Future Talkers: Is this just another Scam or Real Way To Earn?

Future Talkers Review

There are so many reasons to take surveys in this day to earn a bit more cash. Now, that there is some sort of virus in the world you may get some surveys that ask you things that which pertain to the virus itself. I think this shows you the reality of what surveys are and how they play a real-life part in the world today.

There are so many different ways to make money online and futuretalkers.com is one of them. Everybody knows that being a part of only one survey website will entail having to wait longer periods of time before you get your next job. This can be different though, sometimes you will have jobs turn up every week (most survey sites have this for their members), but how many do you feel comfortable doing?

Personally, I have started to see the need to step in and help the group of people I’m seeing who do surveys but don’t bother about referring people properly because they don’t know how. It isn’t hard to do when you have someone showing you.

Like I just said, there are so many ways to make money online that you would need to choose one as you begin. The fact that you have landed on this web page is the first sign to being an online success, because if you didn’t land here you wouldn’t even have a clue what I’m talking about and this is where you have a huge head start.

Survey opportunities can pay you a full-time income as long as you implement them into a routine properly. To do this you need an online business which will be the promoting base of all your referral links.

You know the links that you receive when you sign up to different survey websites? Those links can only be promoted through email or text message without being banned because of spam. Say you upload that link to Facebook to many times they will ban that link and you can’t get another referral link without making a new account at the survey site that you got it from.

Think about the potential earnings that you would receive if you brought in numerous amounts of people to each survey website that you are a part of? Recurring commissions is when you receive the same payment as the first every single month.

You can either receive recurring or commissions-off what your referrals earn when they take the surveys. If you are interested in finding out how perfect this opportunity is then get ready to start your business and I will coach you for free. If you want more information on where you will build the site just read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and your all set.

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What is Future Talkers?

Future Talkers is a consumer-research company that pays individuals to participate in surveys, research studies, group discussions, and other similar tasks. Originally established by InSites Consulting, an international market research company and globally recognized industry leader in consumer research, Future Talkers offers consumers a vibrant environment for sharing creative ideas, opinions, and valuable insights on a myriad of topics. Because InSites Consulting partners major companies like eBay and Danone participants of Future Talkers will play a major role in influencing many different major brands in the United States and the world.

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How does Future Talkers work?

Sign-up for Future Talkers is very simple. All a customer needs to do is provide a valid e-mail address and other general information including the country of residency. In order to get the best results however, a bit more information does need to be provided in the customer’s profile such as hobbies, habits, occupation, etc. Once a customer completes the necessary profile information, they will start receiving invitations in their e-mails for various money-making opportunities such as surveys, product testing, discussion groups, and online interviews, just to name of few. Future Talkers also compensates customers through a referral program, offering up to $1.50 for every friend you refer. Perhaps the best aspect of Future Talkers is that all information about a given project, such as the amount of time to complete, the number of questions, or how much money it will pay out is given up front before you accept the task. Because of the wide range of surveys and other projects offered, some of the compensation is allotted in other forms such as product vouchers. However, most of the time, the compensation will be in cash through PayPal, with a minimum payout system in place.


Future Talkers is a very good avenue to both make some extra money online and engage in important product dialogue that will affect major brands throughout the world. The flexibility and transparency of the system of choosing specific studies or surveys to participate in make it a pleasant experience for customers. Its relationship with InSites Consulting establishes its trustworthiness, legitimacy, and the actual impact on the business world, something that many other online consumer research companies do not have. As with most online survey sites, Future Talkers will not be a huge money earner for a customer as the maximum amount of money that most customers can make is about 50 dollars a month. However, the overall experience makes it a good opportunity.

Pros and Cons About Future Talkers


  • Direct payouts of cash through PayPal
  • The ability to participate on multiple survey panels at once
  • Very easy sign-up
  • Offers a wide range of surveys and studies to choose from
  • Free to join
  • Many different types of ways to earn money
  • Includes both individual and group projects
  • International presence


  • Limited number of surveys and projects
  • Surveys can take longer to complete than surveys from other traditional online survey companies
  • Will not earn a large amount of money
  • Filling out all the profile information after signing up can take a while
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2 thoughts on “Future Talkers: Is this just another Scam or Real Way To Earn?”

  1. Thank you for your review on Future Talkers. I came across this name the other day and I just have to find out what it is all about, it is my job to do the due diligence. I agree that it is best to belong to several survey websites as we all know it takes forever to match the threshold amount, and you cannot redeem the money as well if you do not meet the threshold amount they create. Wow, I never thought of the survey links as a referral link before! This will work out if I have more subscribers on my email list. I think I am going to sign up and take it from there.

    • Hi, Nuttanee, and thank you for coming in and writing a comment. I too began to see how you could be better off referring other people in a great deal as a whole instead of doing the small little offset tasks that they offer. If you need further negotiation in doing this I want to help you do that. Just let me know through my contact form here.


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