Is BookScouter a scam? An Honest Review

BookScouter Review

This is my BookScouter Review. Find out if BookScouter is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. What are some of the ways you have been thinking about when it comes to your online success facts and the way you make money? Do you often think about what it will be like when you get old or even reach mid-age? I do; and the thoughts are quite often worrying. I mean, how much money and I’m going to have and moreover what will I do with myself, what stocks, what investments will have in place? These are all turmoils that should be considered when people are searching online.

I mean, do people seriously search online for a way to make money or a company or are they only looking for half-hearted opportunities that won’t make them much money in the future.

Are you serious about your success both now and in their future? There could be people reading this post who would say, and they always have been they just have never had the chance to prove themselves. If I heard somebody say that I would understand exactly what they are saying because the internet has changed and what I’m talking about is online concepts.

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This BookScouter Review is based on a simple website that the founder has built and this is what he or she (find out soon) thought is a good business model to make money or there would have been some reason for it previous to building the site. Either way, they have created their online company and people are going there and their business is getting traction.

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What is BookScouter?

BookScouter is an online book company that provides readers or book owners a chance to sell their unwanted books or simply flip books as a BookScouter. You may also be new to the word BookScouter so it means the process whereby a book in one language or market is brought to the attention of a publisher in another language or market. BookScouter was founded in and launched in 2007 by owner, Brandon Checketts. BookScouter is a website that shows people a variety of vendors that are interested in buying their books. After doing a bit of research I was able to conclude that there is quite a large market for selling books and various vendors will offer great money in return for your books.

The good element is that is that they provide their users with a whole inventory of merchants who are looking to buy books. You don’t have to rely on online sites such as craigslist and only find one vendor.

Being able to have access to a large variety of Book Scouts gives people the opportunity to sell off their books for the best possible prices. Another element to learning more about a Book Scout & Vendor websites is that the possibility of being scammed gets thrown out the window as well.

There are many different elements to looking for a good business to do business with but one of those contraries is them running their own Facebook Fan Page. Having one of these makes things easier for everyone involved with the company to have access to more information. BookScouter does offer a free Facebook Fan Page, where they also report over 6.6K Likes.

Eligibility: Any age, WorldWide.

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How does BookScouter work?

As with all companies that you want to remain in contact with you will need to create an account with them. To create an account with BookScouter is fairly simple and only requires you name, DOB, and email, along with if your did college or not. At the sign up page you can also choose whether to become a subscriber and receive mail from the BookScouter website.

Now let me ask you, are you a mother, student, wife, or teacher that is always dealing with a lot of books? This is why the BookScouter website could become your next go to tool to sell you books. You can easily start selling all your used books simply after you pay for them. You will always find that after each year of your child’s school they will have books piled up that which they don’t even need anymore. This is when BookScouter will come in perfect for you, you don’t have to be stuck using one site such as Amazon. BookScouter is built to accommodate the things you need when selling your books.

Depending on what books they are, after doing some in depth research, I was able to find out that most people would be surprised at how much their books are worth.

What books are good books to sell?

  • Text books
  • Cook books
  • Hardware books
  • Hard backs
  • Paper backs
  • Fiction and non-fiction

To sell your books on BookScouter all you have to do is type in your book’s ISBN Number once. The number is a 10-13-book number that is usually displayed above or below the book. This number is always located either within the first few pages of the book or at the bottom of the back page. Sometimes these numbers can have one or two more hyphens or they may end in an x.

Once you have the ISBN number, you just type it into BookScouter and it will return you a list of websites that are paying the most amount of money for that book. The book gets shipped to the vendor of your choice using a free shipping label.

A list of vendors also includes:

  • Amazon, Bookbyte
  • Powell’s
  • We buy textbooks

Textbooks are expensive and will continue to get even more expensive as we shift into each passing future. Why not check out the BookScouter website and see what the big hype on selling used books is all about.

BookScouter is available to use on both Android and iOS which can be downloaded from their stores respectively. You can also just use the BookScouter website.


Now that I have fully finished my BookScouter Review I can definitely see that this site is legitimate and people who are searching for ways to sell books which they gather will enjoy their easy to use system.

Pros And Cons About BookScouter


  • BookScouter offers an easy way to sell books
  • BookScouter tools work great in searching for external vendors
  • BookScouter offers a large variety of vendors who will buy your books
  • BookScouter website has a long-standing business that has no negative reviews


  • None that I can see

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