Is Focus Group Legit or Scam? An In Depth Review

Focus Group Review

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As an example has an affiliate section where their members can earn extra money by bringing in new arrivals. This is just someone searching online for ways to make money and seeing your review. Providing that you have built a website, when this new person sees your review on Focus Group Survey Panel they click into it and begin reading. When they decide ok let’s check it out, you will earn extra added commissions or rewards (this is where the big money is made) based on what Focus Group pays their members.

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What is Focus Group?

Focus Group is a part of Focus Point Global which is also a market research company that was founded in 1988. Since launching over 30 years ago, they have to own more than 20 research facilities around the US. They sport different opportunities to make money online and some of them are in-person focus groups, webcam focus groups, telephone interviews, mystery shopping, and online surveys.

The Focus Group website has a clear front page that sounds all the work they are involved in such as providing consumers and healthcare professionals the opportunity to share what they know about products and services that which is used on a day to day method.

Focus Group offers top of the line services to their market research industry clients by finding people who are interested in participating in online and in-person market research discussions. Depending on how large the panel is and how successful they are will determine how big your activities are. Focus Group has their facilities around the US, you will either use their facilities, online, or mobile phone to complete the work.

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How does Focus Group work?

The way survey panel’s work is easy. The first thing you must do before completing surveys is signing up and crediting your accounts. Once you have registered your email by confirming it at your end they will class you as registered.

To start receiving work from this website you must pass an eligibility process that they require. Marketing research is when members sign up to research panels and collect information on products and services so that the clients can better understand how they are going to help evolve the community.

There are four parts to the eligibility process and they are:

  • Eligibility – As somebody taking their eligibility test at Focus Group you have to sport a quick screen survey. You have to tell them about the products, services, and brands that is in the screen survey matches what they are working with at that time. If the survey panel is still running at the time of your screener you will fall into that group. If it is online you can begin surveying almost immediately.
  • Verification – During this stage you will converse with one of the supervisors from Focus Group command and they will verify your answers that you provide in the eligibility screen. They may also ask you a few more questions if it is needed.
  • Confirmation – At this stage the Focus Group researchers will review all the potential candidates and then move forward matching who they need for which particular survey or other opportunity.
  • Participation – This is when you will head into a pre-selected meeting spot to share your opinions. When you sport to the destination, the team on duty will verify you once more on call.

To summarize everything I just mentioned, Focus Group collects data, sorts through different opinions, and finds out what works and what doesn’t work on a bunch of different topics. To get this information, they sport together these groups of people, online, in-person, or on the phone and double check their contentions.

Signing up to this website is completely free.
Because Focus Group has so many different options to gather you can earn different types of rewards or earnings. If you work for them in-person you will get paid straight away by check or direct deposit into your bank account. Remember that the entire has to be completed to earn this money.

For all online surveys done through their website you will incur earnings through a points-based system. It is also the same as other based points systems as $1.00 amounting to 100 points. To cash out your earnings at the Focus Group website members must sport already 2000 points which is equivalent to $2.

There are also bonus gifts given to members as they finish their surveys and these are in the form of Sweepstakes. Even when you finish other activities you can also be invited to sweepstakes and this pays out in two options which are a winner number one receiving $100 and six other winners getting $25 each.


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Pros And Cons About Focus Group


  • Good companies to work for
  • They have good payment options
  • They boast a flexible schedule.


  • They use a points based system
  • In many cases members must live in the US to receive better activities
  • Their support leverage is estimated to being low

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  1. Thank you for the break down of this focus group and the core aspects of it. Making money online is a hot topic in today’s world and I don’t see it dying down anytime soon. I do believe that everyone should have multiple streams of income and an online business is one of them.

    I want to be able to supplement my income as well so that I can live how I want, where I want and without thinking about money.

    How is your online business doing?

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    Keep up the great work and inspiration.

    • Hi, Greg, and thanks for you current comment to which I did find interesting. In terms of tips and focus tricks I think it’s important just to get the niche to which you want to ascertain through right as you move forward within your journey. It took me over 12 months to really find what my space was, what I was good at and how to truly create a menu for my site. When you blog for around 12 months straight uploading content everyday, that’s when I believe you get good.

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