Is Her View From Home a Legit Writing Opportunity or Scam Just waiting to happen?

Her View From Home Review

There are so many reasons to want to earn money online and writing articles is definitely a good way to earn.

But, when it comes to writing, one must understand what writing is and how to perfectly intermingle the right sentence structures to make the piece as understandable as possible. This is where the money comes and even when you get better, some platforms will label you a certain type of writer thus beginner being someone who only just started, and prolific being someone who is really good.

But before getting started with this article, there is something that completely outdates what we’ve just touched on and it is the whole fact of selling what you write.

Articles are worth a lot of money and even to point of ranking number one within the search engines and creating a serious income because of affiliate links that are placed within the text. If one of your articles ranks in Google you will be able to edit that article to make you thousands if not millions of dollars. This is why I always say to never sell any article under any circumstances whatsoever.

But What is Her View From Home and how can you earn money writing from home the easy way? By building a website.

I have put together a very simple blog post explaining how to build a website with step by step instructions that literally takes less than thirty seconds.

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What is Her View From Home?

Her View From Home is an online lifestyle and mothers blog who’s specialties deal with family, community, and lifestyle.

In 2012, Her View From Home won the Central Nebraska Business Plan Competition which was a big achievement for the blog.

Her View From Home is a website that helps connect peoples view to the rest of the world by providing a voice in their local community and embracing everyday living through daily articles about family, fashion and health, recipes, home improvement, community, faith and sanity savers. The Her View From Home website is made up of views from women and men across the country who share one common theme; a passion for their view from home.

Is Her View From Home a reliable site to earn?

Her View From Home also has a shop on their site which allows them to sell Accessories, apparel, gift cards, and home.

But, what we came for is articles and how you can earn money writing content for Her View From Home.

Before we move down below, keep in mind that Her View From Home has quite a few social media channels that which allows you to tune in a little more and become a part of their community. They have Facebook (1M+ Likes), Twitter (3.5K Likes), LinkedIn (161 Likes), Instagram (181k Likes), and Pinterest (18.5K Likes).

Keep reading below to Share personal essays Lifestyle Magazine, Family, and Community.

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How does Her View From Home work?

Learning how to write content from home is something that may take some time and getting used to. But when you have sites such as Her View From Home that will orchestrate a way for you to write and publish to their site in order to earn some money, I think this is going to help you reach for that long-term success even more.

Her View From Home Pays upto: $100

Contributors can also pitch timely pieces reflecting on current events.

All articles should be in the 600-800-word range.

Check out the writer’s guidelines and follow the instructions on the Submit Page.

Now with everything in your ball to get going, all you have to do is simply go to their site and see if you fit in or not.

Is Her View From Home a reliable site to earn?

You may also be unaware that content is what makes the internet so remember that keeping your content and publishing to your own blog is also very rewarding.

There is seriously no fuss in creating your own website. Now that we have WordPress it only consists of a few simple pushes of a button. However, there is a lot more that you’ll need to learn such as SEO and how to work the WordPress platform with your site attached.

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I think that Her View From Home is a very nice website which offers some very critical content in their own space.

How they offer upto $100 for any given article is another really obvious way of earning. I mean it took me about one hour to write this article and now if I sell it, I will earn $100. But the amount of people that will read this by publishing it to my own site is a much better option for me.

Enjoy your time working at Her View From Home and I hope you enjoyed this article.

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