Is Gazelle Legit or Scam? An Honest Review Review

This is my Review. Find out if is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. People are always looking for better ways to make money and the online world can prove to be the best way ever. With mere common sense, although hard to think up, if you realize that the internet is a way to make money advertising products and services you will also join the business and make money using the internet. The aim of the game is to advertise products and services and get paid for your efforts. Yes, it does take time but so does everything else. In this sense you will have to start an online website and create yourself a company name and logo. But once your business is up and running you will be in a position to sell what you want and make money with your own website. And what this option I just mentioned is is called affiliate marketing. There are tons of options, but what I just mentioned is the ultimate option which is an unreal alternative to what we’re talking about within this review.

One of the other options you can use to make money online is buying and selling products online. It works easy, where you basically just buy something from a site like eBay and then sell it for a little higher price on either eBay or another website.

But what is and how are they in a position to help one earn money online? From what I have researched users can use the website to sell their electronics and make money that way.

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What is

ecoATM, LLC is the company responsible for operations of—an ecommerce giant who’s job it is to receive electronics such as cellular phones, mobile phones, smart tablets, and laptop computers, from online users that just have no use for their items anymore or want to make a bit of extra side income. was founded back in 2006 by Israel Ganot and Verne Harnish and is currently headquartered in San Diego, California. Gazelle Online generates $516.7K in revenue per employee Gazelle’s latest funding round was an Equity for $9.5M on Aug 2014. Gazelle’s main competitors are Nextworth, uSell and Sourcely. Gazelle’s industries include Consumer Electronics, E-Commerce, and Electronics. Gazelle Business also has a large social media following, which is always something that plays a huge part to the trust and success of the platform. According to their Facebook Fan Page they boast over 88.9K Likes and on Twitter they sport over 11.6K Users. When people are wanting to make money online or sell items, it always a top recommendation to make sure the company you’re dealing with does have a social presence as it validates their authenticity. 

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How does Gazelle work?

To sell your items with this platform, you’ll need the Gazelle login page to create your account. Gazelle Electronics is from various categories, so it does not matter what devices you have to sell as they will consider taking all electronics. After you have successfully created a Gazelle Sell Account using both your name and email, you should be right to start adding your items.

The platform makes it easy for you to add your items into the Gazelle software and claim your bid. To do this, You click on what you want to sell and report its condition, from there you will receive a quote online from Gazelle. Once the person selling agrees to this selling action Gazelle will load them with all the necessities they need to transport the item to them in order to keep the process running smoothly. Gazelle specifically specializes within both Phones and Apple products. Gazelle promises to pay the agreed amount to you within one week of finalizing the deal. If, however, the product is not as described, Gazelle will email the consumer with a new offer, which may be less. If you still like the deal, they’ll pay the revised amount; if you don’t, they’ll ship your phone back at no cost to you. Drilling down to the final price though is where it all comes down to who gets what. What is your model, What is the generation of its frame and what do you want for it? Once they can drill down to some final information they’ll show you what you can expect for it, if it’s fine with the seller once again, They’ll pay by check, with an Amazon gift card, or through PayPal.

Gazelle does not cost anything to use. They pay for the shipping of the products to them and then send you your money. But don’t expect to get the same amounts as you would within a direct sell online with somebody personally.


Now that I have fully finished the Gazelle Review I can conclude that the site is very legitimate and you will get a good price for your items. I noticed that they have a good amount of good reviews from external platforms also. They do have some bad but its in a natural way so I didn’t get too fussed over that.

Pros And Cons About


  • Gazelle is easy to use
  • Gazelle has a good reputation with other organizations
  • Gazelle takes a large variety of products
  • Gazelle takes all items and pays for their shipping
  • Gazelle has great customer service and support
  • Gazelle offer social media pages where users can get more support


  • Gazelle Still offers a low-earning opportunity, if that is what you are after
  • Gazelle is a very basic design and pretty pointless when competition

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