Is CommerceHQ a Scam? In Depth Review

CommerceHQ Review

There is so much training online now that pretty much anyone who wants to earn money online can do so.

The two industries for earning online are in affiliate marketing and they consist of both blogging and dropshipping.

However, one of these industries is expensive and hard for beginners (dropshipping) and the other (blogging) is easy.

But What is and does it offer an easy way to start making money online? Yes, and no.

You’ll need a lot of money to get started in dropshipping ($15-20K), which we’ll discuss moving forward, however, it doesn’t have training, which is one of the most important aspects to learning how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

It is a must that anyone new to searching out how to make money with affiliate marketing that they seek testimonial content from people who have already succeeded with the talked about training.

If you agree that seeking some success proof from training online, then read Have a spare $18,000? Want to start a business?. The latter is what you’re looking at to start a business dropshipping, unless you take the advice from within and begin the free training. I coach you for free when you start.

What is CommerceHQ?

CommerceHQ is an online eCommerce infrastructure that enables people to build an online Store-front for their dropshipping sites or a website in whole. So the general gist of this is not as big as some other services for building dropshipping sites but people still think highly of it.

After you have built your website or store front CommerceHQ offers everything you need to fully support your business moving forward.

Is CommerceHQ a reliable site to earn?

CommerceHQ was founded by Jon Mac who is an established eCommerce marketer. Before CommerceHQ was created, Jon was using TeeSring to generate sales and went from $50K in debt to over $1M in profit in only 2 short years. After this type of success, Jon moved over to sporting using Shopify where he then pulled in over $7M with multiple stores in only two short years again.

But do you want to use this platform or some others? As mentioned, each of them don’t really have much difference as they only give you help in building a store front for ecommerce.

You can keep reading further to learn about some of the different things it uses and offers to their members.

But if you’re being serious about building an online brand and not just a store front that sells products, then I want you to start by reading WA Helps Me Make a 5-Figure Income in 2019!, as the latter is offering proof from people who are succeeding with the platform.

How does CommerceHQ work?

When you’re looking to start dropshipping people will generally look around online for better platforms that suit their needs.

There are different platforms thankfully but all tend to offer the same features. The only difference is with these platforms, that has to do with some of the features is also being able to buy or add a domain name directly through the service.

Is CommerceHQ a reliable site to earn?

This would entail being able to choose a theme and connect it straight to the internet without having to head over to some third party extension where you would have to purchase one externally. Thankfully, CommerceHQ does offer domains that come with setting up your store.

Most people are into using this platform to just build a quick store and worry about selling products from Amazon. They don’t even understand the true need for a domain name. A domain name is your brand and business for the long run but people sometimes only think about the money and selling products without taking note of what their domain name will be.

The following is some of the features offered at CommerceHQ:

  • Visual Store Builder (drag and drop website builder)
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Zero Processing Fees
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts
  • 99% Uptime
Is CommerceHQ a reliable site to earn?
Is CommerceHQ a reliable site to earn?
Is CommerceHQ a reliable site to earn?

The screenshot above shows you everything they offered from their platform. I just copied and pasted it from there site.

So as you can see, there are a ton of features.

What I would rather you do is look at business long term and get the right training on what it is to build an online business. You may know everything about building a WordPress website, but you don’t know what it’s like to sport value and operate inside a community of others who are doing the same and getting paid for it. See, when you bring someone new to the platform that I offer, you get to train them which makes you become a training course tutor. It is the option of a lifetime and I am here to coach you.

Another thing to add when finding a training that suits you is success from other people. You need something more than just a Facebook Group because that is a free third-party platform and awkward to use when building your own online business. Read I Will Hit My First $1000 month on Amazon in 2019, which is someone who is making progress with Amazon because he followed the training. I won’t go on too much now but if you start now I will be your coach for no price to you whatsoever, and you’ll receive everything you need to make a successful online business.


After finishing my CommerceHQ Review I can conclude that their platform is legitimate and will help you to achieve the things you need to achieve to get your label off the ground and reach a good income.

However, in Hein site, it isn’t that valuable. There are much better platforms out there for value. Anyone can put together a platform like CommerceHQ where you can only build a one-page website. The value in that is very small.

But when there is a community and live chat that is when the value starts getting serious. Keep reading below to learn about some real value for your money.

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What I personally recommend

Real Affiliate marketing is when you build a blog and promote products by way of writing articles.

You can do all sorts of things but when it comes to making money online things should be built properly so that you can look back on your progress and not just how much money you made. Money is nothing when it comes to building online success. Is how many lives you can change and what you can offer to people who search.

If you’re in this for just the money then keep reading and go on to the next page. But if you’re here because you want to have an impact on the internet with your own online business then start my #1 Rated Training where I will meet you on the inside to coach you for free.

This will turn you into your own course tutor and you’ll be able to earn tons of money by coaching other people how to do the same (build a website and write content).

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience earning money from dropshipping? Have you tried CommerceHQ before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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