Is GrabPoints a Scam or Legit? An In Depth Review

GrabPoints Review

How many reasons are there to want to earn money online? The fact that you can work from your laptop which means not having to leave home in the mornings is worth tons. This GrabPoints Review is going to show you along with the type of platform is it, how to make tons of money simply by directing people to them.

GrabPoints is a survey website that pays people to give their opinions and with most survey sites they also offer a referral program that allows members to make more money when they invite other people.

With these referral programs they do pay out different rewards but generally they pay something in between 5% and 30% on the earnings of what you referred person earns. This is huge and if you are here to find out about this survey panel just to earn rewards it makes me wonder whether you have even heard about the way you can simply refer people and get paid.

Lets take for example the higher-end commissions where they offer 30% on the earnings of one of your referrals. Say you brought in a person and they made $20 in one day. Over the whole week they were able to earn $80. Say they were set up pretty nicely. If you make a simple calculation and multiply 30$ x $80 it equals $24. This is the type of money you are making off one survey site that you are not even working on. You haven’t even done any work at this panel except bring someone in and they have made you $24 as you continue to work online. Multiply, that earning by 10 people and it equals $240 per week.

This is serious money and the internet is starting to evolve more now whereby people are looking for bigger ways to make this money instead of them having to sit there filling out the surveys themselves. One of the big things with this is that whoever is wanting to go ahead and do more they don’t know how to actually build the site and do all of this.

If you want to expand your business with online surveys I highly recommend diving head first into the GrabPoints Referral program and all other referrals programs. It only starts to get fun when you actually have the online business set up.

I can show you everything which takes minutes to do. What requires a little work is writing the survey Panel Review and adding the referral link. But if you can do that to earn what we spoke about earlier I want to show you how.

I fully coach everyone who signs up through me for free and let them in on everything I know, which takes them straight to where they want to go faster, which is what they want. Instead of having to learn everything I coach you for free. You can start your Survey Website Recruiting now by reading: 65 posts; over 100,000 words written; and 14 posts on page 1!,

Or, Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn more about this platform. Either way I will be here waiting to help you reach financial freedom when you are fully inclined to do so.

What is GrabPoints?

GrabPoints is a get-paid-to website that has been around since 2014 which makes them still fairly new. They have a wide range of activities such as completing surveys, downloading apps, completing offers, along with many other opportunities. GrabPoints is a points-based system, where members earn points for their work, which they can then cash out for cash or gift cards for retailers such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, and PayPal.

Out of all survey sites I have reviewed, this one is one that you definitely want to keep your open to as they are full legit and have tons of people completing their offers daily.

From doing tons of research for this review I did ascertain that this platform has full functionality and that everything you use at GrabPoints does work fine.

Many people like to also ascertain whether the Platform at hand has decent customer service and I can say that GrabPoints Survey Panel does have good customer service.

The internet is evolving everyday and one of those ways is with affiliate marketing. GrabPoints sports a great opportunity to make some serious money and this isn’t with their contracted general studies- in stead this is with their referral opportunity. They pay different points to different countries involved and the table is as follows:

  • Tier 1 USA, CA, UK 250 Points
  • Tier 2 Europe and Asia Pacific – 150 points
  • Tier 3 Remaining Countries – 25 points

This is one of the biggest deals they have because the opportunity that it leads into is so huge. Once you have your online business set up and running you have so many options in front of you and you can then set up any account you want with whatever survey panel you choose. Without setting up your online business now you will constantly be waiting to do things properly.

Other earning opportunities at GrabPoints are as follows:

  • Paid surveys – take surveys through survey routers and get credit for every successful completion. At any given time, there may be a few dozen router opportunities.
  • Watching videos – watch different videos to earn up to 20 points per video.
  • Offer walls – participate in offer walls where you can complete micro-tasks, offers, surveys, etc. through particular providers, for points.
  • Completing offers – complete offers such as trials, account sign ups, sweepstakes entries, etc. to earn points.
  • Downloading apps – download apps such as travel apps, games, etc. and get credited with points.


Yes, I recommend the GrabPoints Survey Panel as they are one of the best survey sites online at the moment and you will be able to tell this when you land there. But most of all is setting up your own Review Site/Online Business so that you can earn more rewards such as points and cash every time someone reads your review. Without an online Survey Website You will never be able to grow your earnings properly and this is something that you are taught with the training that I recommend the highest.

If you have been able to stay tuned this far, it might be the best thing you ever did, because learning how to earn money online requires you to look carefully and steadily while reading. Start by reading: Finally Earning A Passive Income! WOOT WOOT and if you want to do the same then simply copy!!!

Pros And Cons About GrabPoints


  • GrabPoints is one of the highest paying Survey Panels in the world
  • They have tons of rewards and ways to earn cash
  • They pay directly to PayPal if you don’t want e-gift cards.


  • They mislead others by saying to upload your referral links to social media because if you do this too many times the social platform will ban your referral link. When this happens you can not get another one. The only way to do this is by conducting quality content around the link so it then becomes a contextual link.

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  1. Thank you for this article. I’m probably showing my age but I never knew that such an industry even existed! This is definitely worth looking into more closely. It seems that there is no need for any particular skills. Once you have access to a computer it is possible to earn. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention.

    • Hi, Mark, and thank you for stopping by and dropping some comments within the review. I’m happy that you could learn something new as it says I have done well in the presentation of this content.


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