Is eCom Success Academy a Scam or Legit? An In Depth Review

eCom Success Academy Review

There are so many reasons to be wanting to earn an extra salary and at the same time, there are more and more companies and opportunities being founded and giving us that access.

There are two ways in affiliate marketing that one can make some good money, and they are either with ads from social media or from a website-blog scroll.

If you want quick money and have money to spend, then I would take an Ecommerce course to get started.

But What is and is it better than option number 2 (blogging?). No.

When you learn how to build an online business properly and not just rush like so many others, you also get the chance to coach others. It may be hard to understand now, but you can learn how to do this by reading a success post here 39 Premium Referrals – MAY Monthly Update!. See in the latter, the person has reached a higher total for referrals? It means he is now their coach and will show them how to use the training and make money. There is a fine line right now that which you must circumvent and choose carefully which determines the amount of success you want to gain.

What is eCom Success Academy?

eCom Success Academy is an online training course that teaches people how to set up a dropshipping storefront with Shopify. You may have heard about Shopify before, they’re an all in one platform for creating a one-page website used for targeting traffic from ads spent.

As mentioned, Ecommerce means money, and this entails you having to have money in order to buy a course that suits you and then on top of that also have money to buy products and promote them with ads.

Is eCom Success Academy a reliable site to earn?

Ecom Success Academy also is known as ESA was founded back in 2017 by Adrian Morrison and has since been updated a number of times.

Some interesting facts that I found online, was that ECom Success Academy is Shopify Approved and has the Shopify Badge of approval labeled in the training. In fact, it was actually the first ever approved Educational Partner to sign with Shopify.

Because of this, it holds some real legitimacy to it.

But you still need to make up your mind. Do you have a spare $10-20K to get started with a Shopify store?

The other way is much cheaper and is the proper way of affiliate marketing. Whenever you want to start something which entails spending money to make money, you should always look for happy clients. So, read this Oh My! $1400+ In One Day! Affiliate Marketing Is Amazing!, and in the latter, you learn that this is the platform for making money, as it just has so much more to offer. The proof is in the pudding and these results only speak for themselves. If you take my route, I will coach you for free so you won’t have to spend anything on coaching.

How does eCom Success Academy work?

In general, getting started with an Ecommerce course will entail stumbling across an ad somewhere on social media and putting in your email address to get the ball rolling. Then will come some very high costs associated with the journey.

Anyway, now that you’re reading this review, you’ll be making up your mind whether it is worth it or not. But I can tell you now, it doesn’t have any community inside which means you’ll be on your own from the get go.

The cost of ECom Success Academy is $2,495 in total. You can also opt to pay it off at $997 over each payment. The latter is a bit of a more inclusive payment so it does cost a little more, charging a total of $2991.

After you have purchased the training you’ll receive the following resources:

  • Shopify Discount – a Lifetime discount of 15% from Shopify for using this course.
  • Shopify Apps – The $2,000+ fee includes all the Facebook and Instagram apps that Adrian himself has used on his 4MM Shopify Store.
  • Live Coaching – Paid members are able to ask Adrian questions where you can leave a message and he will contact you back.

Now, seeing the top resources you get with this training. You need to understand that there are thousands of these courses online, so what makes it better than others? We know it is Shopify Approved so that is a big win.

But the other element to this is the help and support. You only get “general” support in this course and every other course that is offered in this industry. There has only ever been another course that out does all courses and it is here Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January Earnings $13,481.39. The latter offers a live community of over 8 million members and the founders answer questions live on top of the 24/7-site support you get with your website.


Now that the ECom Success Academy Review is finished I have been able to tell that it is legitimate and whoever wishes to join will be able to make money. It is a proven fact that ads to products do make money to the people who are working those offers.

However, it does not offer an online business of your own. And this is the point that which marks the pain point for many. You see, people want their own online businesses where they can employ people and do what they want. They don’t just want to run ads to a product and have no business name or meaning.

You learn this by reading How I Earned $9465.05 Thanks To WA Members, in this latter, the writer is expressing how the training’s community was who helped him earn over $9465 in net revenue. This is the power of help online.

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What I personally recommend

In affiliate marketing with a website it entails writing articles or reviews. These pages then begin to rank in Google and help people find what it is they’re searching for. When somebody is happy with the things you have written, they subscribe to your site and stay in contact. And this is where real growth remains. People who are still coming. They have heard about your company and are still thinking about it.

You just take over the internet by building a website and getting traffic back to your site. In this opportunity you can also be a training course tutor since the people you refer are your referrals for life.

Take my #1 Rated Training to get started now

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling Amazon or EBay Products from home? Have you tried eCom Success Academy before?

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