Google Is The Biggest Search Engine Online And Produces The Best Products Anyone Could Ever Ask For But Is Google Opinion Rewards Legit or a Scam?

Google Opinion Rewards Review

This is my Google Rewards App Review. Find out if Google Rewards App is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. How many new ways are there popping up online? Ever since I started my own website I have noticed at least another 3 ways not including the usual ways. For those of you who don’t know what the usual ways are to make money online they are affiliate marketing, drop shipping, buying, and selling on eBay, and Multilevel marketing. Now to be frank, all those ways cost money to do and get set up, most people will need money. The reason why I say most is because I didn’t choose the option that requires money to start which is affiliate marketing. Even with becoming an affiliate you need the right training if you want to make it to the top in a quicker time with less downtime.

But, what I’ve noticed is that survey takers are actually the ones who are more likely to become an affiliate. Over the course of my sector, I have often seen successful affiliates talk about how they originally came from trying out surveys to make some extra cash online. This is only one of the reasons why I am valuing in on them so much, the other reason is because they do a lot of training to do what they do.

If you were to look at society you would probably see that not many people actually know about the internet, and this is the case for so many brick and mortar businesses out there today. To be honest, one of the trainings I have is actually on selling Google Maps to those businesses, businesses that don’t know how to use the internet and still rely on people walking into their shops. You can very easily make ads and sell them to those companies and just make money. But again, doing it by yourself with no coach will probably mean a lot of risk or overhead.

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What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards App is a free app and website that anyone can download or search for to start making some extra cash taking surveys. Google Opinion Rewards was developed by Google, that is probably one of the most searched-survey rewards sites online. Google Opinion Rewards was created sometime in early 2017. All answers from the survey takers are kept completely anonymous and confidential.

Another element I always like to look at when checking online ways to make money is whether or not the company at hand also boasts their own Facebook Fan Page and this can be a real game changer with many aspects. But because this is Google we’re already talking about I already can say that they’re legitimate and have everything they need to get going nicely

Eligibility: 18+, Available in Denmark, Brazil, France, Germany, United States, Sweden, Singapore, etc.

But don’t get to caught up in what Google Opinions will give you because it is not much (nothing special). Instead focus on where the real money comes from by reading this post: My First $30,000 Month – Well Almost $29,330.68 To Be Exact

How does Google Opinion Rewards work?

It is a common element that comes into one when somebody finds a survey platform that they want to earn money from. The first thing that a prospect will have to do to cohort with the following system that they find is create their account. To create an account with Google Opinion Rewards you will first need both your name and email address, fill them in and jump straight back over to your email inbox to check for the verification link that Google Opinion Rewards would have sent to you. Once your account is created, it will then be perfect for you to move on to filling out the rest of your profile membership in which case can offer many extra bonuses.

To start doing surveys both Android and iOs members can use their devices even though you may think it is only for Android users. However, if you’re using an Apple device, you will not be able to earn Google Play credits.

To start earning Google Play Credits you will have to link your PayPal account to your Google Opinion Rewards account which I’ll explain next.

Most people already have a Google Account. During the setup process, members should associate their Google payment profile with their Google Opinion Rewards profile so that Google can apply Google Play credits to their account. Once you go through the introductory survey based on demographic questions and go through a survey tutorial, you will receive notification for your first paid survey. Upon completion, you will be directed to a confirmation page confirming the credit applied to your Google payment profile. That’s all the difference between both Android and iOs users and getting earning.

Google Opinion Rewards sends their members a survey, they will be notified by phone since you are using an app.

If you’re wondering how many surveys you will get the availability depends on how much you use the app and what your history and location have to say. In most cases you will probably earn 2-3 surveys per week if not more. One major caveat is that you are required to finish a survey within 24 hours after getting a notification. If you don’t take the survey within this time, it will expire, and you wouldn’t be able to take the survey. Therefore, you should take the surveys immediately once you get the notification.

Apart from participating in surveys, you can also send feedback about the app or a certain survey. On the upper left of the app’s homepage, tap on the menu button then click ‘Feedback.’ Google considers this feedback when making changes and improvements to the app. Even though you may not receive a response for every feedback you send, you are encouraged to include any issue or request new features. However, it is also important to note you cannot use this method to request additional surveys.


Now that I have fully finished the Google Opinion Rewards Review I can fully conclude that they’re a legitimate app and we already know how legitimate Google so it is probably a little pointless saying that. However, they do not have a referral program so for this it means a lot of us will not be able to earn as much with our online businesses. However, there are still many more survey sites out there

Pros And Cons About Google Opinion Rewards


  • Google Opinion Rewards is Free to join
  • Google Opinion Rewards is also Available in numerous countries
  • The Google Opinion Rewards App and website are both Easy to use
  • Google Opinion Rewards also boasts Random and short surveys
  • Google Opinion Rewards is Available on both iOS and Android devices
  • Google Opinion Rewards Does not involve pre-qualification questions


  • There is No referral program
  • Google Opinion Rewards also has Fewer surveys available
  • Google Opinion Rewards Surveys expires after 24 hours, which I think is a little short.

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