Global Test Market Review: Scam or Legit Surveys?

Global Test Market Review

There are so many reasons to want to make money online and dive deeper into the online referral marketing regime as it isn’t only fun, there are tons more reasons, how about because it is the leading industry to be in, think about being out with Friends or Family and having them ask: What do you do with yourself, or what did you get up to today? With an Affiliate lifestyle you are always able to tell others how to make money online. But of course you need the best Affiliate Marketing Training School to do so in order to learn (if you are new). This Global Test Market Review isn’t just about telling you how good or bad Global Test Market is-no way. For I can tell you that very easily but I have a whole business to run, and prospect readers who are interested in the Make money Online Niche Space (MMO niche topics) are probably after this exact information within their own online journey.

There are a serious point as well about why you whoever is reading this Global Test Market Review is Regarded as somebody perfect for this movement, and that is because you have the perfect knowledge to move forward and start expanding your journey.

There are two ways that online marketing works and they are either with Paid Ads (PPC) or Blog Page Website. When you have a Website, you don’t have to pay for Facebook Ads because people search for your content. For Drop Shipping which is what many people start doing when entering this space- they have to pay for Ads. They have nothing to show for themselves if that business doesn’t have Paid Advertising.

Affiliate Marketing is Very Different.

If you are keen on learning how to build an online business and be rewarded every month with Passive Income follow me. But if you are happy finishing the tasks at Survey Sites like Global Test Market then that is fine as well, you’ll just be neglecting their referral offers. That is another huge reason to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review so that you can learn how to promote Survey and GPT Site platforms since you receive a unique affiliate link each time you sign up to one of their Survey or GPT Sites.

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What is Global Test Market? is online opportunities platform that allows their members to work both Surveys and Product Testing Tasks in order to earn an extra side Salary. Founded in 1999, Global Test Market is an online survey panel owned by Lightspeed Research, a Kantar groups company. Global Test Market is one of the world’s leading providers of market research and serves clients in more than 60 countries worldwide. You may not have been notified in a helpful way when this happened but Global Test Market got shut down in 2019 by their parent company Lightspeed. When they did this they performed a transfer of all their existing members over to LifePoints. This whole constructure was only for certain countries. But when they did this there were lots of Comments left on external Review Sites by existing members telling how they got their profiles taken down without being able to get back in (and receive their earnings). When I read some of these comments it immediately struck a chord within me that I recognize. Selfish “Up-Top” bosses not “Really” caring about others and just leaving things how it is.

Then, in June of 2019 (Same Year) Global Test Market was fully shut down in all countries and all their members directly transferred to LifePoints. Today, when you click their website Address URL you are redirected to LifePoints and that all works well.

Global Test Market allows users to register from 200 different countries as it works in partnership with almost 15 hundred companies from more than 60 countries. According to their statistics, Global Test Market has more than 5.5 million active registered users, a number that is still on the rise. Global Test Market rewarded their panelists more than $30 million USD in 2016 alone!. As a member of Global Test Market members can earn points for completing survey along with tons of other opportunities. For completing Global Test Market Tasks members are Rewarded in correlation with over 200 partners and can request cash via PayPal, or donate your points to charity.

Eligibility: Residents worldwide, age 14+.

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How does Global Test Market work?

Sign Up is free. As with all Survey Opportunities, when you find a platform that you’re interested in you need to create an account with both your name and email and when this is done you need to bump back to your email inbox to click the link Global Test Market Sends you. This then tells the platform in contact that you rock a legitimate email in which they can send you opportunities so you can start earning more.

Many of Global Test Market surveys ask you opinions on movies, restaurants, automobiles, consumer products, current events, and a variety of other interesting and fun topics. You can expect to earn between 35-250 LifePoints based on the level of complexity or urgency of the survey. Even if you do not qualify for the survey, you may still receive 5 LifePoints. If you are on the move members can download the LifePoints app to begin taking surveys on the go. In addition to the great selection of rewards, Global Test Market allows members the option to give back to your community! UNICEF charity donations can be redeemed with collected LifePoints. Rewards usually take about 4-6 weeks to arrive if you are in the United States and 6-8 weeks for international panel members. Once you get the option up and running you can get into a great routine with this payment system, but what I want to mention next is where the money is.

Refer your friends: Referring members to This Panel is different, they way you do it is by entering (whoever you are bringing in) your new referrals email address as you sign in to your own account. As they fill out at least 2 surveys, you start earning Points. This is how every Survey Taker should have their company set up. If you’re reading this, are you aware that you’re meant to have a company website so that you can blog information about the referral link that you’re offering? It is a bit hard to offer a link with no Survey Review. You can start your company website now and I will coach you as you move forward and it is free to start.


Global Test Market Survey Opportunity is a very legitimate platform for people or prospect members to start earning money and rewards. But again all survey Takers must own their own company website to make the most of all their opportunities and this is something that doesn’t take long to set up.

When you learn skills that make money it doesn’t take much longer to reach your goals.

Pros And Cons About Global Test Market


  • It is Free to Join
  • Prospects as Young as 14 can join
  • Global Test Market gives quick payments and even offer PayPal
  • Global Test Market Platform is easy to understand


  • Not qualifying for all surveys, even when you sit there filling out the initial Screen Survey
  • Global Test Market has a high threshold before members can cash out their earnings which is $50 or 1200 points
  • Payment Processing time is 4 to 6 weeks
  • Global Test Market will suspend your account if you are caught giving false information

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