Growth Cave Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

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Today is the best time to get started with your own online business. Since the launch of the internet we now have a magnitude of ways we can learn by using any of the large search engines we have created.

As time continues to roll on technology will expand, and for those who are not aware, this is making ways where people can earn money simply from their website.

You just need to write content and publish it to your site and this will bring you in free traffic. This is called blogging and is the most powerful way to start an online business.

There is also PPC which stands for Pay Per Click and a lot of businesses out there could do with a little more clientele. If you can create an ad for a company and generate them more leads you’ll be making money that way as well and this is what Growth Cave teaches its members.

You’ll find out more during this Growth Cave Review.

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What is Growth Cave?

Growth Cave is a product created by Lucas Lee Tyson that is designed to help your clients get more leads. This is a kind of new industry that is coming forth for training purposes. I suppose the idea has been around since online advertising has been, but the training aspect is getting more common now from what I have noticed.

Founder: Lucas Lee-Tyson

I mean, if you decide you want to start the Growth Cave Training Program you’ll be building a business that’s designed to help other companies get more clients.

After I did some more research online, I read that Lucas is inside he’s training foretelling members about a platform that he uses called ClientBolt. This platform allows you to type in a niche topic and area code and it will spit back out all the companies in that area for that keyword.

So, all in all, it makes it easier to find clients you can then cold call. If you land a business that says yes to your option trot you’ll be able to charge that company for your ad services and labor hire fee.

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How does Growth Cave work?

First, you’ll need to get an account set up. You can start this by heading towards their website and hitting the “Get Free Training” button which allows you to enter the training for free and seeing what’s its like.

Now, I have done a lot of research on the Growth Cave Training Program but did not buy it because I already have a real online business. I am not saying not to buy it because at the time I wish I did!

However, the training is basically showing you how to run Facebook ads for both yourself and different businesses ranging from different categories around the world.

What makes the Growth Cave training so unique is it helping businesses to learn the news avenues we now face when it comes to internet marketing. Our old ways were to use both billboards and newspapers to get more leads but that is all basically being abolished because the use of social media is so powerful. When you see how many clients/new leads you can get with targeted ads, you’ll see the potential for targeting struggling companies regain exposure.

Key features

  • Cost/Price Tag: $1,497
  • Payment/Payout Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
  • Affiliate Program: Not as of yet.

What you get:

  • Consultations
  • 6-moduled course
  • Templates
  • Funnels
  • Landing pages
  • ClientBolt software package
  • Private Facebook group
  • 1-on-1 tutoring via Facebook
  • Biweekly Q&A calls
  • Community Size: 2,718+

Do you think this is something you wish to try out? Maybe you have been running ads yourself but did not think of this training regime? This training will probably be what you need if you want to expand your online business.

But for those who have a free path outlet aiming right now and want to know the best way to go, I recommend taking this training: 1 Year of Hard Work! From $39-month to $2,233 month! As it shows you how to build something that is real, stable, and long-lasting!


Now that I have fully finished my Growth Cave Review I can now fully conclude that Growth Cave is very legitimate.

The training is good to go, but what is better is the whole idea! I mean, its so true, just imagine how many companies are out there that have not had time to reassess the internet for new clientele? I mean, I wish I did this from the start. I just want money. If you want to know what I do then keep on reading below.

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What I personally recommend

Blogging is where a person will build a website and write content based on a certain niche and publish content to their website. This content can be based on anything, you just have to be able to use a computer.

If you can use a computer and want my advice on what to do when thinking about a new path to take, I do suggest taking blogging. It gives you a website that is potentially worth thousands once it is built.

Building a website is mainly based on publishing quality content.

You can see why I think this way is the best, but I don’t doubt the others!

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Growth Cave Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in creating PPC Ads from home? Have you tried Growth Cave before?

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