Helpware: Want To Make More Money Online? (Try This)

Helpware Review

There are many individuals online looking for work, and you may be one of them. One of the industries that offer online work are virtual assistants. This is where you search online for a reputable company and if you find out they’re good to go, they will offer you clients that you need to work with.

I have been able to listen to many Virtual Assistant testimonies during my time online and believe that this industry can be quite fulfilling. 

However, there are also comments online being made that point to flaws in many of the client companies, and this can cause issues for the freelance VA.

The jobs that VA’s can do range from Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, IT Adobe Photoshop, and the list goes on.

How familiar are you with these types of tools? If you have good experience, then you have those extra skills helping you.

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Product Name: Helpware


Owner: Andy Steuer

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 29/100

What Is Helpware?

Helpware is a remote working gig that offers freelancers the chance to work as a businesses Virtual Assistant.

Helpware was founded in 2015 by Andy Steuer (CEO) and Alex Tereshchenko (Head of Operations).

Helpware’s model differs from most virtual assistant companies. They only offer full-time assistants, no pay-per-hour, tiered hourly bundles, or job postings.

This probably means that you’ll need to be quite good if you wish to get working from home with Helpware.

How Does Helpware Work?

Helpware target customers are fast-growing companies of any size looking to outsource any of their customer support, back office, journey mapping, or any tasks that can be completed remotely.

Helpware: Want To Make More Money Online? (Try This)

To get started, freelancers need to go to the website or Facebook Page and send in their details. Once that is done, log into your dash and start gearing up for a new job.

As a New VA you’ll be specialising in customer support, back office, accounting, and marketing support, and so on.


Services –

  • Digital Customer experience
  • Back Office Support
  • Start-Acceleration
  • Content Control & Verification
  • Taskware
  • AI Operations
  • Human In the Loop (HITL)

How To Start –

  • Go to or
  • Read Current Jobs Opening Page
  • Select a job
  • Apply For Job on Next Page

Languages supported –

  • Arabic, Belarusian, Bengali, Czech, German, English, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Traditional).

Key features –

  • Services – Provides Virtual Assistant. Anyone can make contact and begin working from home.

Customer Service Support –

  • Freelancers will work with Helpware and be guided on how to collaborate with customers to get the jobs done.

Back office –

  • Virtual Assistants will help map customer’s current workflow, highlight areas for improvements, and ensure your business is running optimally.

Marketing Support –

  • Experienced VA’s will work with Google Ads, Facebook advertising, and a range of tools and marketing software to help maximise the effectiveness and outreach of marketing campaigns.

Accounting Support-

  • Helpware offers qualified, and experienced accounting experts certified in using Quickbooks, SAP, and other accounting software.


Is Helpware safe? Yes. Helpware has a 4.9 rating on Indeed from work from home VA’s. 

Does Helpware have payment proof? No. There is nothing like that. I’ll mention in pros and cons what is not to like about the company.

Is it easy to cash out? I can’t be sure. There is no information regarding this.

Is Helpware a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Being able to work from home helping businesses grow is something that can be done without any issues.

Does Helpware have any bad reviews? There are not any bad reviews. Most are of good character.

Does Helpware have an app? No. At Helpware, everything is done online at the website.

Would you recommend Helpware to a friend or relative? No. This company does not meet my standards. I also don’t usually tell people about ways to keep working. I put everything I have into my online business and earn revenue from AdSense.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Helpware has lots of information 
  • They offer jobs to freelance VA’s on the jobs listing page
  • The website is very easy to use.

What’s not to like –

  • There is no proof of payment
  • Hard to find how VA freelancers get paid
  • I read some negative reviews on Indeed from VA’s saying that the company is always changing and never training VA’s on these changes.
  • There are no incentives whatsoever for the workers. VA’s are to get their own jobs on the jobs listing page, and Helpware takes a cut. This is pretty bad if you ask me.


When it comes to VA Freelancing, you need to have serious skills in place. Helpware is not a company that I think is advanced enough to work with these types of freelancers. 

Also, I don’t like to mention to people looking for ways to work online how to keep working.

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Now that we have been through some of what Helpware has to offer, is Helpware a scam or legit? This is the true question, and it helps learn everything right now.

After writing about Helpware, hopefully you gained some type of information that helped you succeed. 

There is no doubt that you will still have to work nonetheless if you choose to keep working for a boss such as Helpware. 

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