Is Highlights Magazine a Scam? An Honest Review

Highlights Magazine Review

This is my Highlights Magazine Review. Find out if Highlights Magazine is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to make an online and you have come into the correct place to make this happen. I say this because you might not be completely reliant on just writing for external businesses and if you’re open to writing for yourself and seeing what the massive commotion is then that is what I want to show you here. Since starting my own online company I have begun to see more and more people selling content to other websites. Do you know how much time this is taking off you? Picture how long it takes you to write one article, one day maybe? This is how much work goes into running your own online business, until you get enough reviews written to get traffic, you’ll have to do all the writing yourself. All these websites like Highlights Magazine for example are paying to write these pieces of content to rank on their site which is making them huge. You can now do the same with very little effort and I think you would be very interested in doing this. If you are happy to learn more then start your site now and also get me as your free coach and mentor which help you tremendously along the way. You’ll learn how to add Google AdSense and drive revenue to your bank with your own company and keep the articles and reviews you make from here on out. I look forward to seeing you in there.

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But what is the Highlights Magazine and what do they offer if you decide to write for them?

What is Highlights Magazine?

Highlights Magazine is an online magazine that was actually first published as a children’s book magazine. When it was published it was also often referred to as Highlights. Highlights Magazine was founded in 1946 by Garry Cleveland Myers and his wife Caroline Clark Myers in Honesdale, Pennsylvania (the present location of its editorial office). They both worked for another children’s magazine, Children’s Activities, for twelve years before leaving to start Highlights. Since its inception Highlights Magazine have carried the slogan “Fun with a Purpose”. Highlights Magazine is now situated within Columbus, Ohio, United States, and external regions also include Great Lakes, Midwestern US. Highlights Magazine also owns book publishers Zaner-Bloser, Stenhouse Publishers, and Staff Development for Educators. Highlight Magazine industries include Association Communities Education Lifestyle News Publishing. As of September Highlights Magazine has on Facebook over 435K Likes and on Twitter they have over 22.2K Users. Although we can see that this business does sound both legit and interesting having their own social media gathering makes them a better company for people who want to make money with them as you can interact with their social and get instant answers back.

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How does Highlights Magazine work?

Getting started with Highlights Magazine is not hard and includes using the Google Search Console. What I did, something that I usually do is type in the keywords “How to write for Highlights Magazine” and with this a list of results will appear at the top of the Google list. Just click on the first result, which says submissions for Highlights. This will then take you to a page where you can find out more, but its not all the way. I want you to read this part of the journey first to first understand how it’s going to happen. Then once you’ve read this section, you’ll need to click the link there and it’ll bring you to the next submissions page which is where you can choose out of a bunch of different results that you want to submit too. Let’s now look at the below graph on what they will pay you and what types of work they are desiring:

  • Earn $40 to $175+ per original content, writing for Highlights for Children, a monthly general interest magazine for children ages 6 to 12.
  • Compensation:
    • $175+ per fictional story:
      • Stories for beginning readers: 475 words max
      • Stories for independent readers: 750 words max
      • Rebus stories: 100 words max
      • All genres, except romance, crime or violence
    • $175+ per nonfiction article (science, arts, sports, how-to’s, world cultures, history, What a Pro Knows, and Gallant Kids):
      • Articles for beginning readers: 400 words max
      • Articles for independent readers: 750 words max
    • $40+ per poetry/verse:
      • Non-rhyming verse, humorous poems, and holiday-themed poems
      • 16 lines max
    • $40+ per craft (gifts, toys, games, and decorations) tutorial with step-by-step photos that appeal to both boys and girls
    • $40+ per puzzle (math puzzles, code activities, and visual puzzles)
    • $50+ per full-color cartoon / $40+ per black-and-white cartoon (single/multiple-panel, with/without a caption, with human/animal characters)
  • Earnings paid on acceptance.
  • Rights bought: All rights, including copyright.
  • Stats:
    • 1.2 million+ monthly circulation.
    • 1 billion+ copies in print.
  • Employees: 201+ (est. 1946) (Highlights Magazine LinkedIn)
  • BBB accredited rating: A+ (Highlights Magazine Better Business Bureau (BBB))
  • Minimum age: 16+
  • Countries: USA, Canada.
  • Earnings per word: 23¢ to 37¢

Now that you can see everything that they are searching for it’s also important to find out about an affiliate offers. In this case they don’t have an affiliate program and only pay for content writing. This is important to understand from here on out because the content is what’s all the fuss over. They can rank their site heavily for the content that you permit to them and that’s why they want it. It’ll take you all day to write something and get paid for that day, but it doesn’t help you within the future. This is not what the internet is about, and I encourage you to look into this a bit more by either reading until the end or scrolling straight down now where I’ll show you how to get started.


Now that I have fully complete my Highlights Magazine Review I can now recommend that this company is legitimate and you will earn a high income from it. However, the money you earn is not something that is valuable for the long run, in other words it’s runs out unless you have your own online business and you publish the articles to your own website. So that you can learn more on this just scroll down to the end.

Pros And Cons About Highlights Magazine


  • Highlights Magazine has a good company reputation online
  • Highlights Magazine offers a few different ways to make money
  • Highlights Magazine has social media where you can contact them easier and stay up to date
  • Highlights Magazine has a long-standing company that shows they are reliable to anyone who wants to compete


  • Freelance writing is something that I don’t recommend anyone does anymore. Since the launch of my online business I have been noticing that writing content takes a lot of practice which can ensure a high rise in price for that content. However, that money that which you earn doesn’t compare to how long the article you write lasts within Google. The content is keeps on ranking and making thousands of dollars and that’s why I highly don’t recommend selling it to any external company.

Learn how to keep the content you create and publish it to your own online business and keep everything you work for

Writing online is something that can make you tons of cash if you have a website and want to make money. Anyone that wants to earn money with an online business just has to know how to type and own a laptop, it’s easy when you have these items and good training but finding the training is not always easy. I have looked around everywhere online and seen that there isn’t any anywhere except one place and I want to show this to you. There are tons of courses out there but there’s no physical training that which provides you with a live platform and one on one coaching which is what you need. If you have experience, you’ll be able to get straight into it. I want you to start your website right now and meet me in there. I look forward to seeing you in there.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience Freelance Writing? Have you worked for Highlights Magazine before?

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