Is Douglas James Legit or a Scam? An Inside Review

Douglas James Review

There are so many reasons to want to earn money online, and there are plenty of people now coming out providing coaching and a-certainties that they will help you grow rich. Well, Douglas is one of these people, and I am too, except we both deliver different ways that people can grow a business.

For that, there are two types of affiliate marketing models that you can use, and one is using internet ads, and the other is by using a website.

If you have a service or product, the Douglas James website claims to be able to scale your company and get you the traffic needed to make money. You may have seen tons of Ecommerce courses that also teach you how to pick a product and use the same technique to sell products and earn commissions.

But What is Douglas James and is he’s products going to make you successful? Maybe not.

You see, no matter what, if you want to make money online, you have to understand a few basic principles. Without knowing anything about Google, it will be hard to use it. Success posts are everything when trying to find the right help online, and you can start here, Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January Earnings $13,481.39, in the latter, it is a training where I coach each person who takes aim and gets started. Coaching and running a business is one thing, but helping someone learn the very basic elements to online marketing is another;, and this is what I want to show you.

What is Douglas James?

Douglas James is a world-class entrepreneur who says he is on a mission to change the way people come up. On the Douglas James website, he says that he teaches and empowers Hungary men and women who search for the spoil in online marketing, and closing the gap in each and every sale made.

Is Douglas James a reliable site to earn?

One of Douglas James’s fashions is, by far, retaining high client value and helping others to attain high revenue with high-ticket conversions. In saying and teaching this, James believes that he’s clients will be able to fully automate their company, online and again, begin living the lives they have always dreamed about.

Is Douglas James a reliable site to earn?

On website, there is a product page that offers the following products:

Personal coaching:

  • 1-hour activation call ($3500)
  • 6 month group
  • VIP day

Products & services:

  • The high-ticket experience
  • local business funnels and ads
  • industry marketing academy
  • the high-ticket expert
  • online training course development
  • traffic

Now, this is just from he’s website. You should embark on he’s site for your own purpose. Or if you’re serious about making money online and growing a successful company, then I recommend something else. I want you to read about the success that people are having here: Made $500 in 3 hours of work!. As you can see, with the latter, when you get people showing you their success, it makes you want to join. I’ll see you in there.

How does Douglas James work?

To get started with the Douglas James courses, you’ll need to go to he’s website.

Now, you may know that there are different ways to make money online with affiliate marketing, but it isn’t just that, that which you need. You also require high-grade tools that can do all the work for you. None of which are found on Douglas James’s website, because I can tell you now, that if they were, people would know about it.

James offers a wide range of courses for all kinds of entrepreneurs. The courses include the following:

  • The High-Ticket Experience
  • Local Business Funnels and Ads
  • The Expert Academy

The above are the three main products, but there is more on the site. The whole strategy that Douglas James uses is Facebook ads, but he likes to look really classic. It doesn’t mean anything except for the fact that he is tripping (you know what I mean).

In addition, students get weekly calls, private Facebook Group, messenger support, and life access to the training.

It costs around $3,000 one-time fee to gain access to all the courses.

I know, you probably read this far just to see what the prices are going to be, and above $3K is a lot of money. I understand you get extras, but there is no need to charge this type of money for coaching and funnels templates. You still need to know and learn for yourself.

And to learn for yourself you need a platform with a community, such as this Just Made My First Local Marketing Sale $2000 + $400/mo, the latter showcases just how much success people are having, and this is something that is not shown on Ecommerce courses.


The Douglas James Review is finished, and I can tell you now that the services offered are just the same as any other Ecommerce offer.

I mean, it is sort of embarrassing, just when you see the exact same course being offered, but each guy/founder chooses a completely different price to sell their course for???

However, with Douglas James products, you’ll get for what you paid.

But to really make it big online you need to learn online marketing, stuff that is not going away. Read another post here where Debbie is Earning $7.5-K for EBooks to Her Site that the training taught her.

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What I personally recommend

I have done a lot for this website, and it is all in conjunction with showing others how they can do the same.

The thing is, I really excel by telling people that there is only one true way to make money online, which is by writing reviews. People are always searching for content and when you have this type of on goings it means you can make money with it.

So, start by taking my #1 Rated Training Now, and I’ll see you in there.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling [Example] from home? Have you tried Douglas James before?

Please share in the comments section below.

10 thoughts on “Is Douglas James Legit or a Scam? An Inside Review”

  1. I was just looking for a good place to learn about making money online, and this guy’s site popped up.

    While I was surfing, Douglas James, so I pulled up the Review and I’m so glad I was going for it.

    Until I read your review, I have had nothing but thanks for you’re honest, and detailed review.

    You have saved me some time and more but there isn’t any way I could afford this.

    I’m just a welder and make a limited salary, and by no means can afford $3000.00.

    Thank You so much,

    Bill Wright

    • Hi, Bill, thanks for your comment! Working online is a wonderful way to be happy with work but finding the right training structure is where its at.

  2. I 100% agree. For the best chance at success, people need to go where the success stories are. And first and foremost, Douglas James doesn’t feel that at all. Also, I don’t enjoy that there are no tools to gain from the course. Compared to some of the other options out there, it feels like a waste.

    Yeah, I don’t think I will be spending any money on this guy. If it’s even remotely just like any other eCommerce offer, it’s an absolute waste of time. Not to deviate from the topic too far, spending that money on planting trees or a solar panel will be so much better. Because otherwise it just feels like washing money down the toilet. Now, I don’t know that personally, but I do trust your opinion. I will probably look into those other reviews as well. Thank you!! 🙂

  3. I appreciate this review. I have never heard of Douglas James training. I’m not that enthusiastic to jump into his program, so I’ll have to check other reviews and then make an informed decision. I enjoy reading reviews like yours because it’s giving me the information I need. The training may seem a little expensive for my tastes. But thanks for the review!

  4. The ideal way to earn money in this digital age is to work online. Affiliate marketing is a great way of earning passive income, but one needs training and a platform where you get support and can be part of a community. It doesn’t sound as if Douglas James offers that.

    A course that costs $3K, needs to have loads of value, and I cannot see the value in Douglas James. If he then uses Facebook ads to get traffic, that is an additional cost, which beginners usually can’t afford and don’t know how to utilize. I will not be joining Douglas James. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Desperately seeking how to make money while being flat broke, $3,000 is astronomical. If I could afford to pay $3000 on this, I would probably not need this kind of training. Don’t these coaches remember how they started??? It’s ridiculous to think that if I’m navigating for a way to make money, that I had this amount to spend. Thank you for the review. I keep looking and learning, and becoming wiser in the journey. But at my level, I’m settling for freebies.

    • Hi, Monica, I know, they charge so much and go for people who have money and don’t care about spending it.

      You don’t know how easy it is to make money online (the right way). I would highly not recommend buying a cheap course that doesn’t have the support and a community that you need.

      One on one support and a community is Paramount if you want to “make it” online.

      Just trying this one training out and see if you like it.


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