GPTbee: Make Money Fast GPT Sites (Scam or Legit?)

GPTbee Review

Have you ever thought about how to get paid to write reviews for movies? I know, this sounds weird for starting on a GPT site review, but seriously, I got to put it forward to you. 

My GPTBee Review will show you how to make an income by doing certain tasks, but this has all been a big misconception!

I remember, back when I first started, I liked filling out surveys because I thought I was “helping”. But when you earn money online and get a bit filthy, you start to realize what is going on. These men (founders) behind the GPT sites are not doing this for you, like they make out! They earn big money and only pay you a few cents for adding your opinion. 

I write reviews all day long and can’t believe what I am waking up to. 

You should have money pouring out your ears because of Google and what it offers. 

GPTbee: Make Money Fast GPT Sites (Scam or Legit?)

Have a look at Little Mamma, $1400+ in one day after finishing the training. Do you believe that there is a difference between $0.40 for a task from GPTBee and $1400+ in one day from Wealthy Affiliate?

Look, I tried my best to show you what I am seeing and hope you join me. 

Knowledge and freedom, you will receive, if you want it. You are at the right site. Working from a laptop is everything these days, and it is up to you to get woke.

Product Name:  GPTbee


Download: Website version only.

Owner: Saikumar Jalla

Price: Free

Earnings: $0.40 per task

Overall Rating: 17/100

What Is GPTbee?

GPTbee is a top get paid to site (GPT) that has a number of good features, and has been in operation since 2014.

The product actually comes out of India, and the company that formed GPTbee is also behind ThinkOpinion (another best free survey site).

From what I gathered online, the founder of GPTBee is Saikumar Jalla, an Indian Entrepreneur.

GPTbee: Make Money Fast GPT Sites (Scam or Legit?)

So, yeah, GPTBee comes out of India but is available globally, which we’ll discuss more on soon.

GPTBee doesn’t have an app, but does have good reviews everywhere online. It also has a YouTube video for newbies to watch if they have never done this before.

How Does GPTbee Work?

To get started with GPTbee, you just need a computer or Android mobile (Also works with Apple). You’ll need to sign up and login once you have added your email and name.

As mentioned, it is available in all countries, which is good. The better online survey jobs will come out of countries such as India, USA, Canada, Thailand, France, Brazil, Italy, Finland, China, Germany, Australia, France, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Denmark.

It offers paid surveys, paid to sign up, paid to click (click ads), offer walls, invite friends to join, and GPTbee promo codes.

Teach me how to make money online - Wealthy Affiliate
Paid Membership (Please Join)

If you really want to make money with GPTbee, you will look into how the referral program works. This is when you invite someone and get paid for it. You will earn 15% commissions for your level 1 referrals and 5% for level 2 referrals. A level 2 referral is your level 1 referrals invite (easy way to think of it). When you do this right, you sit back and earn rewards all day without having to complete any such tasks. I’ll show you this in a better way soon.

Just remember that the currency used on GPTbee is called Honey Points. 1 Honey Point is equivalent to $0.01. This will help you work out your earnings moving forward.


Ways To Earn –

  • Paid surveys
  • Paid to sign up
  • Paid to click (click ads)
  • Offer walls
  • Invite friends to join
  • GPTbee promo codes.

Payments –

  • PayPal – Minimum is $3
  • Amazon – Minimum is $5
  • Skrill – Minimum is $10
  • PayTM
  • Flipkart gift cards
  • Bank Transfer (Indian members)

Community –

  • Website
  • Payment proofs
  • Latest news
  • FAQs

Key Benefits –

  • You are searching for real home working jobs, but this isn’t it. There are no real benefits for making somebody else money.


Is GPTbee safe? Yes. There’s no doubt GPTbee is safe to use. The GPTbee reviews I read all stated it was legit as well.

Does GPTbee have payment proof? Yes. There is a short GPTbee review over on that shows real proof of earnings. There’s also a link on the GPTbee com website showing a list of people that have been paid.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. When you reach the earning threshold, you can withdraw to PayPal. WWW GPTBee com makes this very clear also.

Is GPTbee a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. There are internet marketers who need consumer feedback and this can be obtained through GPT sites such as GPTbee. If you are a business and would like a consumer research report, this is how you would do it.

What is a get paid to site? A Get Paid To Site (GPT) is a middleman for consumer research. When a company needs feedback on what they are creating, they will pay GPT sites such as GPTbee for those opinions. However, teaching you how to build a business without money. You are far better off with building your own internet business.

Does GPTbee have support? Yes. There is a GPTbee Customer Service link on the website. When searching best hobbies earn money, it is important that the obligation does have good support. Top get paid to sites will always have good support and customer service.

GPTbee: Make Money Fast GPT Sites (Scam or Legit?)

Does GPTbee have any bad reviews? No. All the reviews I read spoke of a good report regarding GPTBee. But just because it has a good review doesn’t mean it is right for you. While searching how to build a website from home, you can get to better understand what the entrepreneurs do.

Does GPTbee have an app? No. GPTBee only has a website. While wondering can I earn extra income from home, it’s better when the option offers an app. But, again, this isn’t as good as running your own online business from home.

Would you recommend GPTbee to a friend or relative? No. Can you change thinking tactics from here? If so, you can learn how to build a business using computerized tools. This makes it easy to make a decent income online.

How to get GPTBee Referrals

GPTbee is offering payments to people who can get them more members. Does this sound like something you are interested in doing? If yes, then great you’ll make good money online soon, but if you said no, you should really start investing is changing old thinking habits for new ones. This internet thing is here to stay and ain’t going away, so I suggest you look into it the right way.

To get more members to join GPTBee, you need a website.

Follow these steps to start earning –

1) Login To
2) Find your referral link in your dash area
3) Build a free website at Wealthy Affiliate
4) Write and publish a GPTbee Review
5) Add your GPTbee affiliate link to your review

Now, ask yourself now, can I earn extra money working home? Yes. Now you know you can. This is the steps I took back in 2018 and now have this wonderful online business. All I have to do is wake up in the morning and write a review, and this pays me each and every month. Do you want to get paid to write book reviews for Amazon? Writing is everything when it comes to earning money online!

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • 0.25$ sign up bonus
  • Well-designed and fast website
  • Offered on Apple and Android mobile

What’s not to like –

  • Low earning opportunity
  • Doesn’t show good support
  • You will not get rich quick of this method
  • Helping grow somebody else’s business
  • Doesn’t show you how to start a business of your own


You need to ask yourself: can you get paid to write a blog online? I am telling you, this is where it’s at and if you are reading this you probably have no idea about what I am talking about.

There is a brand-new software out called Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress, and these two platforms make it easy for you to write a review and publish it to Google without having any experience. 

Do you know all those YouTube videos, how the owners of the channels make millions from that? This is exactly the same except we use Google, Not YouTube. 

I honestly want you to read, Jewel Carol made $20K with one sale because of what she learned using my instructions.

Or if you just want to how to earn money with online sites, then I found – 5 GPT Sites That Pay: How To Use Them & Maximize Earnings.

How to build an online business, no money, is so important these days! Let’s Go


Now that we have been through some/if not all of what GPTbee has to share, what resonates with you? Is GPTbee a scam or legit? 

Since writing about GPTbee, I have been able to learn more about the business. 

If you want to make money online, I don’t recommend you take this option.

After giving you everything I researched, I hope you can find what you’re looking for.

I am an advocate for the work from home lifestyle, if you want to learn more about this, keep reading.

What I recommend – How To Earn A Full-Time Income From Home

Working from home is so crucial right now! You don’t want to be working away while people are getting paid to work from home using their own business model.

Do you have hobbies? You can make money with your hobbies!

Even if you don’t have any hobbies, this training is built so that you can promote it using the work from home business model.

I mean, getting paid to write content from home, who would have thought!

Here is the steps to get started with your own online business today –

  1. Choose an interest 
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
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