking the yes button.

Hiving surveys typically sends out 1-4 surveys per month, but this pretty much depends on your demographic which is the part you fill in when you are setting up your account.

Survey websites offer many opportunities from getting your demographic right to knowing how to refer your prospects. Can you see what I’m mentioning here, it is a two-way thing that takes place for the whole opportunity to work. This opportunity has many elements that all must go to together, I don’t recommend only doing one thing and not the rest when they are all easy to do.

Here is an overview of Survey Opportunities Overall:

  • Survey Tasks and Focus Groups
  • Creating large Demographics in each membership profile
  • Referring friends and family or the 57% of the population that use the internet (Recommended)

At Hiving surveys each survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Every time you complete a Survey you are recommended with Hiving surveys Points and these points that you gather grow according to the length or complexity of the survey. From what I have researched online the points can take up to 30 days to become available in your account and this could be valuable to learn now. The only reason why it’s like this is because surveys must be fully finished before they close.

The Refer a friend opportunity offers to pay you a percentage of what your referrals earn once they join. This is what can become a great way to earn money. If you bring in 10 people and they all earn $50 for the month, you earn a percentage of that and the percentage is usually anywhere from 5% to 30%. Let’s multiply the highest earning which is $50 x 10 = $150. At 30% you are earning $150 and this multiplication is only a small calculation because you can refer thousands if not millions of people.
In order to redeem for rewards, you must accumulate 4000 Hiving surveys Points. Here are some quick facts about Hive-Points:

  • Hiving surveys Points don’t expire
  • You can exchange your Points for cash once you have collected at least 4000 Points
  • Cash exchanges are made in stages of 4000 (4000 ($4), 8000 ($8) or 12000 ($12) Points)
  • 1000 Points = $1.00
  • The Points System is susceptible to change but any changes will not affect the value of the Points you currently have

There are three different options that points can be spent on: Redeem for cash via PayPal, request an Amazon e-voucher, or donate your points towards a charitable cause! 

On The Hiving surveys website there are tons to explore! As a member, enjoy lotteries, raffles, quizzes, and competitions. There are also interesting articles about research-related subjects. In addition to taking surveys they also offer product testing.


Hiving surveys are 100% legit and I recommend taking this opportunity because they have tons of offers along with a legit referral program.

Pros And Cons About Hiving surveys


  • The panel is free to join
  • They have a low threshold so that you can withdraw
  • They have PayPal as an option for members to cash out
  • They are available in many different countries


  • The payments seem to take a while getting into your account

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  1. I have been doing online surveys with several companies. It is quite a process for very little money. I had not realized there are other ways to make money with surveys. Getting other people to join. Sharing your referral links. Getting them to sign up. This sounds like a wonderful idea, much better than doing the actual surveys. I am going to try this out. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, Energy, and thanks for commenting on my Hiving Surveys Review. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it and found some useful information.


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