Is 2Captcha Legit? An In Depth Review

2Captcha Review

There are so many different options to begin making money online and at the moment, the internet is expanding and constantly creating more ways.

Solving captchas are those annoying codes that you must complete before getting access to a certain web page or email list.

This review describes how you can work on the inside of these solving the captchas and earning money for it.

What is and is this offer a way to make a wise move in this era or a foolish move? Some may say both. I know for a fact that the only real value during this exercise to earn money is that you gain experience. You learn how to type faster, which will ultimately lead to being able to paragraph great articles in conjunction with your own online business.

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What is 2Captcha?

2Captcha is an online Captcha platform that pays contributing members for solving captchas. I know that may have sounded like a bit of a tongue twister, but it is what it is.

There isn’t much information about 2Captcha within their website platform, but through external research I did find out that they were founded back in 2012. Now I say this often, and it is when a company has been active for a few years or more, in most cases it is a legitimate organization. Therefore, you can be sure this isn’t a take away or scam.

Is 2Captcha a reliable site to earn?

What neat about the 2Captcha website is that it looks alive and also displays a blog scroll where people can read some of their articles. It will help them rank better as well.

Keep in mind that if there is anything I have missed during this review, you can go to the bottom of the 2Captcha website, and click on FAQ to find more information (but I should cover most of it).

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How does 2Captcha work?

Getting started with 2Captcha website opportunity is as simple as going to their website and creating an account. Once done, you’ll enter into the work area where jobs can begin commencing for your earnings.

After doing some in depth research I actually read that captcha solving is also for companies who don’t want clients sitting around filling out captchas, as this could lead to a loss of earnings.

This is one theory, however, I sport a different theory also. From what I understand, captchas solving by humans are done for different products and software that are all automated. This means a product is launched and designed whereby the company leader heads will need a third party-human entity to withstand or also solve the captchas that may bring a curse on their workings.

Talking about earnings, check the screenshot below:

Is 2Captcha a reliable site to earn?

The screenshot above indicates that the average speed is somewhere around 21 seconds to solve a captcha. Per 1000 captchas solved you earn $0.34 cents. However, it seems as though the money is within the re-captchas. At $1.03 for every re captcha you solve this could work out to be some decent money. Keep in mind though, that, it is not thought that re captchas will always happen as this is just a mistake from within the users end.

To make a request for payment, members must sport the following amounts as to which the current corresponding pathway is also accepted:

  • WebMoney – $.50
  • AdvCash – $.50
  • PerfectMoney – $.50
  • Uphold – $.50
  • Payeer – $.50
  • Airtm – $1
  • Bitcoin – $1

As the list above dictates, there is quite a few different ways people can cashout once they’ve earned some credits.

Incase you’re wondering about the reviews that 2Captcha has, check out the screenshot below:

Is 2Captcha a reliable site to earn?
Is 2Captcha a reliable site to earn?

The screenshot above shows that out of 862 reviews 2Captcha is sporting 4.5 Stars by people who are earning money with the platform and these are really great views by earners. As the reviews indicated it seems like members are actually very happy with what they’re earning.

For anyone who is still unsure of what a captcha even looks like, check out the screenshot below:

Is 2Captcha a reliable site to earn?

Captchas are designed to protect anything that would be computer generated, meaning automatic programs that solve captchas un ethically.

However, when it comes to working online there is a much better way to make money. You may have not of heard of this way or you might have but haven’t had the appropriate training. What makes earning money online a success or not is the learning process. Just like some people are saying the earning opportunity above isn’t pay quite enough, I believe that this is where a lot of people begin to look elsewhere and make a lift on what they’re doing to earn money.

Take how 2Captha has real-life feedback coming from happy workers. This is the first step and the first element to finding serious success online. Seeing that people have taken the opportunity and are happy to report they’re earning.

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Now that I have fully finished my 2Captcha Review I can now fully conclude that this company is legitimate and will earn you some good money if you let it.

Captcha solving seems to be a new industry that is taking off and I believe that as each passing day continues you will see a lot more of these spring up in the hopes of gaining real human captcha solvers to finish the job.

Their earnings are not worth much, which is why I predict that this experience will only be exactly that, just an experience where people work to learn more about the options they have online in conjunction to earning money.

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What I personally recommend

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in earning money from home with Captcha service? Have you tried 2Captcha before?

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