Impact Theory University Review: It is a Scam or Legit?

Impact Theory University Review

There are so many reasons to want to earn some more money, and business people are in the know about this all the time.

But even if you don’t have a business at this stage, you should be happy now. You have just come across a website that does everything you would want when trying to earn money.

Put it this way, The review we’re about to do is based on basically “Coaching” people in how to achieve high results in business.

There is a course provided to do this, but I am sure that Tom, the one founder, is not enough to answer every body’s questions, as this is what is exclaimed in he’s courses.

If you want to make more money online or have no idea how to make money online and want to, I suggest starting somewhere where there is a community and people willing to help. This is one of the biggest elements to becoming successful online. Success posts. These are a huge hit, and I have some that I want to show you throughout this review, these are what you want when trying to find someone or something to trust online.

You’re wanting to make money online, read this success post to begin: $1,170 On One Sale!.

If this is not enough, let’s go through Impact Theory University and see if they can do better!

But What is Impact Theory University and can you make money online using their course teachings?

Let’s find out now.

What is Impact Theory University?

Impact Theory University is an online training designed to gauge change through a number of useful techniques and live exchanges. The website that hosts the training claims that they hope to help people out of the general 9-5 if they struggle.

One of the true goals of Impact Theory University training is to help people unlock who and what they are, using a bunch of life changing content.

Is Impact Theory University a reliable Course to earn?

Impact Theory University was founded by Tom Bilyeu, who still remains CEO of the company. He is a self-made entrepreneur who has also created a media studio that influenced pop culture through non-fiction & fiction content.

According to the official website, Tom has scaled Impact Theory to a seven-figure business. Some of these results have turned over, over 4 million clients in less than 3 years. This sounds like a big training Academy by the looks of that.

Before all the success from Tom at Impact Theory University, he was the president of Quest Nutrition, a corporation which is said to be the 2nd fastest-growing Inc. 500 company.

Incase you’re wondering about how else you can get to understand Tom a little more, I looked hard across the internet and found it hard myself in finding good information.

To me, this training sounds very loud. I find it hard to see how someone will get one on one coaching and real results when there is so much hype on the business itself. There’s also no platform that has a live community or live chat, which is a huge part to creating real success online. Learn what it’s like to achieve real results online with this post here: Just launched my 2nd eBook. $7,500 in profit in 2 months for the combo

How does Impact Theory University work?

To get started with Impact Theory University, all you have to do is head over to the website. From there, you’ll see a big “Get Started” button which will take you to a purchase page.

The Mindset course is offered at $47 per month or $297 per year. The Business course is more expensive with a monthly price of $97 or $597 for a yearly plan.

The option of Bundle allows you to access both courses at a price of $120 per month or $797 per year.

As you can see with the screenshot above, one of the first things you get with this training is “hyper” Tactical training. I don’t think this is going to help someone who is trying to focus and needs peace and quiet. Just imagine what an office would be like with everyone running around being all hypo?

Below is what you’ll get when you begin the Impact Theory University Studying:

Mindset Track

Below is a summary of what you’ll get:

  • Access to 20+ hours of mindset education taught by Tom and other guest speakers
  • Two hours long live mindset lesson once a month
  • Chances to ask Tom questions in real time
  • Access to the recordings of the previous lessons or sessions
  • PDF worksheets

The private Facebook group is an additional bonus to members. You can interact with students from both tracks and sometimes get the chance to talk to Tom.

Business Track

There are two small differences with Business Track, which is you get an extra course called Entrepreneurship 101 course, and the overall training is based more on live training.

Below is a summary of what you’ll get:

  • 20+ hours of business education taught by Tom and other guest speakers
  • Hour-long monthly live business coaching with Q&A session
  • PDF worksheets
  • Access to the Facebook group of business community
  • Strategies to help you get started with your business
  • Entrepreneurship 101 course

What does all this mean? Do you need your own business to get going? These are the questions that are not mentioned anywhere, to be honest. I mean, do these courses help train you in building an online business, or are they meant to help you gain traction at your 9-5 work job?

If you thought that this training would show you how to build an online business and actually make money fairly quickly, I don’t think that is going to happen. I just don’t see the resources.

However, I can help you and want to do so now. You have probably come along way, so check this post out and tell me what you think: How I Made $40K In One Weekend Using WA.

Is Impact Theory University a reliable Course to earn?

See the screenshot above? This is taken from the homepage of the Impact Theory University website, and this is a false assurance that people are there. It is not the people’s fault until they read this post too! They honestly think that it must be the way to improve themselves. But, I did not see any way that members can chat inside the community like this:

Is Impact Theory University a reliable Course to earn?

See the screenshot above? That is what I expect to see inside Impact Theory University Training, and minus the get together photos. You would think they’re at a party or something, not taking photos about nothing.


And that wraps this Impact Theory University Review up, there is just that much going inside this type of company that It’s hard to explain more about them.

I still don’t understand if you’re meant to have a company and not being seeing the results you were hoping for this year, or if you’re just meant to learn about stuff!?

What I get with this business the most is that I understand that the workmanship is there, I just don’t know about the resources. I went to their website and didn’t see anything that I can’t otherwise get freely online, and this is what bothers me the most. Why should you pay for free content. So, in case you’re wondering what is a real tool to use, you can build a website here.

If you want more proof that there are reliable tools & training out there, check this post out: My Best Affiliate Commissions $16K+ in 1 day $15K+ the next day

I have been able to help you with some very good posts during this review and hope to hear from you soon.

Read more great product reviews and enjoy!

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in building a business online with live coaching? Have you tried Impact Theory University before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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