Is E-Commerce Mentoring Legit or Scam? In Depth Review

E-Commerce Mentoring Review

There is so many reasons to want to make some type of online income since the inception and continuous growth of the internet. People who have reached success themselves are typically the ones who start going out trying to tell people about their success and they do this within the form of an ecourse.

There are two ways that which affiliate marketing works. One is by running Facebook ads and attracting people to your products, or by building a blog and getting free traffic from Google.

Now, in each dropshipping course there is a coaching program. However, the courses don’t offer a way where a community is shaped, they only offer Facebook Groups.

This is why you’re always better off researching and doing things in a way in which will work better within the long run.

But What is E-Commerce Mentoring and is the coaching & Training a reliable way to manifest increase even as a beginner? Not as a beginner but maybe as somebody who has already started and is only looking for some relevant information.

But I wouldn’t recommend spending money upfront, not even on a course. I highly recommend using a model of training that offers proof that its works. Check out WA Bootcamp Success! – Six New Commissions in One Day! New Record!. Within the latter, if you sign up I will be a coach unto you free of charge.

What is E-Commerce Mentoring?

E-Commerce Mentoring is an online coaching platform for ECommerce Entrepreneurs who are wanting to make gains and build a business online.

Is E-Commerce Mentoring a reliable site to earn?

E-Commerce Mentoring was founded back in 2019 by Mohammed Kamil Sattar and is situated within the UK.

E-Commerce Mentoring has worked itself up to being sported in over 15 different countries.

Is E-Commerce Mentoring a reliable site to earn?

One of the elements that I like about this company is that if you don’t understand what you’re doing within the ECommerce world, they will not only coach you but also tailor a marketing plan and training for you.

I looked at this and thought it is very different. Most of the time courses do this the opposite, but I just think they’re trying to be very helpful.

What I can say before moving on is that you have two choices in what to do from here.

If you’re this far and want to take on some type of coaching, then why not enroll in a training where you get paid to tutor?

Look at this success post $10K Made By Using The WA Training!. The latter shows you somebodies post where they’re making successful gains according to what they learned. If you sign up and learn about the platform, you get to train new members that you bring from your website. This way is much appropriate than what you’re reading in conjunction with E-Commerce Mentoring.

How does E-Commerce Mentoring work?

To get started with the E-Commerce Mentoring Training Platform, you just need to go to the website. From there, you can see some success that other people are having, but it doesn’t offer a live chat screen. This is what I like about these coaching purposes, you can only see what someone has written some time ago, but not anything live.

Is E-Commerce Mentoring a reliable site to earn?

Judging by the screenshot above, 50 people have put their vote in. Now, it may look from a site away, but in reality, this could just be their own coaches and employees making things up.

There is not a lot of reviews which could suggest that the coaching or training is very recognized either.

When trying to make money online you absolutely need 24/7 support and coaching. When people make money in dropshipping, it comes after at least three years of hard work. However, they worked very hard to get there.

You, however, don’t have to work that hard now because of some serious help ahead.

Check out the screenshot below:

Is E-Commerce Mentoring a reliable site to earn?

There is a very different look to what the former training looks like. There is a chat screen to the right and people engaging with each other inside the platform. This type of technology is outstanding and you should really look into it.

If you want to make a decision now, then read 100-SALES-No Small Feat, and see for yourself the proof.


After Reviewing E-Commerce Mentoring I can say that they are legitimate and anyone looking to make money is able to do that with their help.

But I do not entirely consider taking this pathway if you’re new or have experience. I like to ensure that people begin their journeys or veer back onto the road by taking the correct approach, which is by building a website and blogging out articles.

Keep on reading below to read more on that.

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What I personally recommend

Affiliate marketing is when you build a website and try to get traffic to your blog by writing articles that people search for.

When somebody clicks on your page and reads what you have, if they make a purchase you also earn money.

You should start now by Taking My #1 Rated Training and allowing me to fully mentor your for free inside the training. From there, you’ll learn how to make money and also coach other people leading the path.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling dropshipping from home? Have you tried E-Commerce Mentoring before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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