HeedYou Review – Scam or Legit?

HeedYou Review

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Product Name: HeedYou

Website: Heedyou.com

Owner: Unknown, formerly known as Clix-FX.

Price: Free to join, $5 minimum to withdraw your earnings.

Overall Rating: 27/100

What Is HeedYou?

Heedyou is an online website that offers a wide range of ways people can make money.

People who are looking to earn a little extra income to their pockets can perform a bunch of small tasks such as viewing ads, tasks, surveys, and watching videos.

How Does HeedYou Work?

In general, these types of make money online sites make money themselves by offering small jobs people can finish, and in turn, they earn money off ads that users click on when checking the site out.


For wanting to work inside the HeedYou website, here are the active ways in which you can earn money –

  • Offer walls – This offer is a good one because it offers a variety of extra earning methods, such as:
    • watching videos
    • downloading apps
    • signing up to programs
    • completing surveys
    • playing games
  • Click Ads – This has different earning offers such a-
    • Glance – ($0.0005 for a 5 seconds ad)
    • Introduction – ($0.001 for a 10 seconds ad)
    • Inspiration ($0.005 for a 60 seconds ad)
    • Delight ($0.01 for a 120 seconds ad)
  • Weekly Lottery – HeedYou also sports a weekly lottery from time to time. To qualify for the lottery, you need to be active in the platform, mainly clicking on ads or surfing bonus ads.
  • Referral Program – This is essentially affiliate marketing (the ultimate online earning method) and offers a default salary of 25% for people who you bring into the website and when you upgrade that commission also gets raised to 50 and 100%.

For people who want to add their business, it offers

  1. Quality control
  2. View validation
  3. Survey
  4. Website tour
  5. API
  6. Activity control
  7. Campaign control
  8. Ad rotation


Is HeedYou a trusted platform for earning money? Yes. After I did my research, I was able to learn that HeedYou is one of the most trusted PTC Sites there is.

Do you have a good chance at actually making money from a trusted PTC Site? No. You won’t make any money from a PTC Site, no matter how hard you try.

Is it Free to join HeedYou? Yes. People can join at no extra cost to themselves (except for what you would have found)

Is HeedYou easy to use? Yes and no. HeedYou.com has a very easy website design, but finding ways to earn money on the site is where it gets difficult. Keep in mind that the way PTC Sites earn money is by ad revenue. So if they don’t have ads on their site, they won’t earn any money. They put our advertising for wealthy businesses to trust, then in getting them more leads.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • The HeedYou.com website has been built with some fantastic design work
  • It is easy to navigate and judge where you’re going
  • It doesn’t have bad names associated with it
  • There are some good blogs on the internet about it

What’s not to like

  • It is a PTC Site which will more often than not, not make you any money, but rather keep you from the truth. The truth is, online, there is only a certain amount of ways to earn money, affiliate marketing being one of them.
  • It offers fake ad clicks for bigger companies looking to get interaction with their brands.


After doing some online research, I found the following to help you with your PTC Site/work journey –

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What are the best top 10 PTC sites for earning bitcoins? – To switch things up, here is a page that shows you more about bitcoins and how earning with bitcoins is also available.

Above, you have a couple of good options to choose from, but if you don’t want to go that route, then I advise you let me take over from here and help direct you into a new light. You’re on the web and in amongst a whole lot of pages. Is this right? Will you make money surfing the web pages? No. How will you make money, then? Find out more by reading this guide.


PTC websites say they can make you some money? Well, it ain’t happening! I just went to the HeedYou website and there was no way I was going to be making money from that site no matter how I checked in!

If you’re not going to earn any money with something that has given you that idea, then you need to leave and gain a better understanding on what is going on with that issue.

If you wish to earn money online some day and put this small talk stuff behind you, then I want to welcome you to a fast track guide in helping you get there quicker.

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