GreenPanthera Review: My Humble Opinion

In order to create a significant income online, there’s elements to each opportunity that you need to understand. I have been working online writing reviews, trying to help people better themselves for this grand shot. 

For you to work out if GreenPanthera is something that you like, I’ve listed what it offers throughout this review. 

There’s actually not much point in doing something that you don’t want to do. 

From the first point of call, the GreenPanthera website looks legit and has relevant information on its website, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You can get scammed doing these opportunities.

There are lots of helpful review websites in Google for prospects to use to help them find out more about a money site, but these are limited. It’s best if you actually read through a blog website because you can connect with somebody personally and have that extra help. 

Don’t be too scared to seek help online because if you do, you’ll be able to better your chances at earning currency from your computer.

Product Name: GreenPanthera


Download: Website version only

Owner: Unknown.

Price: Free to join

Earnings: $0.70 per survey averaging

Overall Rating: 64/100

What Is GreenPanthera?

GreenPanthera is a GPT site that offers online surveys, online offers and online shopping for their members to earn a bit of extra income. 

The GreenPanthera platform actually has a lot of relevant information, and this is what you need if you want to use a platform that is safe. 

On the GreenPanthera homepage it offers how you can get started, what categories it works with, and what brands you can be paid via.

If you want to receive email updates, that is also possible by entering your email address on the website.

I generally like seeing social media because when they show this, it means you can access their community and engage. However, there is no visible social media on their website.

How Does GreenPanthera Work?

To get started with GreenPanthera you just need a computer and internet connection. You can then join using both your name and email address. 

It doesn’t offer an app; however, you can still use it on mobile just by using the browser. I sometimes think that apps don’t even really help. You can in most circumstances still access the website via mobile phone. 

There’s also not a lot on who is behind this platform, and I know these words speaks volumes. You’ll still be assured by reading this review of its safety.

On the homepage it clearly states in the top menu Home, Shops, coupons, earn money, how it works, contact us. Use these menu items to do your own research as well.

Now, let’s see what they offer for you to earn cash.

How To Earn From GreenPanthera

#1Cash Back Program

Members can hit the “shop’s” menu button and start purchasing products from their selected stores. In turn, GreenPanthera gives you cash back, so in a way, you are saving money on everything that you buy.

Did you know that GreenPanthera is actually affiliated with all these companies? This means they have a referral link themselves. My website is an affiliate website, this is how the internet works, and it’s a better way for you to earn money. Stick around until you see the end of this review or referrals on next sections.

In other words. GreenPanthera is paid by these companies commissions every time Greenpanthera makes a sale. Instead of using Google traffic, it recruits a community. We teach that you should obtain free traffic from Google. You can learn a lot of doing this.

#2Green Panthera surveys

Just like any other online survey that you do, this one is like it. You can be paid to give an opinion on topics that affect the sales of products and services. 

Greenpanthera acts like a middleman between you and the advertisers. Greenpanthera recruits members and then provides them with surveys to complete to earn some extra income. 

Sometimes you get paid more and sometimes less depending on how hard the questions are.


One way to find coupons is to go to the panel’s social media accounts. There are many survey sites that post free coupon vouchers to their Facebook Fan Page for members to earn free points. In this case, I can’t find Greenpanthera on social media. This means that there’s no free coupons. 

I have read on other blogs that the Greenpanthera website says it offers coupons, but these bloggers have not actually found any. 

When I tried clicking on the coupons section on the Greenpanthera website, it just had a blank page.

Greenpanthera has been around for years, so I wouldn’t stress too bad over it. Maybe they post coupons when they actually get them. 

#4Greenpanthera Referrals

This is indeed the best way that you can earn. You need to obtain your referral link that is in your Greenpanthera account. When you find your referral link, you should post it to Facebook or any social media that you have popping and try to get people to join. This will grow your earnings tremendously. Greenpanthera pays 10% commissions on your referrals earnings. So, whatever your referrals earnings, Greenpanthera will match 10% of it and pay you.

You can learn how to get referrals by building your own website and adding your Greenpanthera referral link to your review. If you want a successful future, this is what I recommend you do. You can find out more and get help by using this training.

Payment Method and Minimum Payout

Greenpanthera is not going to pay you much, even though they probably make millions doing this. There are plenty GPT sites out there who pays members thousands in sweepstakes every month, proving that these companies do make a lot of money. 

If you want to make more than them, you need to do what they are doing and built your own website

Each time you complete a task via Greenpanthera you earn PayPal cash. This is the best thing about them. There’s no points, and you don’t have minimal options to be paid. PayPal cash is the best in all circumstances.

Surveys pay around $0.75 – $1.00 and take around 15 minutes to complete. However, you can’t withdraw your earnings until you earn $30 which is very high. I don’t know how you are expected to earn all this in time to call the platform worthy.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

Has PayPal
Has a east to use website

What’s not to like –

No app
High payment threshold
No coupons
No social media


To determine, what you need to do to find out if something is legit or not is search for the platform & review in Google. This will give you a list of results that you can use to determine whether a site is worth it or not.

When I searched Greenpanthera in Google, I found numerous reviews which I can use to make a helpful opinion about the website. 

What I would like to refer to first is the Trustpilot website, a popular review website that holds all opinions from people who use the platform. Greenpanthera actually has 1.9 stars out of 208 reviews. This looks like the site is not worth it. 

I also can’t find a Facebook Fan Page for them, so this is not helpful either. This, to me, states that Greenpanthera is actually very lazy and does not want to be looked at like a good site to make money.

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You should also try affiliate marketing. There are countless reviews on this topic in Google and you might have noticed during the Greenpanthera review it offers this for an earning method where the members are spamming Facebook with their referrals links?

You see, many of these GPT sites tell you to post your referral link to Facebook, but Facebook actually bans those links if they are posted too many times. This lowers your earnings and can destroy your link. 

Instead, you should learn how to build a passive income website. This will teach you how to write a review and post your link inside your own website.

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