Future Talkers: Paid Research Activities (Scam or Legit?)

Future Talkers Review

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Future Talkers: Paid Research Activities (Scam or Legit?)

Well, this review only gives you information on taking surveys online. If you want to replace your current income, you’ll need more than just online surveys.

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Product Name: Future Talkers

Website: FutureTalkers.com

Download: website version only

Owner: Unknown.

Price: Free

Earnings: $10 minimum

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is Future Talkers?

Future Talkers is a website that offers a bunch of different ways people can make money while using their computers. These options include online surveys, Product testing, Online focus groups, Mobile surveys, Video surveys, and Teen surveys.

After doing a bit of research, I read that only people living in both Germany and the UK are able to join, but I’m in Australia and have no issues with the Australian version on the website.

Australian Site not mentioned here (check below)?
Australian Version of Future Talkers (Not mentioned On the Future Talkers Website)

To find out more about Future Talkers just keep reading, or to do what I’m doing to make extra income from home, try this.

How Does Future Talkers Work?

To get started with Future Talkers, you need a computer and internet connection. You’ll need an email address to sign up and login. Once you log your email in, you’ll need to go to your email inbox to verify your email.

From here, you have tons of options to earn like online surveys, Product testing, Online focus groups, Mobile surveys, Video surveys, and Teen surveys.

Once you have done a bit of work with the system, you’ll have to cash out using PayPal. There’s a low minimum threshold you have to meet before you can request payment of $10. There’s also no points involved, which makes it neater.

Future Talkers: Paid Research Activities (Scam or Legit?)

Future Talkers also has a Facebook Fan Page with over 4.8K Likes, which is pretty cool. This means if you have questions and want to associate with other workers, you can do this easily.

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Ways To Earn –

  • Online surveys
  • Online real-time discussion groups
  • Online research communities discussing a shared topic over a period of time
  • One-on-one discussions with a moderator
  • Online real-time interviews

Payments –

  • $10 minimum to withdraw using PayPal.

Community –

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • FAQ on the website
  • How it works on the website
  • About US on the website

Key Benefits –

  • You can use the Facebook Fan Page to find out answers to your questions and discuss topics with others. Future Talk is definitely something you need to be good at to make money.


Is Future Talkers safe? Future Talkers seems safe, and the reviews in Google also say it is. Participating focus groups are generally safe because people are in a group setting. Just search for “scam” when looking in Google.

Does Future Talkers have payment proof? I can’t find any uploads from community members, but there are people on FoxyRating expressing their earnings. These are people involved in get paid focus groups.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. When you earn a minimum of $10 you can withdraw to PayPal. Most legit paid surveys websites will often offer PayPal, which improves it for workers.

Is Future Talkers a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes, getting paid for doing surveys is definitely something 100% real and ongoing for people to earn extra. Just keep in mind that these are low-income earning opportunities, which means you won’t make much. You need to try affiliate marketing if you want to make big income profits.

Does Future Talkers have support? Yes. If you look on the website, it offers a contact form for Future Talkers Customer Service.

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Does Future Talkers have any bad reviews? All Future Talkers Reviews I’ve read have been good. It seems the paid product tester home option is something that people enjoy doing, and good for them, if they enjoy earning low amounts of money.

Does Future Talkers have an app? No, there is no app. You should not worry too much with surveys anyway, you should focus on how you can get paid review products Amazon. If you are interested in get paid review products free, you are at the right site to help you.

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Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Has a low payment threshold ($10)
  • Offers PayPal 
  • Is available in a few countries
  • Has a Facebook Fan Page

What’s not to like –

  • Low-income opportunity
  • Helping grow somebody else’s business
  • You will not get rich off this method
  • There is a big misconception with taking online surveys to earn money


Daily income career network scams are only one part of the journey if you wish to work online. But it is worth it. The Daily income network reviews will provide you information on how to get going, but I recommend you keep Affiliate Training Now in mind at all times.

Here are some helpful pages from Google to help you choose something –

How to make money with Panel Champ 

How to make money with Myiyo

I have tried researching different online activities to earn money from home and I saw people searching for home revenue stream and Sally Rhodes stay home revenue reviews. If this helps you then great, if not stick with affiliate marketing training courses.


From what I noticed when researching for this review, it is a website that does have some good elements to what it offers. Things like PayPal and a low payout threshold of $10 are all things people are looking for when it comes to taking online surveys.

The Australia Future Talkers website looks easy to use and sign up. Also, on the Facebook Fan Page they have plenty of likes, which means they are popular.

For me personally, though, I wouldn’t waste my time filling out online surveys. I don’t think this is what we do as men to make some extra income. We only live a short life here on earth, so we might as well try and build a business for ourselves and not help someone else builder theirs.

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  1. I have not heard about Future Talkers before, so it was interesting to come across this review. From the features, it appears that there are several ways that one can earn money, including online surveys and being part of discussion groups. 

    Most survey sites pay peanuts for completing online surveys and tasks, and it appears that Future Talkers are no different. So, it might be a legit site, but I don’t think it is worth the time and effort. Affiliate marketing is a more realistic way of earning money online. 


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