Is Digital Ocean a Scam? An Honest Review

Digital Ocean Review

This is my Digital Ocean Review. Find out if DigitalOcean is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to turn an online income and you now can very easily. I have been doing this journey for about 18 months now and what I have found is that writing content for external means, as in selling, is not the way and that whoever does do that does not know what is happening in terms of the way the internet is created. I have just recently learned that freelancing is only for web developers and not writers. You would not have worked this out without depth studying and writing my own content to find this out.

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But what is and how can they help you make an online income in a better more sensible way that boasting your own website? I’ll show you now.

What is Digital Ocean?

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform that allows developers to build, deploy, manage, and scale container applications. is a site that sports many different features, including writing, which is what you can begin doing for yourself if you want. infrastructure and platform-as-a-service solutions provide a no DevOps required experience, allowing developers to focus their energy on creating innovative software. By combining the power of simplicity, love for the developer community, an obsession for customer service, and the advantages of open source, DigitalOcean brings software development within the technical and economic reach of anyone around the world. was founded by Alec Hartman, Ben Uretsky, Jeff Carr, Mitch Wainer, and Moisey Uretsky in 2012 and is currently situated within New York, New York, United States. Other Headquarter regions include Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US. Digital Ocean’s latest funding round was a Series C for $50M on May 2020. Digital Ocean’s top competitor is Linode, led by Christopher S. Aker, who is their President & CEO. DigitalOcean is a for Profit company and industries includes Cloud Computing SaaS Software Virtualization Web Hosting. As of September 2020, DigitalOcean sports 190K Likes on Facebook, While on Twitter they boast 193.2K Users.

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How does Digital Ocean work?

To get started with The DigitalOcean website and making money writing for them is not hard and requires you to move over to their site to get started. The easiest way to do this, in which way I did it, was by typing into the search Engine “How to start writing for DigitalOcean” and within the first results that appeared the link to their page appeared. Once you click on to this page you’ll notice a page with insights into how to get started with them and there’s also a link that allows you to sign up right away. It mentions on their site: “Teach others and grow as an author while supporting tech-focused nonprofits and charities doing important work in the field.” Keep reading below to find out what their pay is like and what types of content they are looking for:

  • Earn $75 to $400 plus matching charity donation, per original tutorial or update, freelance writing for DigitalOcean, a cloud infrastructure provider focused on web infrastructure for software developers.
  • The Compensation:
    • $300 per tutorial.
    • Up to $400 per complex production-focused topic.
    • $75 to $125 per for updates to existing tutorials, such as distribution changes.
    • Promotion of your article across all DigitalOcean’s social networks (including its 150,000 Twitter followers).
    • Matching donation to your choice of tech-focused nonprofits from our list of funds.
  • Ocean are looking for tutorials that which:
    • walk the reader through creating a real-world project in Python or JavaScript from start to finish, like: How To Crawl A Web Page with Scrapy and Python
    • cover advanced systems topics such as Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, and CI/CD, like: How to Create a Cluster of Docker Containers with Docker Swarm and DigitalOcean on Ubuntu 16.04
  • DigitalOcean does not want:
    • content about closed-source or paid software, programming languages other than Python or JavaScript, reference articles on programming language features, or translations
    • reprint content that has already been published elsewhere
  • The Stats:
    • 1 million+ developers
    • 12 data centers
  • Earnings paid by PayPal or DigitalOcean credit.
  • Funding: $305.4 million (DigitalOcean Crunchbase)
  • Employees: 201+ (est. 2012) (DigitalOcean LinkedIn)

DigitalOcean also boasts a referral program where you can earn more cash by referring people to their platform. But in conjunction with their platform things have changed with regard to the way they pay their referrals. They used to offer referral payments into a PayPal account if you had this option but now instead of this, they only offer credit to their company. So, each time someone signs up with your link, you earn credit to their store. The DigitalOcean website says, When you refer someone to DigitalOcean using your unique referral link, they’ll receive a $100, 60-day credit as soon as they add a valid payment method to their account. And when a referred customer spends $25, you’ll also receive a $25 credit with DigitalOcean.

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Now that I have fully finished my Digital Ocean Review I can fully conclude that this company is legitimate and you will earn some good money from what they offer. However, if you’re ready to earn some serious money and learn how to keep your own content I want you to keep reading and meet me down below.

Pros And Cons About DigitalOcean


  • DigitalOcean is an opportunity that allows you to expand an online income
  • DigitalOcean is a reputable company that many already use
  • DigitalOcean has different ways that they can become useful to you
  • DigitalOcean Pays different amounts of money for projects
  • DigitalOcean sports a social media following


  • DigitalOcean does not offer a way to build your own brand and run an online business
  • DigitalOcean does give you a website builder automatic
  • DigitalOcean is a very low way to earn money and one that is seriously not recommended.

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Selling content online is something that you should never do and this is the new way

The internet is still evolving and you can tell by seeing how new this text currently is. People have been selling content online and it has not been getting talked about. Now I can see this and want to tell people that I have actually just started wondering why would you sell content when one piece could cause a whole online business to make money? One piece of content could make your website earn thousands of dollars just because it ranks in the search engine. All content will rank. Because of this content should never be sold. Another reason that you should not sell it is because that content is meant to be something that you look back on and cherish. It is what it is and you can learn about all of this by starting your own online business now and meeting me on the inside. I coach you for free.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in Freelance Writing? Have you worked for DigitalOcean before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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