Flexjobs: How To Find Remote Work (Scam or Legit?)

Flexjobs Review

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Product Name: Flexjobs

Website: Flexjobs.com

Download: Apple iOS only.

Owner: Sarah Sutton

Price: $9.95-$59.95

Earnings: General employment salary. Experience should pay you more.

Overall Rating: 57/100

What Is Flexjobs?

FlexJobs is an online job searching platform. It contains jobs such as remote and freelance positions with flexible and part-time schedules.

One of the valued facts about FlexJobs is the jobs are always flexible. But who knows, maybe some people actually keep the jobs they apply for.

Flexjobs: How To Find & Work Remotely (Scam or Legit?)
Front Page of the Job Searching Platform

As you might not know at this point, FlexJobs is not free. It does cost a certain price to use the platform, which we’ll go into soon.

It’s important to know who founded the site. This will give you a better vibe when using the service. It was founded by Sara Sutton back in 2007 who’s been in the industry for over 20 years. She remains CEO of FlexJobs today.

How Does Flexjobs Work?

To get started with FlexJobs, you just need computer and internet connection. You can sign up and login from anywhere. Actually, FlexJobs doesn’t make it easy to find out who can join. From what I’ve read online, the service is available globally. However, most jobs will come out of the US.

If you want to use FlexJobs on mobile, it will work. However, you can also download the FlexJobs app on the App Store. It isn’t available on Android at this moment.

The FlexJobs cost price has 4 main payment options, that are monthly subscriptions.

Take a look at FlexJobs prices below –

  • 1 Week – $9.95
  • 1 Month – $24.95
  • 3 Months – $39.95
  • 1 Year – $59.95

Industries Include –

  • Career Planning
  • Employment
  • Freelance
  • Human Resources
  • Internet
  • Recruiting

Job Specifics include –

  • Remote work (100%, partial, or optional)
  • Freelance jobs
  • Hybrid schedules
  • Temporary jobs (short-term or long-term, occasional, and seasonal)
  • Part-time jobs
  • Flexible schedules
  • Alternative schedules

Job Availabilities Include –

  • Accountant
  • Engineer
  • Teacher/Faculty/Tutor/Instructor
  • Writer
  • Consultant
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Business Development Manager
  • Account Manager/Account Executive
  • Recruiter
  • Sales Representative
  • Web Developer
  • Medical Coder
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Nurse
  • Data Analyst
  • Editor
  • Case Manager
  • UX/UI Designer

If you’re not happy with the service, you can request a Flexjobs refund within 30 days of account creation and/or renewal. This is good, at least it does give you this option.

If you want to know more about how legit FlexJobs is, you can search for FlexJobs Review BBB in Google. I did, and the results were outstanding. FlexJobs sports an A+ Rating and is an Accredited business with the organisation. Check out the screenshot below.

Flexjobs: How To Find Work Remotely (Scam or Legit?)
BBB Accredited Business

You can also purchase FlexJobs gift certificates, which is just the membership price for somebody you know who’s searching for a job. They’ll be able to use the premium version if you decide you want to help someone find a job and purchase for them a FlexJobs gift certificate.


Ways To Earn –

  • Working full or Part-time.

Payments –

  • Top payment gateways from companies who hire workers is generally done by PayPal. This is good. FlexJobs does not have anything to do with how you get paid because it is only a jobs board.

Community –

  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Press & Awards
  • FAQ
  • Careers at FlexJobs
  • The FlexJobs Team
  • Gift Certifications

Key Benefits –

  • Flexjobs has been around since 2007 which makes the platform a go-to for jobs.

FlexJobs also offers –

  • Discounted career coaching
  • Discounted resume reviews
  • Mock Interviewing
  • Resource articles
  • Live, members-only Q&A sessions
  • Webinars
  • Virtual job fairs
  • Skills test
  • Member savings
  • And much more


Is Flexjobs safe? Yes. We’ve now seen FlexJobs ranking on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with top marks.

Does Flexjobs have payment proof? No. Since working remotely does not include FlexJobs, it is up to the employer to pay you.

Is it easy to cash out? You should always be able to cash out using PayPal. Just tell your new employer you would like to be paid through PayPal. It’s just the same as getting any other job; they may even pay you in cash.

Is Flexjobs a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. FlexJobs is a connection to help you find an active position.

Does Flexjobs have support? Yes. There is an FAQ and help page at FlexJobs.com. You can also use the contact link for FlexJobs customer service.

Does Flexjobs have any bad reviews? No. If you take a look on SiteJabber.com, it says FlexJobs has 4.69/5-star rating. This is excellent. People seem to have a lot of success with this jobs board. It is well known for having plenty of job positions available because it is so big.

Does Flexjobs have an app? Yes. FlexJobs is available on IOS devices only. 

Would you recommend Flexjobs to a friend or relative? Yes and no. Because I run my own recruiting agency, I want most people to learn how to work from home and get paid by Google. I don’t believe in traditional jobs as much anymore and want people to know they can escape 9-5 employment with the right training.

Is Flexjobs free? No. FlexJobs does have a monthly subscription that you will need to pay to be able to use the job search engine at your leisure.

Is Flexjobs worth the money? Based on the review rating it has with multiple review sites, it seems, yes, it is.

How to cancel Flexjobs subscription? You need to log in into your FlexJobs account and select cancel membership.

Does Flexjobs work? FlexJobs is one of the most used job search boards of all time. All FlexJobs Reviews point to it being a useful way to find remote working solutions.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Has a user-friendly app
  • Has tons of information website
  • Has a variety of ways you can pay

What’s not to like –

  • Doesn’t offer a successful work-from-home opportunity.

FlexJobs Alternatives

If you’re looking for a job with flexibility, such as a remote, freelance, part-time, or flextime job, FlexJobs.com is good. But you also have Google. I mean, you don’t want to keep all your eggs in one basket. It’s always a bad path to take when you stay with negative thoughts about certain ways to make money. 

Look, I’ll give you a list from in Google on company’s just like FlexJobs. But if I were you, I would expand my thoughts and stick with Affiliate Training Now. We help you create your own online income by typing reviews for Google.

Lauren Jean earned $5K in 2018 by copying this training. This proof of success is for you to see and start yourself. Just know where you saw it first, and you’ll always be welcomed back.

Here’s a post I found in Google with The top remote job boards on the internet.

How To Get Flexjobs Referrals 

Another way to make great money with FlexJobs is by harnessing their affiliate program.

This is a program created by FlexJobs that helps anyone make money with their businesses.

You don’t have to be a member of the site. However, you do have to join the referral marketplace company.

If you think this is a lot to learn, then you should start now because this is big business.

Start earning money with a simple manoeuvre that you’ve never seen before by using the following steps –

1) Login To FlexJobs.com
2) Find your referral link in your dash area (Join affiliate program through CJ.com)
3) Build your free website at Wealthy Affiliate
4) Write and publish a FlexsJobs Review
5) Add your FlexJobs affiliate link to your review

Don’t stress because my agency offers free coaching, I help you with any issues along the way. If you find that the CJ.com website is too strict and doesn’t allow you to join straight away, come back and let me know if you want my advice.


Now that we have been through some/if not all of what Flexjobs has to offer, what resonates with you? Is Flexjobs a scam or legit? 

Yes, the Flexjobs corporation is 100% legit. What they like is how they make so much money off job searchers. I know, it’s outstanding, who would have thought.

It offers a number of Flexjobs careers, which are also located at the bottom of the website. I believe this is to actually work for the company. This makes it even more worthy.

If I have to be honest, FlexJobs does have numerous jobs. 

But Affiliate Training Now is about showing people how to Quit their jobs! 9-5s are too precarious.

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