Higher Path Ventures Review – Scam or Legit?

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There are so many reasons to want to make a little more money and people are now tending to look online at what the internet does say about making money and what are easy but powerful ways to do this.

This Higher Path Ventures Review is designed to give you some inward help as to whether the company at hand is legit and can help you earn a decent reward whenever you complete their tasks.

However, in case you didn’t know or were not entirely aware, these types of opportunities to earn are not the best. They actually pay a very low salary and if you don’t want to waste any time doing this, then I have something for you.

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But for those who want to check out Luke Sample’s Higher Path Ventures keep on reading!

What is Higher Path Ventures?

Higher Path Ventures is a course that teaches people how to buy and sell books. The method Higher Path Ventures uses is PPC, which is paying for ads from platforms like Google and Facebook.

Higher Path Ventures is founded by Luke Sample, who is a known entrepreneur.

After reading some other reviews on this same product, some weren’t too keen on what this product was. However, there were no reviews saying it was a scam. Not, that I read anyway.

In Higher Path Ventures members are offered a handful of different ways where you can build a legitimate online business. It recommends buying a book worth $11.52 and selling it for $174 and this gives you a profit of $130.85.

The PPC model of training costs a lot of money to get set up but if you’re OK spending it then it might be a good option for you to go to.

I’ll explain a little more as we read further.

But, first, for anyone who wishes to not spend money on building their online business I suggest using this training: Made $7,395 in a WEEK: First Black Friday Results!. This platform is free to start and I offer my own free coaching inside as well!

Who is The Founder?

Higher Path Ventures was built by two entreprenuers called Luke Sample and Jon Shugart.

The both of them do have quite long histories with online marketing and I am sure they have built something wonderful.

What Do you get?

The Higher Path Ventures program offers both training and software included with your purchases.

Next to the main learning of the training which is how to build a business, you’ll also find out about elements such as how to offer free shipping to your clients, How to take advantage of Amazon and its free storage for all your products, both product and keyword research, and how to use third party platforms to find product information.

Higher Path Ventures Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

How does Higher Path Ventures work?

To get started with Higher Path Ventures Luke Sample has made the program very easy to get signed up with by creating a website. This means you can actually check it out without having to buy in first.

On the Higher Path Ventures website there is a video of Luke explaining what he’s product offers and how it can help you to succeed online. On the same page it shows you a bunch of other people who are doing it and having success.

The course basically teaches you the same as arbitrage with Amazon, which includes:

  • Buying books on Amazon, storing them inside their fulfillment centers, and listing them on Prime.
  • Offering free shipping to increase sales and revenue.
  • Increasing the profit margins by taking advantage of the ”Prime eligible” offers.
  • Doing product and keyword research to find profitable opportunities.
  • Understanding Amazon sales rank and more.

Enrolling in Higher Path Ventures costs you a one-time payment of $3,000, then a monthly cost that is priced at $297.

Now, this is a lot of money but you might be surprised to know that there are also upsells inside the training as well.

But in any case, paying over $3K for a course training is too much in my opinion. I highly recommend you check this out before paying anything: $452 From ONE Platform, ONE Day. YOU can do this too!

Is Higher Path Ventures Any Good?

Yes. Because it teaches you things that pertain to an already successful platform such as Amazon it means you can rely on both the training and elements to be consistent with the ways things are.

Sometimes there are people that teach on things such as lead capture. This is just collecting email address but they will try to sell you a product training on this process and these offer very little value!


If you’re into books then this training is going to be good for you. Path Ventures Review is not a scam just expensive.

There are lots of training out there that focus on flipping books on Amazon including this: https://thesellingfamily.com/online-book-arbitrage/ I mean I don’t usually add links to my work but I just had because it went so well with the content.

I have been able to build a business online by paying a monthly subscription, and you can too. I mean, selling books can be done in many different ways you just need to see what best suits you. Do you like to write? Then trying this training-selling books for free: $17,000 from one blog post over 2 years.

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What I personally recommend

There is no better time than now to work online. People are becoming more prone to what online marketing is but I am not sure if they’re taking it seriously enough to get started!

You need both training and coaching if you’re serious about learning what the techniques are online.

I have been learning for a few years now so I believe that I can help you with this journey.

Are you serious about earning an online income? If yes, then start by reading some insightful journeys of existing members: It’s HARD to really FAIL at WA ($500+ on a bad month)

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling books from home? Have you tried Higher Path Ventures before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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