Hagen Sinclair: Donate To Charity or Cash Paid To Bank Account? (Scam or Legit?)

Hagen Sinclair Review

There are tons of opportunities online for anyone to make cash, but I know that you probably don’t know how or where you can go to get started with exactly what I’m talking about. I know exactly what you are thinking when I mention making money online, How? That is the reason why you are reading this review because it is the way to making something online.

The simple fact that you are here and searching for a way to make money online is the only thing you need to get set up in fully running your own online business and making millions of dollars online.

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The way this works is with a website that gets content produced and published to it. Whoever sports the website is the owner, and they are the ones who write the review. With a piece of content written, you are able to add your referral links into that content and publish it to the 57% of the world’s population that searches online for products and services. It is so easy to make so much money off this regime. It’s called affiliate marketing.

The thing is, people don’t know about his as much as you’d think. The fact is that there’s only one online training that fully equips you in building your website, adding the very first pages and then writing your first review. Usually your first review is on the product or service that you want to promote, and in this case the Survey Website here is called Hagen Sinclair Survey Panel.

I’m explaining this because I have researched the survey space and found so many members not using the profitability of referring prospect people to the survey site that they are using. I think they are just using the site to complete tasks and that is all. That is wasting a ton of money, and I am here to show you how to capture that net income and stop from wasting it.

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Product Name: Hagen Sinclair

Website: Hagensinclair.com

Owner: Hagen/Sinclair Research Recruiting Inc

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 74/100

What Is Hagen Sinclair?

Hagensinclair.com is a market Research company that was formed way back in 2001 so with such an early start, they truly are among the pioneers in market research. I think that when panels behold many years to their creation, it makes them among some of the brands you can trust and better yet sign up to. They’ve recruited thousands of US participants for market research interviews and focus groups, both in person and online.

Operated out of Chico, California Hagen Sinclair is just near Sacramento.

The Hagen Sinclair company is controlled by Hagen/Sinclair Research Recruiting Inc, and their contact email is hagenc@hagensinclair.com. This means support is available to you.

Hagen Sinclair is both member of Insights Association and Better Business Bureau.

Hagen Sinclair benefit two sides of the table for market research and that is by getting businesses to connect when they have products that they need checking up on and then there’s the people who want to give them the answers that they need. Whether you have a means to make money online or you want to get insights into how your business is running, Hagen Sinclair is one that could potentially help you out.

Eligibility: United States only, 18+.

I mean, if you’re still here and are still interested in making real money, you should look listen and learn. You’re right there now just read: My Online Biz: $85.5K THANKS WA! Lessons Learned In 2019 and simply copy what these people are doing.

How Does Hagen Sinclair Work?

As with all market research survey websites, when you are happy with the choice you’ve made, you first need to create an account and this requires your name and email. Once you have added both these details, you can then move forward with earning money. The other element to setting up your profile base is demographics. This is when you tell the panel what you like and what about. This is something where you want to say more but then when the time comes for you to receive the survey you have to know the answer, so there’s really no point in saying more than what you truly know. Make your demographic broad and that way you’ll have a good success rate.

There are opportunities for both professional and consumer demographics. A variety of topics are offered, covering anything from technology, finance, cars, lifestyles to medicine.

Hagen Sinclair includes a variety of studies available which include: in-person interviews, telephone interviews, focus groups, online/mobile studies. Also, bulletin board chats, blogs, texting studies, webcam interviews, and other types of invitations such as, shopalongs and studies that focus on studying subjects in their natural habitat.

Hagen Sinclair Incentives changes according to the project, but can range from $45 to $500+. Hagen Sinclair Payments to their members depends on the time spent on each project and level of expertise associated with the tasks. You will always know upfront what you will receive for taking part in a study.

The following list is an overview of inside incentives:

  • Check
  • Gift cards/certificates
  • Visa or American Express cash cards
  • Charitable donations

There is a lot of what goes into a member receiving invitations. What a participant at the Hagen Sinclair receives will vary and depend on where you live, as most in-person studies are conducted in larger cities. Online and phone-based studies can be done from anywhere, and this means mobile location on whichever area you best fit. Expect project invitations to range between a few invites a month to several a year.

Hagen Sinclair posts many of their research opportunities on Facebook. Take advantage of these opportunities right when they are advertised.

Now, just log into your Hagen Sinclair account to hit preferences and make some money.


Payments offered: Cash paid via check, Prepaid debit or credit cards, Retail e-vouchers, and Donations to charity.

How to participate: Online surveys, Online focus groups, In-person focus groups, Mobile surveys, Mystery shopping, Video surveys, and Telephone surveys.

Redeeming Your Salary: The good thing about Hagen Sinclair is there is No points system. Incentives change according to the project, but can range from $45 to $500+ and can be in the form of check, gift cards, Visa or American Express cash cards, gift certificates and/or charitable donations after the study has been completed.

Similar Panels: Branded Surveys, Panel Champ, Pinecone Research, YouGov

Hagen Sinclair is on Facebook, which gives you access to them for support.

Only residents in United States can join, and be over 18.

Compensation: Incentives change according to the project, but can range from $45 to $500+

Types of Studies: There are a variety of studies available which include: in-person interviews, telephone interviews, focus groups, online/mobile studies. Also, bulletin board chats, blogs, texting studies, webcam interviews and other types of invitations such as, shopalongs and studies that focus on studying subjects in their natural habitat.

Topics Covered: A variety of topics are offered, covering anything from technology, finance, cars, lifestyles to medicine.


Is Product Hagen Sinclair safe? What makes Hagen Sinclair a safe place to enjoy is the fact that they’re on the BBB platform, sporting an A- and Accredited Company through the organisation.

Does Hagen Sinclair have payment proof? For me, it was hard finding payment proof, but that could be just because no one wanted to show any. You may find some elsewhere after searching, feel free to comment below.

Is it easy to cash out? Cashing is made straight into your bank or gift cards, which are the easiest ways. There is checking account as well.

Is Hagen Sinclair a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Taking surveys online is an honest way to earn money, but it doesn’t pay that much.

Does Hagen Sinclair have any bad reviews? Not really. If any, people ask the question if they’re really worth it. They’re only for US residents….

Does Hagen Sinclair have an app? No. They don’t.

Would you recommend Hagen Sinclair to a friend or relative? No. I don’t like recommending survey sites because I am focusing on my own strategies, which I also recommend to others (affiliate marketing).

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Hagen Sinclair sports great rewards to their members
  • They have a variety of opportunities
  • There is no payout threshold that you need to meet to get your salary

What’s not to like

  • After doing some research, I found that Hagen Sinclair offers low frequencies on offers for jobs
  • They don’t have a great way to receive support


Because surveys are such low paying opportunities for people to earn money, I don’t like to recommend them. But there is still many things to learn when taking an online survey. So, if you’re taking them, then you’re inclined to re gain experience from that and enter into something different as time continues.

Check out a post about surveys below and if that isn’t enough then try the offer below that –


Now that we have been through everything that Product Hagen Sinclair has to offer, do you think it is a scam or legit?

Because Hagen Sinclair is only situated for people living within the US it ain’t helpful enough. The owner must enjoy researching United States a lot!

If this has bothered you, you are not to be blamed. I actually take the time to congratulate you on doing your dues and researching before handling anything from online first.

I have finished reviewing the Hagen Sinclair Panel, and they are as expected good to go, and I highly recommend standing up to this company and getting involved. Once you do, you can then look at starting a referral-based home business in an attempt to categorise the way you do both surveys and get clients.

My strategy has a few simple steps –

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media follows or LIkes.

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