Gigsmart: Is Gigwork Really For Everyone? (Try This Instead)

Gigsmart Review

Getting gigs isn’t always what it’s made out to be. Let’s be honest, how many people who run small brick and mortar companies even know the word “gig”. Personally, I thought gig was a word thrown around in the online world for freelancers.

Well, we all know that the online world hasn’t been around forever, so in saying this, you would be right to say not many people have heard of the word gig.

Well, with all the new gig websites showing up, how are freelancers meant to actually get work? And if it’s a brick and mortar type of opportunity, how are these businesses owners meant to find out?

The reason I say all this is that if you’re going to be going onsite to do some work and something happens to you, and you break a leg, who’s going to pay your work cover?

Since turning 37, I have been able to put the things I have learned to good use, part reason why I made this blog, to help people figure out what to do next.

If you’re here and not sure if you’ll be able to take on some gig work, then its going to work out better for you as long as you take my advice and stick to the script.

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Product Name: Gigsmart


Owner: Becky and Ted Catino

Price: Free + WorkCover Costs

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is Gigsmart?

Gigsmart is an online marketplace for connecting workers with employees. was founded back in 2016 by Becky and Ted Catino. Prior to starting gigsmart, the couple had their fingers dipped within the automotive industry, where they owned an automotive finance company. They sold this company to a New York based private equity firm that managed an $85 billion portfolio.

So, this gives us some insight as to who or what we’re dealing with here. But did they make the right choice?

Seems so weird that a married couple would go from automotive finance to gig work?

Anywho. Gotta keep movin.

How Does Gigsmart Work?

After visiting the website, it appears that the platform is created with professional intent.

It offers two solutions such as business staffing and residential tasks & projects. This is for the two ends of the stick.

Freelance workers can look for work in a variety of industries, while clients determine their salary.

You know what I was saying earlier about being insured when you work? Check this out. When somebody signs up with GigSmart, they agree to join the On-Demand Independent Contractors Association (ODICA). And, through ODICA, they’ll be covered by occupational accident insurance. Workers pay for this coverage through a $1 per hour “trust & safety” fee charged by the GigSmart app.

To get started, create an account and log into the dashboard, where you can begin reviewing available gig work.


Key features –

  • Hourly shift gigs
  • Part or full time positions
  • Managed services staffing

How it works –

  • Create your worker profile
  • Browse available work opportunities
  • Accept Gig offers instantly
  • Complete your first gig Shift
  • Build trust with employers
  • Get paid fast (like same-day fast)
  • Find more work

Commissions & fees –

  • $1 per hour, paid by the worker; 15% – 30% of worker pay, paid by the employer.

Requirements –

  • 18 or older (or younger with parental consent); have legal authorisation to work; able to sign a legal contract; may need to pass a background and DMV check

Getting Paid –

Workers get paid by the employer right after the job is completed.

Workers pay will be sent to their “Worker Wallet” inside the Gigwork app.

To transfer funds from your worker wallet to your bank, just add your bank details, and you’ll be able to do a transfer. It may take 5 business days to receive funds to your bank.


Is Gigsmart safe? Yes. Gigwork is a safe way to ensure you get paid for working.

Does Gigsmart have payment proof? I did a Google search and didn’t see anyone publishing payment proof online.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Just withdraw your earnings to your chosen bank account inside the Gigwork app.

Is Gigsmart a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Since there are always jobs that need to be done, maybe gig work has something going on that may change the way things happen.

Does Gigsmart have any bad reviews? I have read they have growing pains since they’re a new startup. I know of one as well, workers have to pay for their own insurance, which is handled inside the app. This, to me, just sound’s weird because freelancers are meant to be earning money and not shelling money out.

Does Gigsmart have an app? Yes. Gigwork has a mobile app ready fit for all devices.

Would you recommend Gigsmart to a friend or relative? Yes and no. There are lots of gig work platforms, but there are also a lot of headaches. I mean, the amount you have to go through….wouldn’t it be better just getting your own work? And just cut the rest out?

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Gives temporary work opportunities fast
  • Easy to sign up and navigate the app
  • Flexible schedule opportunity
  • Helps businesses fill positions fast

What’s not to like –

  • Commission goals can be difficult to hit/unclear how the goals are calculated
  • COO and CFO are sons of the millionaire CEOs. President is super old school and operates like it’s 1999.
  • Gigs can be given with short notice
  • Doesn’t guarantee full-time positions


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Now that we have been through some of what Gigsmart has to offer, do you think, is Gigsmart a scam or legit?

I know for a fact that the business is legit.

Workers will earn money.

What I am getting at is how confusing the system is. There seems to be so much involved, and I believe that this is confused with something other than hard work.

If you want to be successful in life, you have to work hard.

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