How To Get Traffic To A New Website

Picture each survey site as being another bank account that earns you money from referrals around the world.

Michael Van Gulik

I have taken a huge finding in what I believe is the next generation of online marketing, and it’s promoting both GPT and Survey Sites. These little buggers can make you a staggering amount of cash each time someone signs up, and the thing is, each survey account that you create is like another bank account just waiting to be filled and filed.

Since the inception of my own online business, I have constantly seen people gaining tons of traffic to their websites with the external company review. It has slowly hit me that there is a way to write content on both Survey and GPT Sites whereby you’re receiving the best of both. You can take aim at affiliate marketing while your survey accounts are earning commissions on referrals. This also allows you to stay in touch with forwarding your own opinions to your survey panels as you feel that need. Your account won’t go anywhere.

There are so many Survey and GPT Sites that offer affiliate programs, and they also offer something else very worthy for bloggers and affiliate marketers, and that is industry traffic. You see, to write a review on a company brings you so much more meaningfulness when creating an online business. It makes you stand out.

The screenshot below is a list of all the survey and GPT websites I have written a review about and then joined.

How To Get Traffic To A New Website
All the survey sites I have reviewed and joined, picturing much many bank accounts!

I was doing Survey Site Reviews and could not believe the opportunity I was receiving with each site’s affiliate program, it felt like I was opening up many more new bank accounts that are waiting to receive funds

Michael Van Gulik, Affiliate Training Now

In the screenshot above, each joined affiliate program I have joined is exactly the same as having another bank account, except each account receives it own earnings.

Survey Site Reviews is the way to making money online in 2021 and beyond.

Can absolutely anyone starts doing this? Yes! As a beginner, it is crucial that one pivots into verticals like this.

Without further ado, I want you to start this ultimate scheme right now and begin making money online with mass success. But how can one accomplish this deep avalanche or success?

You’re going to need training. There are so many different training aspects online about affiliate marketing, but hardly any give you long-term success or direction, let alone everything under the one roof to get started and not stop.

Click the image below to begin the training now, or keep reading.

How To Get Traffic To A New Website
Click the guide image and start now!

Remembering that this pathway opens up to many much bigger things.

Michael Van Gulik, Affiliate Training Now

Survey Site Reviews drive massive amounts of traffic

It is as simple as building a website, writing your first Survey Site Review, receiving your referral link from inside your account within the survey website, and then entering that survey link into the Survey Site Review you had just written.

Overview on how to get quick traffic to a newly built website –
(You can start now if you wish)

1. Read Survey Opinions Affiliate marketing Guide.

2. Select the Bootcamp Training which is linked to the picture above or can be accessed here.

3. Create a membership within the link provided. There are both free and paid memberships, with which both will work fine with this success journey.

4. Build Your website within the MMO Space (Make Money Online) with the link provided in step 2.

5. Choose a website name and pick a theme for your new website (Very easy, and I can help you with that as well).

6. Construct the first two Pages of your website, which are your “About Me” Page and your “Privacy Page” (Very easy and should only take a few hours)

7. Connect your site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, with which the training is provided and should only take a few minutes (I can help you with that as well). This is to monitor your website traffic.

8. Begin writing your First Survey Site Review, which should only take a few hours with research. Once this is done, check to see if they have an affiliate program, but if they don’t, don’t worry, and move on to the next one. If they do, however, grab their affiliate link to your profile and add it to your Survey Site Review.

9. Create a Google Spreadsheet of all Survey Site Affiliate programs that you have joined (see first picture in this Guide)

10. Add each Survey Site affiliate program to your spreadsheet when done (Watch Traffic build up)

11. Check your affiliate program accounts overtime to see their results (Earnings accumulated over time)

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