Freelance Mom Review – Scam or Legit? (Learn how to Freelance)

Freelance Mom Review

There are many reasons to want to start working from home, and article writing for different websites can help anyone switch into gear and get paid a handsome wage.

But is writing for different websites truly the best way to get paid? Is it also a real way to secure your future and pay off your house loan? Some may say, no.

Articles can make you a ton of money, but when you sell them, you will only even receive a small amount of what they’re truly worth.

An article can rank in Google and earn websites in the thousands if not millions of dollars in revenue even over a small space of time.

I also recommend not to sell your content because of these reasons.

But What is Freelance Mom and how can you make money writing from home the easy way? By building a website.

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Product Name: Freelance Mom


Lisa Stein

Price: Free

Overall Rating:

What Is Freelance Mom?

Freelance Mom is a Moms blog and freelancing website dedicated to helping women achieve their business ideas and concepts, especially during or after pregnancy. The website describes helping women achieve their ideas during pregnancy is an important time for women because it gives them a lot of time to focus on who they are as well. This brings about a good time to become a freelancer or solopreneur. is regarded as helping women in two ways:

Is Freelance Mom a reliable MLM to earn?
  • Close information gaps
  • Provide access to other women running a business successfully

The Freelance Mom website is able to help women with knowledge, inspiration, wisdom, and actionable solutions so they can find the work they love through entrepreneurship. was founded by Lisa Stein, who was not always a blogger. She is the wife of an engineer turned entrepreneur, business professor. Stein lives in Texas and is the Mother of two “drama queens”. Before starting the blog, Stein worked in the corporate world. She says in her About Me page that she working the corporate life, was not what she enjoyed, and after 10 years left to go back to University. She then became a business professor, and then a Mom. After Lisa’s daughter was born, she became very interested in entrepreneurship and the way the world worked according to online blogs. This is when she decided to start

Freelance Mom does have social media with Facebook sporting over 1.7K Likes and Twitter sporting over 560 Likes.

With some interesting information on how this blog started and what it offers, you can now start earning some money working at home by writing and publishing to her website. Just keep reading to get started.

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How Does Freelance Mom Work?

Learning how to write articles from home is something that may take some time and getting used to. But when you have blogs such as Freelance Mom that want to help you and pay you for your content, it means you can become an entrepreneur and get good at earning money online.

Freelance Mom offers entrepreneurs the following support when working with them:

  • “Ask an Expert” – We meet with experts on specific topics relevant and timely to your business. The experts we talk to are people who have actually studied and researched the topic and have no other motivation but to solve problems and their own curiosities.
  • “Women Entrepreneurs Hustling From the Heart” Case studies and Mentoring – We interview women and mom entrepreneurs who have reached success through all kinds of interesting paths and who mean business. We get their insights on starting and running a business so you can have a head start on yours. Here, you get an opportunity to hear their inner thoughts and get advice on lessons learned, challenges they faced and systems they use to start and run their business.
  • Actionable and Relevant Content – our website is full of rich content and resources on all topics relevant to running and starting a business, all while raising your little ones.

The website says “We want to help support you to build the expertise you are looking for and make even more informed decisions.”

Although you’re earning money by writing content from home, it is so important to remember that it is still a capped benefit which means, whatever you write will be sold in order to raise the bar for someone else. Your content will always rank on somebody else’s website which means they will always earn money. You should always keep your own written content and publish it to your own website.

Freelance Mom Pays: Up to $100

This is a site that encourages women to be true to themselves after becoming a mom.

Content focuses on helping moms start and build a successful home business, like decorating cakes and creating cute baby onesies.

Articles should be 900 to 1,500 words and share practical, actionable advice.

See the writer’s guidelines.

Features offers a wide section of features on the website. First there is a large menu with the following:

  • Business
  • Interviews
  • Marketing
  • Money
  • Personal Development
  • Productivity
  • Social Media
  • Work at Home

Everything I just listed above is what Freelancers have access to when they want to either learn or read something new.

But, there is also another menu at the top of the site and this one offers a little more power for freelancers who really want to get the best out of freelancing such as:

Start Here – Shows new people how to get started with and where to go first.

  • About – Tells new people about the website
  • Business Case Studies – A page that offers free coaching for freelancers
  • Resources – Offers resources for building and running your business
  • Contact – Email contact form for people who want to get into freelancing but need help is for freelancers to get as much knowledge as they can bank up in their work day so they can become better at what they do which is writing.

To takes things a little deeper, there are also Real freelance Mom coaches available from the platform. Freelancers can simply go to the website and ask for:

  • Brianna Scott – Creare Marketing
  • Tatiana Chemistov –
  • Heather Holtschlag

On the case studies menu page it states that Freelance Mom opened up the doors for more businesses to help mothers find their freelancing passions.

Simple go to the Freelance Mom website is you want free coaching on Freelancing.


Is Freelance Mom a reliable way to start freelancing? Yes. At there is tons of information but not only that they have free coaching.

Does Freelance Mom cost any money? No. Anyone who is willing to begin freelancing or already has some knowledge on doing it can go to Freelance Mom and get started for free.

Is safe to use? Yes. The blog is 100% guaranteed to help freelancers find what it is they’re looking for and get better at writing content for the internet.

Does Freelance Mom have an email address? Yes. To contact you just need to go to the website and click on contact in the top menu.

Pros & Cons

When learning how to become a better writer or freelancer you always need more information. The free guides and coaching you get on freelancing the better you’ll be when taking off with your business.

What’s to like

  • It has a lot of helpful content on freelancing
  • It is free to use
  • It is a trusted source that has been around for many years
  • It offers free coaching

What’s not to like –

  • There isn’t anything to not like about the website. If anything it would be outdated content that is being published. I went on the website earlier and saw that there was some content from 2016. This to me means that no one there is keeping the site up to date.


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After learning about the Freelance Mom website it is now considered a wonderful website and one that can help the freelancer earn some money.

What hits me the hardest about is how the website has been made with so much effort but has not fully taken off.

I truly believe that if the creator that site wanted to she could turn into a very helpful website that contains a lot of interesting and helpful content.

Freelance Mom even has free coaches, some female entrepreneurs who said yes to helping anyone who needs it when it comes to freelancing, they just need to go to blog and speak with them there.

Something else to keep in mind while you’re still here. Are you thinking that making money in freelancing is going to be enough to sustain you forever? It probably won’t, and since we’re working online I wouldn’t suggest it.

Rather commit yourself to affiliate marketing, it is when you sell another businesses products or services through your own website, and it is the best thing ever! Start by reading some people who are having great success at the platform I recommend: I Failed at Affiliate Marketing until I Found Wealthy Affiliate

If you enjoyed this article and still want more, the following are more sites that offer to pay you for content typing:

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in writing articles from home? Have you worked or tried working for Freelance Mom before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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