Is GamerMine Really Worth Your Time? (Scam or Legit?)

GamerMine Review

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Product Name: GamerMine


Download: Only available on the website.

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Earnings: $0.60-20.00 weekly.

Overall Rating: 16/100

What Is GamerMine?

Gamermine is a GPT site that pays people to complete tasks such as downloading games, watching videos, and doing surveys.

From what I have read, it is an excellent site that pays very fast (within a few hours). Not only does it pay fast, but you can earn $2 within a few hours.

Although you can withdraw with PayPal, it also offers Bitcoin and Ethereum if you’re into earning crypto.

Is GamerMine Really Worth Your Time? (Scam or Legit?)

Gamermine was created in July 2017 by a small team of website designers and developers who are also gamers.

How Does GamerMine Work?

To get started with Gamermine, you just have to go to the website. Unfortunately, Gamermine does not include any apps. You can use the site on mobile, though.

Once your account is created, just login and start by filling out details about yourself so that it can match you to the right tasks.

I’m always on the lookout for the extras that GPT sites offer, such as bonus boosters, where members can just check in each day and claim a bonus. This is always a good thing with these Get-Paid-To Sites. I mean, as long as you come back to the site and click a button, you earn!

Gamermine has its own currency called “Gold”. Currently, 1,000 Gold is equal to $1.00.

Members can claim their cash with crypto payments or PayPal.

With Gamermine surveys, it offers 4 routes, of which 2 are blocked until you reach 5,000 Gold. It’s called Gold-Locked.


Ways To Earn –

  • 4 Survey routers
  • 12 Offer Walls
  • 4 Video providers
  • Gaming (on Steam)
  • Dice & Coin Flip Gambling
  • Level System & Daily Rewards
  • The Referral Program:

All referral commissions are lifetime earnings –

  • Bronze – 5% commissions
  • Silver – 7% commissions
  • Gold – 9% commissions
  • Platinum – 10% commissions
  • Diamond – 15% commissions

Payments –

Presently, you can get paid in cryptocurrencies or through PayPal.

There are minimum withdrawals and small fees when requesting a cashout –

  • PayPal
    • Minimum withdrawal – 500 Gold
    • Fee – 250 Gold
  • Bitcoin
    • Minimum withdrawal – 1,000 Gold
    • Fee – 1,000 Gold
  • Ethereum
    • Minimum withdrawal – 1,000 Gold
    • Fee – 30 Gold

Community –

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Discord

Key Benefits –

  • Instant Rewards
  • Get paid between 60 golds and 1,700 gold for each survey.
  • High-paying survey routers (locked until you reach 5,000 gold)
  • Premium Surveys pay about 4000 gold each.
  • 12 Offer-Walls to choose from – Free trials can pay 5000-19000 gold
  • Get 50 gold when you play a game each day
  • Get Paid 2 gold per video
  • Instant payments once you reach 10,000 gold ($10). It costs 250 golds to withdraw to PayPal.


Is GamerMine safe? Yes. Gamermine is safe and legit to use.

Does GamerMine have payment proof? Yes. When you search in Google images, you can find uploads for payment proof.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Once you reach the 10000 gold you can cash out.

Is GamerMine a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. There are many founders who work together to make this type of platform available. However, I wouldn’t get my hopes up about it because it doesn’t pay enough to live day to day.

Does GamerMine have support? Gamermine customer service can be found at the bottom of the website, where the contact link is.

Does GamerMine have any bad reviews? Not really. There are many good reviews; however, there are one or two negative comments.

Does GamerMine have an app? No. Gamermine is all done by website.

Would you recommend GamerMine to a friend or relative? No. Even though there is proof of success with Gamermine, it still doesn’t pay me enough for my dinner. Have you ever heard of scallops and mussels? You won’t be eating like this with Gamermine!

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Offers PayPal
  • Lets you take home crypto
  • Passive Gold Earning Methods

What’s not to like –

  • Only Two “Games” Available
  • Time-consuming
  • Low potential to earn
  • Doesn’t say who can join?
  • Doesn’t make it easy to learn who the founders are?
  • Doesn’t provide a real business model that members can keep


The stats on the internet are now starting to say that people are happy to take a job working from home, even if it offers less pay. 

With the stats that are being published online currently and with everything else we have faced, I can assure you that if you’re reading this, it is probably a good idea to invest now.

I’ll help you with some alternatives to crowdsourcing websites where you spend your day doing surveys, but at the end of the day, that type of earning won’t pay for your next meal.

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Now that we have been through some/if not all of what GamerMine has to offer, is GamerMine a scam or legit? 

Well, yeah, it is legit, in the sense that it pays you to pull off different tasks. But is it the right way to go? Where will you be in the years to come? If you keep doing tasks for dinky sites like Gamermine, then it will be no wonder why you don’t have any money in the future.

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