Happy Color App (By Number) Review — Scam or Legit?

Happy Color App (By Number) Review — Scam or Legit?

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Product Name: Happy Colour App

Website: Happycolor.app

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 67/100

What Is Happy Colour App?

The Happy Colour App (Advertised on Google Play) is a technology device created for monkeys. And believe me when I say this, as we’re nearing a very important time in life.

Happy Colour App comes off as being free and most people wouldn’t be able to tell otherwise, which kind of makes it a flimflam.

Happy Color App (By Number) Review — Scam or Legit?

The humble approach to colouring in for boredom or loneliness is debugged, here, at the Happy Colour, after learning about one of the features called Hints.

How Does Happy Colour App Work?

Happy Colour app is designed to be a free app, and it is. Anyone can build up to be in and get to colour in over 4000 pictures.

I did a bit of research and ended up finding out that the app makes money by including a secret feature where people have to watch ads in order to unlock “numbers” on the playing cards.

The game is worked with colours and Numbers. Users match the corresponding colour to a number.

I know, imagine getting a bit into it, and not seeing a number appear for a section of the colouring in? Well, this is what happens, and it is added to what’s already making them money.

Users will already click on ads by being within the system, but this did not appear to be enough. You’ll need to watch more ads if you don’t see a number appear, as you won’t be able to color in otherwise.

Just log into your Happy Colour App account and click through to your favourite online colouring in image.


Key Features

  • App Size – 52 MB
  • Developer – X-Flow
  • Category – Board Games
  • Languages
    • English Arabic French German Hindi Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese Russian Simplified Chinese Spanish Swedish Thai Traditional Chinese Turkish Vietnamese
  • Age Rating – Everyone
  • In-App Purchases – Yes
  • Remove ads – $7.99
  • Remove banner and interstitial – $7.99
  • Randy the Raccoon pack – $1.99
  • Captain America picture pack – $2.99
  • Spider-Man picture pack – $2.99
  • Invincible Women picture pack – $2.99
  • The Avengers picture pack – $2.99
  • Iron Man picture pack – $2.99
  • Guardians of the Galaxy pack – $2.99
  • Love Stories picture pack – $2.99

All people reading this need to be aware right now, that with every dollar amount you can see in the list above Happy Colour is earning on top of the ads that you’re also clicking, and you’re not making a cent back!!!!

This company has over 2.5 million Facebook Likes, so you can imagine how much innocent people have invested in this business. It should be made public, so people can try and invest to make their money back! Either that, or pay people a percentage of the ad revenue that their members bring forth!


  • Google Play App Store
  • Apple App Store

Social Media Services

In Conjunctions with

  • Marvel (© 2021 MARVEL)
  • DISNEY (© 2021 DISNEY)
  • Warner Bros (© 2021 WBEI)

Find more than 40 categories

  • ? Disney
  • ?♂️ Marvel
  • ? Animals
  • ? Nature
  • ? Places
  • ? Flowers
  • ? Interiors
  • ?? Art
  • ? Birds
  • ? Food
  • ? Hobbies
  • ? Holidays
  • ? Messages
  • ? Tattoos

Special categories

  • ❓ Mystery
  • ? Rare
  • ? Blend


Is Happy Colour App safe? Yeah, it is. I just don’t think it should be made, especially when adults should be doing bigger and better things.

Does Happy Colour App have payment proof? No. The way people earn is by unlocking the number pertaining to a certain piece of the drawing.

Is it easy to cash out? After a user has watched an ad, they will have a number unlocked and can continue colouring in.

Is Happy Colour App a real and honest way to earn money online? No. People don’t make money here. They get to colour in while the company earns money.

Does Happy Colour App have any bad reviews? Not really. Some blogs say colouring in for adults should be banished. If we’re to watch like what is asked of us, then we should do that. Colouring in isn’t going to make us look up, only down and become unconscious.

Does Happy Colour App have an app? Yes. Happy Colour is on Google Play.

Would you recommend Happy Colour App to a friend or relative? No. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like colouring in and think they’re cool, but the only times I really ever see it being sported is also alongside the types of people that need help.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Happy Colour has 4000 free pictures to colour
  • Free app download
  • A vast number of pictures in Library
  • Different categories
  • Share coloured pictures & with friends in video format also
  • Get different bonus pictures for daily completing challenges

What’s not to like

  • Ads can be an issue, but not disturbing.
  • You require a good internet connection.


If I was to compare or give you an alternative, I would need to have some good ratiocination in order to complete my mind step.

I don’t want people to fall down and be marked by the coming one.

If you want to keep colouring in, then try this list, but only if you have in mind to also do something bigger and better now as well

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Look, this deal is going nowhere. Look, I am not in any form corresponding with hard or illegitimate ways here, but I don’t think companies who want money should chisel people. I mean, we are human, but this is deception. The money intake is from the beginning, it isn’t just this, the people from within is already on the path to dire circumstances.

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