Is GetPaidTo Legit? An Honest Review

GetPaidTo App Review

There are so many reasons for wanting to work from home, and when a country gets sick and people need to sport time off work, this can become a mega bonus.

There are so many reasons to really start taking the internet for what it is and regaining that conscious effects of knowing, OK, these are people looking to buy and being able to put up under their noses is going to make me some nice gains on revenue.

But this isn’t what most people tend to do from the start. More often than not people only know to look for both surveys and Get-Paid-To’s to earn some income online. I believe it is when people see blogs and reviews showcasing something better that they receive it gladly and begin their journey.

But What is and is better to earn small-time online or focus and learn to earn big? I say focus and learn to earn big.

If you agree here, I want you to read 9-Year Anniversary And A $30,000 Sale, because the latter is a person who has been with the company for over 9 years and has earned hundreds of thousands, something that is asking you right now to switch up, and change, become a part of might I say. And don’t worry, my job is to coach you for free.

What is GetPaidTo?

GetPaidTo is an online rewards and surveys sites that pays people to signing up and taking part in their offers. It offers many different ways to earn such as features offers, surveys, quick points, and offer walls.

Is GetPaidTo a reliable site to earn?

Something to keep in mind when doing these offers is that is likely an affiliate of all the offers. This means that as you create an account with each of the offers GetPaidTo gets paid for it by referring you. And this is called affiliate marketing, which is a very huge way to make money online. I don’t want to go off topic here but this is becoming an affiliate is what many of you may have in mind but just don’t know it. It’s all about growing your online business organically, which many people are doing with a perfect training. To take this road now start by reading Wow! March ’16 – Best Sales Month S$41,350.30, because the latter is proof of earnings.

But that brings me to another thing, what I just mentioned about GetPaidTo being an affiliate site as well means instead of the member being able to earn straight forward, instead they have to constantly create a new account. You have may have heard about both advertisers and publishers before? This is when a business needs clientele to try out their website and I believe that this is a big part of GetPaidTo.

There is no information on who founded the GetPaidTo website, however, there is a ton of legit affirmations that point to them. If you scroll down to the bottom of their site you’ll see a large menu that gives you tons of answers to your thoughts and questions. You just have to click a link to go to the next page.

If you want to learn more on how to start with keep reading below and I’ll show you how.

Or, if you’re interested in starting your own blog and making passive income, you should try the same training I am using, and this will bring you out of the work force and into entrepreneurship What Commission Growth Looks Like.

How does GetPaidTo work?

To get started with GetPaidTo you just need to go to their website and hit create account in the top menu. However, the registration process is long, and tedious, check out the screenshot below:

Is GetPaidTo a reliable site to earn?

The sign up process for this website is the longest one I have ever seen, and it is very important that you understand that signing up to sites like this should not be long at all. Time is very valuable and it looks like GetPaidTo is just trying to waste a lot of your time by adding such a long sign up form.

This is why I never suggest investing in anything apart from your own online business.

But once your account is created, you’ll see in the top menu there’s a bunch of things to do such as earning points, games, contests, cash out, and support. By clicking on the support link it will refer you to an email support page where you can create your requests.

Is GetPaidTo a reliable site to earn?

When you wish to cash out, GetPaidTo gives you a number of different ways such as Bank Transfer, Skrill, Cryptocurrencies,, PayPal, and Vodaphone.

GetPaidTo is open to the whole world, but you must be over 16 to create an account.

Is GetPaidTo a reliable site to earn?

I couldn’t find the right amount you need before you can cash out but 5000 is the same as $1.

As you can see on all different tasks they all pay different amounts. It is very in depth, which is a contributing factor.

Members can also refer their friends and get paid 15% commissions on what their referrals earn. This sounds pretty good and will probably have members sharing to most of their social profiles. But if you want a real way to get referrals you need to start your own online business, which can be done by taking this training. When the site is built, just start by writing a review on this platform and publish it to your blog with your referrals link inside.

Once you have done the work and ready to receive earnings GetPaidTo offers different methods such as bank transfer, crypto, or gift cards. There are a few more different ways, which I mentioned earlier as well.

Is GetPaidTo a reliable site to earn?

So with everything I have written, hopefully you should be able to make up your mind on what you want to do.

The time vs what you earn is not going to be very high though. If you’re willing to invest in these make money online types of platforms then you’re better off doing it right from the start.

One thing that you do get out of it is the learning experience because it all leads up to being able to tell others and write reviews. I mean, when you write something it stays forever. If you write a review on a platform and publish it to your site it will rank in Google and slowly Google will give you all the traffic to that keyword and content piece. And this is a big deal because it meant that you invested into your own online business and website.


After finishing this GetPaidTo Review I can now fully conclude that this platform is legitimate. They sport over 28K Likes on Facebook along with a 5-Star Rating at that firm. This is helpful and shows other potential prospect members that the site is OK.

But the time spent on sites like this is a lot and learning what there is to know should only take minutes once you’ve learned what the big deal is which is affiliate marketing. Even GetPaidTo is an affiliate and that is proof of where you should be headed.

What I personally recommend

I have been using a website training course for the past 3 years and it has showed me how to choose a brand name and begin my online business.

What makes this so good is that there is no other training like this. If you wanted to learn affiliate marketing, you would get very confused because of the amount of different types of courses there are online and they all make you pay.

Paying is OK when it is appropriate. But trust me, there are hardly any trainings on affiliate marketing online that offer value. There only two which is my site Affiliate Training Now and Wealthy Affiliate.

If you wish to get my free coaching then take my #1 Rated Training Now and I will see you on there inside.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in earning online rewards from home? Have you tried GetPaidTo before?

Please share in the comments section below. #047B84

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