Gigwalk: Complete Micro-Jobs In Your Area (Scam or Legit?)

Gigwalk Review

This is my Gigwalk Review. Find out if Gigwalk is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. People are always searching for ways to make money online, but unless you had always felt like someone who is basically intuitive and always strive for the best, then it could be unlikely you have found the best ways to make money online. It is always my job to help look at the ways they’re online to make money, and when I do this I write a review which lists the elements of the product I am reviewing and how it will work for you (if it will). But first, I always make mention the way that I make money because I know for a fact that if there are people who are serious then they would want to know no matter what it is. Therefor, here’s my tip. It’s called affiliate marketing, and anyone can jump online and start doing it.

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But what is Gigwalk About, and how can you make money with it? You’ll find out now.

What is Gigwalk?

Gigwalk is a company online that which pays people to perform small tasks based on their location. Depending on whom, your companies or yourself can use the Gigwalk network of over 1.2 million freelancers to identify fix channel execution or earn money. Since you’re on my blog scroll, I’m guessing you’re inquiring on how to make money with this thing.

Retail companies hire Gig Walkers for various jobs. They are as follows:

  • Confirm products are available on the shelves of stores in different locations by taking pictures.
  • Verify that products are displayed correctly.
  • Verify the price of products in stores.
  • Confirm that marketing events are done accurately and on-time.

Gigwalk workers are called gig walkers. was founded back in 2010 by Ariel Seidman, Dave Watanabe, and Matt Crampton. Gigwalk are currently headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. Gigwalk industries include Crowdsourcing Internet Location Based Services Mobile and Retail. Gigwalk top competitor is Handy, led by Oisin Hanrahan, who is their Co-Founder & CEO.

Gigwalk helps businesses collect data and execute tasks at scale. Bring your own team or tap into our network of 1.7 million Gigwalkers.


Don’t keep doing small online jobs that don’t pay much. I understand that there are work types that you can do online that do pay some OK amounts such as translating and what not, but at the end of the day, we try to show people how to work online where they build up passive income by way of recurring. This means that once the job is done, you always keep getting paid for it. Just check out how much people are earning from this: $452 From ONE Platform, ONE Day. YOU can do this too! The latter is a well-known member who built themselves real wealth online and is proclaiming that you can too!

How does Gigwalk work?

To create an account and start making money with this system, you will need to download the Gigwalk app, each from their own perspective. This will include both Android and iOS devices, so nobody misses out. I made mention at this start of this review a little on the tasks you will be doing as per gig walker. These jobs might consist of taking pictures of different businesses, downloading and trying out different apps, and answering consumer research questions. One of the tasks I was so interested in was one of the jobs, which included taking photos of certain places and businesses that were just starting to open up. If you were to take this photo, once that is done you just submit the shot to the Gigwalk app and they will reimburse you for that action. Other examples of small jobs could be things such as mapping companies who are looking for new updates on roads for their maps.

These are all relevant tasks and elements to the way things are evolving online and with apps. You can only take on one gig at a time, and you have eight hours to finish the gigs you take. The more gigs you do, the more street cred you will build up, and this means that you could get access to jobs that pay much more.


Now that I have fully finished this Gigwalk Review, I can fully conclude that this site is legitimate and you will earn some extra side income if you so wish. However, there are much better ways, and I’m not trying to bag this out but I want you to know what the main online income stream is to make so that you can start. Find out by continuing down.

Pros And Cons About Gigwalk


  • Gigwalk Easy to get started and start using the gigwalk app
  • Gigwalk uses PayPal for paying their walkers
  • Gigwalk doesn’t require anyone to understand skill or onsets


  • The task approval process does take a little time to activate
  • Some tasks may take a longer time,
  • There can be followup questions after each task
  • It is Not available in all countries.

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