Is Ecom Elites a Scam? An Insightful Review

Ecom Elites Review

There is so much reason to be wanting to earn an extra income from a side hustle and there are more ways popping up now than ever before. But coming from a beginner perspective you have to find something that can get you on the right path.

In affiliate marketing, which is what this Ecom Elites Review is about there are two ways to make money. The fast and more expensive way is Ecommerce. You just need to build a store-front (where you can send people) and pick a product. You’ll need at least $15-20K to get started.

But the other option is with a website and free traffic from Google. This is what I coach people in doing for free. If you want something strong and professional throughout the years then choose blogging. Here is a success post from inside the training that is offered through me Milestone Month: $1000+ commissions (FINALLY!), the latter offers a blog profile where you can write and update people on your success.

But What is Ecom Elites and can it compete against the internet and all it has to offer? No, but it does have some information to offer for a price.

What is Ecom Elites?

Ecom Elites is an online Ecommerce training program designed to teach people how to start a dropshipping store and make money with profits from social media ads.

Ecom Elites was founded by an Elite dropshipping entrepreneur named Franklin Hatchett. Franklin made it big back in 2009, and what people like about him is he tells it like it is.

After doing some research, I read that Franklin saw the dropshipping scene taking over a few years before he got started.

He was making some money with affiliate marketing during these times, and when the company he worked for shut down, he decided to start running Facebook ads and selling products online for a profit.

Now, Franklin is showcasing he’s true talent with the Ecom Elites course and wants people to join and build a community where he will be their coach.

Just keep in mind that if you want something that will last, you must write content and publish to your own website. Social media ads is not a sustainable way.

Ecom Elites covers a variety of ways to grow an Ecommerce business such as using social media marketing, email marketing, creating a Shopify Store Front, and finding products that work.

In its entirety, Ecom Elites is a single course that offers everything there is to know about Ecommerce and dropshipping.

If you have never taken a course like this, it is time to learn. Don’t be surprised by what’s inside when you pay the same guru $997 and it only has some lessons. You may not even understand what is available online, and therefore not know how to compare. Think of it as being a cash converter and people want to “hock” their pieces. You have to be able to judge on how much a course is worth and better yet, if you’ll even make any money from it.

You’re at a website that can help you jump to the comparers level very easily. I want you to take a few moments to read this post Made $7,395 in a WEEK: First Black Friday Results!. In the latter, you’ll see everything with just your email. You’ll learn what the differences are in paying for training and it will give you a rough idea of what to expect for your money.

If you’re serious and want a business that will generate you a long-term income then start your site now after reading another success post My First Website Sold For $38,479. I will coach for absolutely nothing.

How does Ecom Elites work?

Getting started with the Ecom Elites Ecommerce Training you’ll need to somehow find it. It is normally stumbled upon by people searching online for ways to make money and typing the keywords “Ecommerce or Dropshipping”. This is what will trigger Google into displaying these ads of courses.

You can also head straight over to the website and make your purchase there.

But isn’t it annoying when the website of the course you want to buy only shows you a purchase button? I mean, spending all that money and not liking it, they have to also provide a money back guarantee. Ecom Elites does come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee which is good to know. And this is where people will get confused if they don’t understand what real value is online.

After paying for Ecom Elites you’ll get to learn:

  • Where and how to source products
  • How to do product research to find the “hot” items that everyone wants
  • The optimal way to set up your Shopify store from beginning to end
  • How to launch a Facebook advertising campaign and how to tweak it
  • How to get organic Google traffic
  • Email marketing
  • Basics of business and sales (with key insider info)
  • Bonus video content, covering different methods and themes relating to your e-commerce store.

With the items above it is not hard to sit on a platform like Teachable and make videos for people to watch. People building courses can easily make something that explains how they did it, and it is as easy as writing a blog. I think they make these courses to try and say, “hey, you’re getting something that has value” but it doesn’t. There is never much “Value” inside a course unless it is a community of people with lessons inside courses which you can get from here $1000 + A Month: 8 Things That Have Helped Grow My Success.

The following is a list of the modules included in the training:

  • Welcome Video
  • Module 00 – Ecom Introduction
  • Module 01 – Sourcing Products And Research
  • Module 02 – Setting Up Your Shopify Store
  • Modules 03 & 04 – Facebook
  • Module 05 – Instagram Traffic
  • Module 06 – Organic Google Traffic (SEO)
  • Module 07 – Email Marketing
  • Module 08 – Business And Sales
  • Module 09 – Top Secret Videos
  • Module 10 – Update Module Ongoing Videos
  • Module 11 – Video Request
  • Module 12 – Weekly Videos

As usual, you have the 12 basic lessons of experience that Franklin Hatchett was able to put together and that is all. There are two prices you pay and they’re $197 or $297. I think this is seriously just designed to waste people’s time and steer them down the wrong track.

Here is a success post from a platform that has it all in one My Best Affiliate Commissions $16K+ in 1 day $15K+ the next day.


I think that Franklin Hatchett is a genuine type of guy who genuinely wants to help people. He has been in this game for over 10 years, so that is enough to showcase some real experience.

However, money is not everything when it comes to Google. If you want to last online you must realize that money is not everything like what Franklin Hatchett says and thinks. These gurus just want your money but they have no true value to give back to you.

Look at me, I can coach you for free and show to you exactly how to structure a quick article that ranks in Google.

Look at the success here $500 in a Single Day and Other November Highlights, the latter are people who are insight and happy to be reaching success. You can go and talk to these people right now. I don’t see any people from Franklin Hatchett Ecom Elites course that are ready to talk or show you their success from Franklin Hatchett Ecommerce Courses.

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What I personally recommend

Real money and real success comes from blogging. You pick a niche and write about products or interests that excite you. When you put an article together, you get people reading that content and making a connection with you.

Can you imagine what this could do over 10 years? Millions of people would have heard of you. This is not possible with other affiliate marketing tactics. You only get real success from building a website that has your business name on the front of it.

Take my #1 Rated Training Course and I will be your coach showing you things that I learned along the way.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in making money with Dropshipping? Have you tried Ecom Elites before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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