Is Brian Cha (車志健) a Scam? An Honest Review

Brian Cha (車志健) Review

Hi, everyone, I realise I am doing a special review today on Brian Cha (車志健) which is an automated course that claims to teach people living in Hong Kong how to earn money.

The strategy behind Brian Cha (車志健) training is purely run by targeting the Hong Kong audience with both YouTube and Facebook ads. Brian claims he can teach you an automated sales system in which can help you leverage an online income.

I want to show you this, but at the same time, I also want to mention that exactly where I train to earn money online is also available to people living in Mainland Hong Kong and China.

There are tons of people earning with this platform that are from China, and you can see proof here: $40K in 4 Hours! The Craziest Night Ever!, come and be a part of mine and Jerry’s team.

But What is Brian Cha (車志健) and is he’s automatic sales funnel system better than other online techniques? Let’s find out now.

What is Brian Cha (車志健)?

Brian Cha is a renowned motivational speaker and business coach. One of he’s highly anticipated successes is breaking the Guinness World Records three times, and it is breaking these records that he uses to tell he’s students how they too can break their own successes. This is a way that Brian uses to motivate people he teaches.

Is Brian Cha (車志健) a reliable site to earn?

Before being a business coach, he was actually a fitness coach for around 20 years. But in recent years, he suddenly changed his career into a totally different field: public speaking and online business coaching.

He has launched different courses over the years. The most well-known one is his automated sales system, which claims to help you make an 8-figure income.

I want you to be able to use something here which will help you to compare, because getting what you pay for is very important. Read how I Earned $9465.05 Thanks To WA Members.

How does Brian Cha (車志健) work?

The Brian Cha (車志健) training course can be found at he’s website,

Brian has created tons of content on social media, but this is not entirely based on he’s training. Brian makes it hard to find out what he’s training is all about without making a purchase and getting access inside.

The only thing Brian mentions about he’s training is that at the payment section, you can watch a free video and it will explain what he does and how it can potentially help you too. It sounds as if the internet is brand new stuff to him.

Check out a screenshot below of the homepage of he’s training:

See this website? I believe it is good, but I don’t see anywhere that is going to offer you a live community.

When trying to make money online, it is so important that you have people inside the same training that you use because they are the ones who are ready to help you.

These do not work with Facebook Groups, because that is external and not practical.

Check out what I think a community chat should look like below:

Is Brian Cha (車志健) a reliable site to earn?

If you sign up to any training it should always be an open source platform such as this.

Brian’s training strategy is what we call PPC (Pay per click) and it relies heavily on buying a training course and then spending money on social media ads. It means you do need to have money to take this route.

So, if you’re spending so much money on training, it should offer a very good platform where you can also interact with the community as well.

By being able to talk to others, it provides the most important artifact that you need, which is finding out what products sell. This is how you’ll save money at the start of your dropshipping journey, by knowing what products are being sold.


The Brian Cha (車志健) Training course is a pretty good deal, the only thing is I don’t know if you’ll actually learn how to make money with it. You’ll definitely need something a little more to earn money online.

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What I personally recommend

If you can write using a computer then I want to show you a training that is also in China mainland. You can read a post here: How to access Wealthy Affiliate in China from somebody who is working inside the training and proving that it works in China mainland.

I also showed you another post at the start of this article.

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It focuses on writing content and ranking it in Google to get free traffic. Then, you’ll start seeing your products sell freely creating your a passive income.

Start the training now and I will see you on the inside where I will offer you free coaching as well.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in ecommerce dropshipping? Have you tried Brian Cha (車志健) before?

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