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How I left my full time job to make a full time living online

When I started this, I had no idea what was going to happen. But listen to this.

I started my businesses and went through all the thoughts of ‘it’s not working’, ‘I’m seriously getting no traffic’ this went on for 4 months. Now just recently, it seems my business has just gained some traction. I just noticed in the last 3 days, I’m getting 10-20 visits throughout the day. This is free traffic, do you know what traffic like this is worth? Let alone buying your product.

Go ahead and continue on reading, half on my story and half on the product, this was just a serious update to show you how big this is and if you’re reading this, you can consider yourself fortunate as.

Hey, im Michael.

Now that you’re here, I would like to take this opportunity and show you how you could completely leave your full time job, to start a full time online business.

Before I started affiliate marketing, I was a roof tiling laborer.

My journey into the online world started on 19/7/2018.

Being a roof tiler, I was in a predicament where my job was going to get too difficult (for an old man like me) if I did not start and run my own business. 

So, before we continue, let me see if the next scenario fits in the same with you.

You may have the same issue as me, where your job is going to end or get to hard as in labor intensive as you begin to get older.

In this industry, its best to start early.

No matter what your situation is, if you’re going to take up this opportunity you still have to work. It’s not like that, in affiliate marketing you set up a business online that earns you money in the future without needing to work later.

Checkout this next picture, this is my actual website. 

As you can see with this picture, it’s a straight forward affiliate website business model.

With the menu, heading, and logo in place, the business is ready to start writing.

It’s that simple.

Please continue on reading to see how I started.

'About marketing jobs'

My Journey started

So, I bought a laptop, jumped on the Google search engine website and typed in ‘make money online’.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

Most people have no idea how easy it is to start your own business, they have the wrong thinking as to what it is, they think you need to be fully qualified with tools and trucks and be totally set up,  you know what I mean?

I would have never believed that I could create a full time online business website more capable than a brick and mortar business.

I signed up

I signed up and got started with the training. It was basically straight away that I saw what I was doing, building an online affiliate business. There’s no doubt about it because it’s an online lucrative industry that has existed for a long time (a billion dollar – online industry).

Getting stuck straight in

Since joining I have referred over 100 people, 2 of which signed up to the upgraded Premium membership.

Before we get started, I should to mention that if you are on the Free Starter membership, your referrals and upgrade commissions pay a little bit less than the premium membership commissions.

Some examples

Let me show you just a few pieces to this puzzle, first off (Starter membership).

When you sign up and become a Free Starter member, everything is free to work with to build your profitable online business.

Kyle, the cofounder will show you step by step how to build your 2 free affiliate businesses.

Later on down the track you can move these sites to your own bought (paid for) URL domain name if you wish.

If you quit on the Free Starter member version, you have 6 months before your websites will expire

This training is literally showing you exactly what, when, and how to do it – exactly mirroring what he builds to the exact effects of your own.

Here are some examples of the depth involved:

Setting up your account 
Understanding how to make money
Writing down your financial goals
Choosing your direction
Choosing a niche 
Choosing your website 
Choosing your domain name
Choosing a website name
Choosing a design
Building your website

Does this sound like a lot to you? these are the baby steps to getting your online business model up and running.

The sheer scope of the Wealthy Affiliate training is like a pinpoint.

You are shown all of this step by step.

The reason why I didn’t mention everything is because there are over 120 lessons between both courses. And this isn’t even the live/pre recorded entrepreneur video trainings.

As a free starter member you can do the first 10 lessons of both training modules (Online Entrepreneurship & Affiliate Bootcamp).

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative industries in the world

To me, making the most of the tools & training provided at Wealthy Affiliate means ‘going all the way’.

A good way to help get used to the way the platform works is by remembering – the premium membership goes with the Affiliate Bootcamp training module, and the Starter membership is combined with Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Affiliate Bootcamp

At the start of the Affiliate Bootcamp, you may see some resemblance to the Online Entrepreneur Certification. As you continue through, the lessons completely change and become more advanced.

As mentioned earlier, you can do the first 10 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp for free, but then you have to upgrade.

Remember, people only upgrade because it feels better, but to be honest, you can make a living just of the first ten lessons.

Premium revenue

As a premium member, you earn $23.50 monthly for every one of your referrals that upgrades to premium. This revenue is recurring monthly, as long as the member stays, you keep getting paid for them.

If your referrals upgrade to yearly membership, you receive $175.00, which is paid as a yearly recurring commission.

A conversion rate of 1 in every 8 people converts to the Premium upgrade. That’s over 12%.

Bootcamp training  

The Bootcamp training consists of 70 lessons, all of which are high pinpoint scope step by step training, on website and SEO buildup for your business.

Let me show you some actual lessons in order.

The following picture is the first 6 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp training, check it out:

As you can see in the picture, to the left is the side panel main menu. That menu navigates your whole site and business movement. You will use that side menu, to build your whole online business.

To navigate to the one on one training that you can see, simply click training in the left side panel, second from the top. Then you will have five options to choose from, and as you can see we have clicked on Affiliate Bootcamp.

As you can see by the two arrows, one is pointing to the ‘training’ in the left side menu, and the other arrow is pointing at the first course ‘Getting your business rolling’.

In the next picture, I have clicked on the first course ‘Getting Your Business Rolling’. This has opened up 10 lessons (ones blocked out of the picture).

You can see the lessons as they start: 

1. Getting started 
2. Choosing your direction
3. Building your website
4. A website look around
5. Activating your plugins
6. Getting your website ready for seo
7. Your initial framework of content 
8. Understanding the keyword research 
9. Creating thoughtful, insightful reviews 
10. The exciting journey has begun

As you can see by all the walk through video teaching lessons, your not paying for some cheap web hosting company. 

This training literally shows you how to become a professional affiliate marketer & website designer/builder. 

This is not HTML or CSS. This is something ongoing and expounding in results. 

Don’t let this be just a pipe dream that you simply click past and dont take action.

The WA website builder has evolved through years of incremental development

Step by step training, you will learn how to build a website for free.

If you have never done this before, take heed to what I’m about to say.

Building your own business online for the first time, especially through this advanced technology, it is a wonderful feeling.

The picture below shows you the very first step to creating your online business.

Click on the next heading to watch the coFounder at Wealthy Affiliate build a free website

If you just watched that video, you would have just seen so much.

You would have seen 3 options in the first step.

It’s a four step process in building a website with the training at Wealthy Affiliate. There isn’t anything like this on the internet, available to anyone.

At the start of the video, it would have shown you, as a free member, you have access to the first 4 features, in the websites menu.

There is just so much to take advantage of at this moment.

To be shown how to build a business that has #10 more potential than a brick and mortar is superb.

The WA platform has a new feature - affiliate programs tab - this is huge!

Your online business opportunity keeps getting better.

Wealthy Affiliate has added a new feature to the menu.

This feature has been in the making for 2 years and has finally been released.

After you have set up your 2 free websites, there are now hundreds if not thousands of affiliate programs right at your finger tips.

If you think about all the opportunities you have in the online world, E-commerce, Drop Shipping, Multilevel Marketing, Surveys, or Freelancing, some of these don’t pay hardly anything and the others cost money to set up.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can have 2 businesses online set up for free in under half an hour.

Immediately after your business is set up and you have content related to your niche, you can add affiliate links to earn commissions.

'About affiliate marketing programs'

If your in the make money online space (MMO), most likely you will be reviewing a lot of survey, MLM, and apps that pay you money, websites and just anything that claims to pay you your for your time.

After your website business has at least 100 posts, your site will be slowly maturing, gaining more authority in the search engines.

In this case, and with this new affiliate programs tab, you can create a spreadsheet, join a program, and save the program details in the spreadsheet.

Having these new affiliate programs at your disposal now is another great opportunity to make more money.

How to build a business in four simple steps

If you do not have any interests or hobbies, don’t let that worry you at all. This is where it gets interesting.

When you start your business, you create two free websites, one is for your ‘chosen interest’ and the other is for the MMO space (make money online).

Your MMO website is to promote Wealthy Affiliate. The amount on SEO you learn (search engine optimization) makes you completely stay focused on your Wealthy Affiliate site more than anything else, in most cases.

Take a look here at this blog from somebody at WA who is achieving great wealth from the mmo niche space:

You should now have a virtual idea on how this works and ready to make a decision.

Are you ready to build a business?

To build this online business the first thing you need is an interest or hobby. Basically anything can be turned into a website.

Here are the 4 simple steps:

choose your interest: do you have anything that you are interested in? this is important because if you do, it will make your journey so much more presentful.

Even if you don’t have an idea, Wealthy Affiliate specifically shows you how to pick a niche.

build a free website: throughout the free training at Wealthy Affiliate, you are shown step by step how to build your first ever online business.

Building a website isnt scary its fun! and it’s the whole foundation of your affiliate business.

attracting visitors: getting visitors to your site is the most amazing part. You built your site, written your first few blog posts, and now the waiting game has begun; the authoritative building of your brand and recognition.

Traffic comes in many different forms and when trying to obtain it it can get quite tricky and difficult. At the start of your website creation you will be targeting free search engine traffic.

earning money: after following the four basic steps we have just discussed, the fourth and final step is earning an online income.

Putting all of this together makes your site earn money. It’s your online business and it’s simpler than ever at WA.

The Wealthy Affiliate university shows you more and more in depth as you keep growing your business.

By now you will be earning money.

If you think, building an online business right now is something that you are ready for, click the button below to get started.