Is a Scam or Legit? In Depth Review

Esearch Review

There are so many reasons for people to want to make money online in today’s day and age. From the awesome computers both US and Australia build to the amount of easy money we can make, there is just so much opportunity for people at this moment online.

I’m guessing you are stopping by to read this review to find out what your chances will be like taking surveys at the Esearch survey platform.

As with all survey websites your chances are great. Apart from being able to take the surveys, surveys platforms offer another way which is called referring a friend.

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Each time you join a survey website, they give you a unique referral link that you can use to “pass on” to different people in the hopes of getting them to join so that you can make extra money.

Each survey website is different but if you can do this successfully it can sometimes mean earning extra money off everything that your referral earns, earning a one time commission when they land in the panel, or earning recurring commissions for the period that they stay in the panel for. Recurring commissions is earning the same commission each month for that referral. So if the survey panel offers 2% on whatever your referral earns, say they earn $3.00 for one survey, you will earn $0.06 commissions from those earnings. This is sort of the same as affiliate marketing because with being an affiliate you still have to put your affiliate links into the content that you create and you can be an affiliate of nearly any business online.

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What is Esearch?

Esearch is an online company that provides a means for members to make an online income by gathering their information and submitting answers to the surveys that they take part in. When a business launches a new product and service they have the opportunity to come through a market research agency and get the answers that they need, which they believe will provide better answers to making their products and services better. For businesses to get this information Esearch will have a list of members who they will send out their surveys too.

Surveys will be sent out to members according to their demographic and characteristics. It is when one of the Esearch Members matches the target demographic that they will have surveys sent to their inbox, but again there’s all different ways that this can happen.

Esearch Claims it has over 800,000 panelists and participants. According to some local research their surveys are not mandatory once you join.

Esearch considers there all success rate to be achieved by their research team which is their ample segment of users who boast from teens, children, online investors, business owners, parents, tech savvy, IT professional, and others.

Esearch is a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Market Research Association (MRA). As they gain more online data collection they look towards CASRO and their guidelines and this enables them more appropriately gather what they need without violating any terms.

I have had to re edit this review just to show you hundreds of people who are earning thousands in affiliate marketing and you can too! Take for example: Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January Earnings $13,481.39, and the latter will hopefully bring you some helpful resources on how to really make it big.

How does Esearch work?

As with all market research surveys before you get started filling out surveys and earning money and rewards you first have to create your account. This can include heading back into your inbox and clicking the verification link. Once this is done all you have to do is go back into the platform and start earning.

Once, you’re in the platform you need to shape and style your profile with the thing you like and interest you. The main thing to get right with filling in your like is saying the things in which you would like to receive surveys about. Once the survey is finished you will get paid in cash money. Esearch doesn’t pay their members with any sorts of gift cards or points, which is great for survey takers.

There are three ways to access your payments once the survey closes and they are:

  • Via PayPal, directly to the account connected to the email address with which you registered
  • Via post with a check, which will take one to two weeks to process and a $1.50 fee
  • Via electronic transfer directly to your bank account

Another interesting feature with Esearch Survey website is that when you join they ask you if you want to join a specialty panel which is according to what you like and what your household characteristics are. This means that they can then tag you as a “Business owner” or “Dog Owner” and instead of something like “Chris in he’s thirties + $75K income per year.

The specialty panels include:

  • Small business owners
  • IT and business professionals
  • Pet owners
  • Sports enthusiasts, both spectators and athletes
  • Chronic disease suffers, such as diabetes, heart problems, and asthma
  • Early adopters
  • Parents
  • Teens and young adults
  • Ethnic groups, like African American, Asians, Hispanics

Esearch Survey website is primarily located for the people of US but offer there opportunities to the whole world. As long as you are over 18 years of age you can join.

Members must also sport a PayPal account as this is where they will direct debit all your earnings.

Members living outside of the US can expect to fall short when competing for Sweepstakes and other cash prizes, also fewer surveys.

If you live outside the US and can see yourself falling short, this does not matter if you are reading this from this website. This is because with my dominant strategy I show members how to write reviews on the survey panels that they are using and with this they are able to recruit US members who will earn money for them. So, although you live outside of the US you have referrals who you brought into the platform earning you commission on what they earn.


This is another survey website that I think works well for the industry that it performs in. It has no complaints and it something that offers a way for people to make money online. If you are willing to use this platform I fully recommend implementing my strategy, which is to use their referrals program which will allow you to make the absolute most of their website.

Pros And Cons About Esearch


  • They pay their members by PayPal
  • They sport-good rewards


  • People living outside the US get lower surveys delivered to them
  • Low amount of survey invites
  • They only have the one payment mode (Still the best)
  • Their support funnel is very low

6 thoughts on “Is a Scam or Legit? In Depth Review”

  1. I have heard of Esearch before and am still wondering, you mentioned to make the most of this would be to sign up and promote the site itself. So does this mean it does not pay well for the surveys? As my time is valuable How much on average is the typical survey worth?

    • Hi, Ccav66, and how are you? No, from what I have started seeing, and with survey sites, you’re by far better reviewing them and trying for their affiliate programs. This is the best shot with a website and it’s called affiliate marketing. If you want to succeed with this option, you can use Affiliate Training Now to learn a whole lot about it.

  2. I have not come across Esearch before and find this an interesting survey site. I do like the fact that they have “speciality” panels, which might help to narrow down the field of interest.

    I am not a 100% sure that I understand what you mean with your comment of “each time you join a survey website, they give you a unique referral link that you can pass on to different people”. Are these affiliate links, you are referring to, or is there something unique and specific with survey sites?

    You also mention that people outside the US get lower surveys delivered to them. What do you mean by this, lower quality, lower pay? or something else?

    I’d appreciate if you could clarify please.

    • Hi, Line, and thanks for your queries; they do match the target audience and finding what you need won’t be an issues from here on out. I do mean affiliate links and by this only was I referring to a unique link by which you could use to make money off. With any program link that which you inherit it is possible to make money. Also, getting surveys delivered outside the US is not happening within this platform because they’re US based only for that.

  3. Hi, I like to search for side hustles online and I have come across and joined several survey sites. I had never heard about Esearch until I read it in a forum about a week ago. I like that they pay through PayPal. I’m in the States, so the number of surveys delivered to me should be OK. Thanks for introducing me to this platform.


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