Grant Cardone University Review: Is This The Real Deal?

Grant Cardone University is high end because of the years Grant has orchestrated himself but is it blogging? Blogging is what everyone has to learn about and Affiliate Training Now offers the best you can get for learning

Most people and out-to-be online entrepreneurs are probably reading this because they are seeking to find whatever they can when it comes to earning money online.

Well, if you ask me, how hard can it be to put together a simple funnel and direct an ad to it? At the end of the day this is all it comes down to. The hard part of online marketing is trying to find what ads get what clients! I think it is important re gaining a common understanding for this and keeping this knowledge somewhere safe and secure.

But for those who don’t have the time to start learning everything that comes with online marketing, I suggest starting blogging. This is kind of the same as The Cardone University except you’re getting free traffic by writing simple reviews.

Just take a look at some of the success with this post: Half Year Update: $9K 2018 vs $23.6K 2019. This is the type of skill set you want when taking part in online training! If you start now I’ll coach you along the way for free!

But for those who wish to start the Grant Cardone University Training Program, then kindly keep reading!

Grant Cardone University Review: Is This The Real Deal?
  • Product Name: Cardone University
  • Website:
  • Owner: Grant Cardone
  • Price: Free or Cardone University Individual is $99 per month
  • Overall Rating: 76/100

What is Grant Cardone University?

The Grant Cardone University is an online training and coaching system that was developed by a very high-grade online marketer named Grant Cardone. Cardone University was established back in 2010 and sports over 1500 segments of video content where Grant himself describes just about everything there is to know or understand about marketing online.

What sparks Grant and he’s passion to teach people what he knows and understands about marketing online comes from when he was living at home. After doing some research, I read that Grant had a poor upbringing where him and he’s family lived from pay check to paycheck. By the time Grant had turned 9 years old, he’s Father had made it to middle-class family and bought their dream home. He then died 18 months later. Within one month of Grants Father dying he’s Mother sold their family house due to stress and they lived off the money. You can imagine what happened later.

Grant Cardone University Review: Is This The Real Deal?

Grant ended up taking drugs and not liking sales during he’s twenties. It was when he nearly died from a drug overdose that he turned back to marketing after a brief stint in selling cars and built a business like so many others online. Today he’s company has the yearly potential to pull in over $1 billion in sales each year. For those who don’t know

To find out more on how he’s coaching and training can benefit you just keep reading below.

For those who don’t have the money to spend on Paid Advertising I suggest learning how to build your own online business in blogging. This is the path to real success and doesn’t rely on a landing page and paid ads. The training is here: $3,944.63 From “Dead” Site 1 Sale, and by joining this my coaching is free!

How does Grant Cardone University work?

For those who wish to learn online marketing you just have to go over to the Grant Cardone University website where you can see what it is all about and learn about everything there.

So what does Grant Cardone sell? The Grant Cardone Sales Training is targeted at people who want to learn sales. In total, there are over 800 Business Courses, access to a private community, live weekly Q&A, Exclusive content and discounts on products and services, and Certificates of Completion on each course.

Lets start of the Grant Cardone University cost because this is what most people need to know first. On the Cardone University website it is saying you can start for free by filling in the registry form and creating your account. Once you have that done, you’ll be able to login and get some help for free. To actually take off with boots flying you’ll soon find that after finishing the free stuff you’ll be hit with both up sells or a monthly subscription fee of $99 per month.

To receive the Cardone University Certification, you’ll need to finish the training which includes:

  • Sales fundamentals
  • Understanding Buyer Psychology
  • The Perfect Sales System
  • Perfecting customer retention and conversion
  • 101 Ways to Stay Motivated
  • 64 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Mastering the Close
  • Advanced Sales and Negotiation
  • Mastering the Cold Call
  • Professional Prospecting
  • Internet Lead Response Strategies
  • and so much more!

There is also Grant Cardone University Affiliate Option and this is for people who want to sell he’s training to their audiences. You can apply for the link and upload it to your Facebook and tell anyone who sees it that when they purchase through you, you earn a commission. This is called affiliate marketing and it is in the sales industry. However, to make big sales, you need to know how to market and it is easy.

For this review I think I have covered enough for you to see and learn enough about marketing with Grant. Take a wise step and look at two options before you settle with the Grant Cardone University because people pay thousands all the time and don’t get nothing back.

Yes, this is an easy industry to get into but you have to know and follow the true path and not think mopped sided. Start first by checking what I have to offer before you step foot into anything else: First $500-day


To get straight to the point, Grant is a person who has built a lot of wealth by seeing a passion and sticking to it. For Grant, it was always about the money and nothing else mattered to him. I mean, in life, when you have money, people think you’re cool and this is what he wanted. You can see that by how productive he’s courses and websites are.

The Grant Cardone University Training Sales course is one of a kind and legitimately worth it!

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What I personally recommend

For all people who wish to start earning money by using a computer you’ll need training or some form or learning. You just have to see what types of methods are being used to make money online.

For me it was simple. I just typed in the words “How to make money online” and I went into a training that taught me how to build a website and create my own brand. This is something that is for real and not going away and if you want true online success, then the first thing you have to learn is how to publish quality content.

If you think you can put in work and publish real content then you have a serious chance of making real money.

Check this article out and then create your free account when finished: Month 7 – $4550!

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in affiliate marketing or sales? Have you tried Grant Cardone University before?

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