Is Concentrix a Scam or Legit? Honest Review

Concentrix Review

This is my Concentrix Review. Find out if Concentrix is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. Welcome to my Concentrix work at home Review and I hope you can find a way to make with this company or with my internal offer. There are so many different ways to make money online and getting started in doing that is so smart in today’s day and age because it means you won’t have to always go to work each day as long as you have that revenue stream from online. But again, a lot of the options that you have with this type of company is only working from a remote location online answering the phone.

The whole point of working online is to not work for a boss but without any understanding on this or how this is possible most people will still think that any online work at all (if any) only revolves around doing call center jobs and things like that. In other words all work from home work is still for another company but not for yourself. This is not the case, although those companies don’t want you to think this (because they won’t get as many workers). However, there is something called affiliate marketing and its when you connect a product or service to your review and get paid money when people read your review and then purchase the product. To get good at this fast, you do need training though and although there is many online there’s none as good as the one I want to show you. If you want to get started making money online, I’ll meet you on the inside to help coach you for free.

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But what is Concentrix About and is it truly worth your while?

What is Concentrix?

Concentrix serves their clients by providing quality customer service to help customer engagement and problem-solving. Work from home customer service reps (you) will handle inbound phone calls from customers and work on troubleshooting and resolving advanced technical issues. There are full and part-time positions available, but let’s find out more about the company now. Concentrix is a recognized leader in providing innovative services and technology to accelerate high-value interactions at every stage of your customer’s life cycle. was founded in 1983 by Robert Huang, who is also CEO of the business now. Concentrix Work From Home is currently headquartered in California City, California, United States. Concentrix is a Private company. Concentrix parent company has been SYNNEX since June 1983. Concentrix most recent acquisition was Tigerspike Limited for an undisclosed amount on Jul 2017. Concentrix has 5,079 followers on Owler. Concentrix is a for Profit company and industries include Customer Service Outsourcing and Sales. As of August 2020, Concentrix has on Facebook over 1.1 Million Likes while on Twitter they boast over 7.9K Users.

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How does Concentrix work?

Getting started with the Concentrix work from home opportunity is really easy. Just go over to the and you’ll land on a page that has a whole bunch of information. My advice at this section is to read what you can to first familiarize yourself with who they are and what they are offering. Once done, you’ll a two buttons, one is the read FAQ page where you can get personal questions that you have answered and the other is the actual apply button. To get started with the work from home process I want you to hit the apply button and when you get to the next page you’ll see a list of jobs to apply for. You can create your account within this section or create it right from the get go. I prefer to look around and hit a joblink first.

But once you get going with the job searches you’ll need the below list of requirements to fulfill the positions properly without delay:

  • One (1) year call center experience or work at home experience
  • High School Graduate or GED
  • Keyboarding skills at a minimum of 30 wpm.
  • Availability to work a schedule which may include varying shifts, weekends and/or holidays.
  • Self-management skills to work independently in a home office location.
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic and evolving remote Team environment.
  • Natural ability to collect information from various tools, analyze the technical information, while engaging and interacting with customers.
  • Make productive contributions and flourish within a Team where expertise is shared and feedback is supported.

In terms of equipment, you’ll need high-speed internet, a basic landline phone, an amplifier, noise-canceling microphone, USB mouse and keyboard, adapter, and a USB headset.


Now that I have fully finished my Concentrix Review and can now fully conclude that this site is legitimate and anyone who tries working online will have a good chance working with this company.

Pros And Cons About Concentrix


  • Concentrix work from home has a long-standing company history
  • Concentrix work from home offer a variety of different positions
  • Concentrix work from home has a social media following
  • Concentrix work from home has an easy to use website


  • Still offers a low earning potential
  • Concentrix work from home does not offer a way to promote yourself or your own brand
  • Concentrix work from home does not offer you a way to build a website and begin your own online business

Start your own online business and work for yourself promoting other people’s products and services

It is highly recommended that to make money online you work for yourself and build a website. Anyone can now build their own website and give it a business name and promote products straight from eBay and Amazon, but now you can also promote affiliate marketing trainings themselves. This is what I highly recommend and with my free coaching I can help you get straight to the top with extreme geared to information that I already learned about when I built my site. You don’t need to know any coding like a lot of people still think. If you start now you can learn for yourself how you can build an affiliate website within a few clicks of a button (that’s how easy it is now) and begin making money within months of starting. I look forward to seeing you within the inside.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience Virtual Customer Service? Have you worked for Concetrix before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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