HireSine: The Same People Behind the Amazon Scam? (Must Read Everything!!!!)

Hiresine Review

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This Hiresine review is based on being able to make money in the freelance industry and particularly has a focus in editing content or content creation.

Now, I’m not sure how many people reading this know of the opportunities online at the moment, but if you are one, then stick with me, here, because you’re literally steps away from running your own blogging website.

Before we move forward (or you can skip ahead) it is important to get an idea of what content creation and editing content is about.

With Google, once a content piece is created, Google needs to find it in your website and begin to process it for the search engine.

If you’re making content or freelancing and editing other people’s content, what you’re doing is a “made up” fantasy which doesn’t really exist.

“It came across as work”.

Well, I’ll bet that when you learn of how much those articles are making people now, you’ll have wished you never did it for them.

Since creating my own online business, I have seen how tremendous this offset is.

My advice is to not freelance for anything other than your own website when it comes to written text based documents.

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Product Name: Hiresine

Website: Hiresine.com

Owner: Unknown (India descent)

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 0/100 (its a Scam)

What Is Hiresine?

Hiresine is a freelancing website that claims people can obtain jobs from the site and get paid.

Hiresine was created around 5 years ago, and determining who founded the site has proven difficult. I can’t find who.

Hiresine basically offers a simple process for freelancers to get work by applying for an active gig and receiving the job.

Readers need to be informed that there are many reviews out there claiming Hiresine is a scam and has many red flags.

If you’re able to edit and put together articles and reviews, then maybe I can help direct you on how to hone in on your abilities.

How Does Hiresine Work?

Hiresine has a simple job application process which has three steps: browse and select jobs, join application process, receive the job and get paid.

At the bottom of the website, there are many links to various important outlets such as “About US”, “FAQs”, “Contact”, etc.

Hiresine’s website clearly states they have many benefits. The site seems to have been created by a professional.

Elements to your control is sparked by keeping in contact, Better Flexibility, Verified Freelancers, among others.

But because I can’t find a founder for the site, I call this a high risk game. If you want to play a high risk game, then create an account, and log into your membership area to apply for jobs.


Quick Run-down –

  • Hire The Right Freelancers For The Job
  • Manage Jobs From Anywhere
  • Pay Only For A Job Well Done
  • Post your project and receive competitive quote

Control (For Freelancer Workers & Project Publishers) –

  • In-Time Project Completion
  • Verified Freelancers
  • Your Money Remains safe
  • Assurance
  • Better Incentives
  • Happiness in life
  • Better Flexibility
  • More Time To Yourself

Job Categories –

  • PowerPoint Creator
  • Proofreading Jobs
  • Online Typing Jobs
  • Voice Recognition Jobs
  • Offline Typing jobs
  • Paid survey jobs
  • Language Translator Jobs
  • Ad publishing jobs
  • Excel-sheet Freelancer jobs
  • Graphic Designing jobs

Proof of legibility (Big Bottom Menu) –

Get To know:

  • About us
  • how it works
  • FAQs
  • Current Openings
  • Facts

Hire a Freelancer:

quote: “We have the freelancers for your outsourcing needs. Our talented freelancers are ready to work for you now. To get started, Post a Project”.

Get In Touch –

  • Phone: +91-7726882584
  • Email: support@hiresine.com

Hiresine –

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Earning Disclaimer
  • Get Started
  • Contact


Is Hiresine safe? No. Hiresine is not safe. Do not have anything to do with this site. If you have, then report it to my comments section, and I will find out what to do.

Does Hiresine have payment proof? No. They don’t. If you find anything claiming to be payment proof from Hiresine, then it is fake, it is a scam, and you should not worry about this (unless you want to start a blog like Affiliate Training Now and help catch them out!)

Is it easy to cash out? No. Once you have anything to do with them, you will not be paid. They will take the content and sell it and keep the money. They will choose their targets properly to help keep them online without being detected.

Is Hiresine a real and honest way to earn money online? Freelancing is a real way to make money online. As for Hiresine, they’re a scam. Another way Hiresine can make money by scamming is by running Google AdSense. When on their site, ads keep popping up, and this is how they make money (set up a fake site).

Does Hiresine have any bad reviews? Yes. There are blogs saying there are red flags, and some just say it is a scam.

Does Hiresine have an app? No. They won’t ever use an app because it is high risk.

Would you recommend Hiresine to a friend or relative? Obviously not.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • None, stay away from this or write about it and help fight back against the INDIAN Scammers

What’s not to like –

  • The Indians behind Hiresine are the same ones behind the Amazon Scam
  • Doesn’t offer any actual ways for you to earn
  • The site is very spammy
  • Very hard to locate the sign-up form
  • Hiresine is a fake website, set up for running Google AdSense
  • Hiresine is set up for scamming people


There are many ways to make money online, but when people are lazy and not really watching, these powerful roads to becoming wealthy slip by.

If you want to create real wealth, then you must set up your own blog website and write.


After looking at some of what Hiresine has to offer, do you think it is a scam or legit?

We’ve been over everything Hiresine offers and found it to be a fake website (pros, cons, and FAQs).

You’re here to make money, and there are red flags all over Hiresine website that tell us the truth. You won’t be able to make any money there.

Big bottom menu (red flag), scammers do this in order to show users that they’re a real site and available if you need them. However, it is highly possible that they will not respond to your email, or, instead, have a clerk sitting in a chair answering these emails, so they can continue to run.

It is very easy for a site like this to fully operate, and pay everyone, except for a few here and there, and no one will ever know about it. Just think of a criminal mind behind Hiresine, they’ll pay some freelancers so that no one notices for a while, while making $100 here and $250 there!

I believe that this is what is making other bloggers say that they have red lights, while others call them flat-out scams.

Readers, understand, this is where I got up to with Hiresine review before I found a huge red flag (The truth in my eyes). While I was writing the features out for Hiresine, I noticed their address is in INDIA. For anyone who is not familiar with this, INDIA is producing massive scammer call centres claiming to be Amazon, it is called the Amazon Scam.

When I read they were located in INDIA, the penny dropped!

I know for a fact that this is a scam! It is the same people behind THE AMAZON SCAM!!!

I mean, what the !@#$.

I write this whole review, and find out something as major as this!? What am I supposed to do, go back and rewrite everything?


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