Is BestMark Legit or Scam? An Honest Review

BestMark Review

This is my BestMark Review. Find out if BestMark is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to be making money online and some of those ways can actually pay quite big depending on what you do. For anyone who is not in the know about all the different ways that there is to make money I want to tell you about some of them now, which are Buying and selling online (eBay and Amazon) Drop shopping, affiliate marketing, and Multilevel marketing. You can choose anyone of these but it comes to getting the chosen project done it is better to incorporate a free coach if available which is highly available these days and relevant.

I’m guessing you’re here to learn how to make money online and I don’t want to persuade you just show you the real world when it comes to earning a consistent income each month. I built this site to get involved with affiliate marketing because of how easy the process is, all is consists of is building a website (for free) and writing valuable content for people who search for what you’e writing about and your online business is more competitive than any billboard anywhere as it is available to the whole industry niche topic that you choose. This is one of the keys with online marketing you have to target a niche and when you do you will grow within that space and be the go to person for information. This in turn in called turning your passion into revenue online.

There is such a good way to make money online and it’s with an online business. If you want to put away all the small opportunities that you have been doing up until this point and make some real money then you can. Check out how much people are making with this training: Sharing Success Story: $14,000 in 3 months. As you can see, the member was a beginner like everyone else and was able to earn over $14K in 3 months! If this is you then jump in and get going, and I will see you in there!

But what is BestMark About and how good are they for industry mystery shopping? Let’s find out now!

What is BestMark?

Providing over 30 years of innovative and reliable mystery shopping and customer experience solutions. Located in Minnetonka, MN, BestMark Shopper is an industry-leading provider of customer experience measurement services and related analytics. The company assesses and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty for major companies in retail, automotive, hospitality, technology, and other industries. BestMark was founded by President & CEO Ann Jennings in 1986 and is currently headquartered in Minneapolis. BestMark’s comprehensive suite of customer information services includes mystery shopping, customer surveys, compliance audits, customer intercept interviews, and employee feedback surveys. BestMark Industries includes Technology, Software, and Transportation. One of the best ways to finding tons of great information about a website is with their Facebook Fan Page. BestMark does have their Facebook Fan Page and they boast over 26.4K Likes which is fairly high. With this anyone can send an instant message to the platform to find out things about them and get answers. It’s also what makes them look liked and supported.

Don’t keep doing small online jobs that don’t pay much. I understand that there are work types that you can do online that do pay some OK amounts such as translating and what not, but at the end of the day, we try to show people how to work online where they build up passive income by way of recurring. This means that once the job is done you always keep getting paid for it. Just check out how much people are earning from this: $452 From ONE Platform, ONE Day. YOU can do this too! The latter is a well-known member who built themselves real wealth online and is proclaiming that you can too!

How does BestMark work?

The way BestMark shopping works is when a company such as joins a variety of different affiliate companies and begin their campaigns. But in order for them to keep up with their revenue bench marks they begin to ask people (who they call their prospect members) to come and join their company and begin shopping. As a Bestmark Member you will mystery shop at their selected stores. Take for example eating out for dinner, do you enjoy this task? Well, as an example they could be an affiliate of a restaurant nearby where they want their members to go there and try the meals. In turn, you will be paid a small portion of what they earn as a commission sale. Just create a BestMark Login account to get started.

This opportunity is the exact same as what you’re reading with Affiliate Training Now yet I don’t ask people to pay for buy things from my affiliate programs. I have no idea why these companies do this just because there are so many people already searching online it makes me wonder what they truly mean. I like to create helpful valuable content that which people search for on Google and when they finish reading what I have they can follow the links to get more value.

As a beginner on The Bestmark mystery shoppers website you will start on a base wage of $7 per hour. You may be more interested to know that this base rate can also increase to $20 per hour once you get good enough. Once experienced, members will have a large variety of tasks that which they can either choose to do or reject. It has been considered that by using the BestMark website one could possibly take home a staggering $10K per year.

But don’t just think it is only about eating out a certain restaurant. It can also be about buying products from external chosen websites by the BestMark Team. Members can also find support at for added comfort.


Now that I have fully finished this BestMark Secret shopper Review I can fully conclude that the platform is legitimate and that you will earn a small income if you decide to take part in their offers.

Pros And Cons About BestMark


  • Bestmark allows you to set your own hours, enabling you to check out restaurants when you decide.
  • BestMark has a good company behind them with a good reputation
  • You only need to be 19 years old to take part within the BestMark achievements
  • Experienced BestMark members are able to earn more, so the longer you stay doing this gig the more you’ll earn.


  • Low income at the end of the day
  • Does not pay you a passive income

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