Find Answers with a Personal Research Assistant – Scam or Legit?

Ask Wonder Review

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What is Ask Wonder?

Ask Wonder is an international Research Facility based out of New York. Ask Wonder was launched in 2015 which makes their company online still pretty new. The company was created in order to ask members who join their personal opinions on real issues. This caught ramp, so much so that now investors such as Bloomberg and others now are involved with the expansion of this.

Ask Wonder’s proper name is actually only called “Wonder”, but because the domain name of the business is called Ask Wonder, they therefore call themselves Ask Wonder. Overall, Ask Wonder was created to help small to large business and single entrepreneurs hard to tough questions that they need answered.

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How does Ask Wonder work?

If you are interested in starting up with Ask Wonder, you will first need to fill in some details about yourself because these are the details that they use to send you work that will suit you. When the job is more suited to you, you have more chances of getting it and finishing it, which will then amount to more money in your pocket. As part of the bonus when joining that they offer, you need to finish your first job and this will be added to your account.

If you run a business, or you know somebody who operates a large corporation, they might be a subject matter who themselves have taken part in these types of ongoing opportunities. Surveys are always sent out to people so that whoever is creating them can have their questions and obligations filled out to which they need.

If you’re worried about where you are from at the time of signing up, then don’t. Ask Wonder uses people from all over the world to advantage their business, but mostly from the U.S. The only countries they don’t expect people from in the U.S. are Massachusetts, New York, California. Some of the questions asked from you when signing up are things like Do you sport a resume, what school did you go to and what level you finished. You also need to upload a sample of your writing, which doesn’t have to be long in detail. One or two pages will be fine, and this is to show them your writing style.

During the research and development of this online review, I was able to find some internal questions that you can be submitted with when working for this company. One of the things to remember is the jobs you get a from real people. This means that you are helping somebody’s real company and your answers count. One of the jobs I read about was a client who needed a percentage of a number of people in society who earn a salary of $150,000 per year. How long do you think this job would take? Well, that’s just one. These are the reasons why I say being good at something and practising it will boost you into your careers and destinations. Just don’t let anything distract you, no matter what it is.

How much can you earn with this particular firm? Because its estimates vary unlike your category survey sites, the pay rates are higher. The team over there within this firm makes statements that somebody who is good enough can manage to pull in just over $2K per month. They claim that a researcher can earn on par $15 to $25 per hour. Just remember that what you are doing is researching, this answering common questions and getting the job done. It varies, some questions will only pay you around $6 to $8 and with the technique you could consider yourself earning different salaries at a time.

Ask Wonder pays their panel of workers every two weeks straight into their designated PayPal accounts.


I hope you have now come to understand this platform better with open eyes. Again, it can be just like any other platform or with Ask Wonder you can take it further as they have deeper questions to take on.

As you will read below, Ask Wonder is a very legitimate company, and with in your corner you can contemplate earning an income from them.

If you have tried to earn from them, or you’re about to, first you can find their website by clicking the link in the top paragraph. If you go there and find that they are too hard to make real money, then come here, and I will help you with many other work-from-home opportunities.

Pros And Cons about Ask Wonder


  • It is free to join their company
  • It is a work-from-home technique that which is implemented within your day-to-day lifestyle
  • Ask Wonder is backed by big-time investors such as Bloomberg
  • They sport a professional company based on the inside whom first review your answers before sending them back out to the client
  • Each job you get shows you it’s set price, which makes knowing how much is on the table in clear view


  • There is a serious requirement for a deep understanding of English. This can make it harder for people who only have a general English vocabulary.
  • One of the big issues that researchers alike face is viewing the common dashboard at a question they intend on completing, when having finished researching for the answer, they come back to find that the question is gone from the dashboard (already snapped up).

6 thoughts on “Find Answers with a Personal Research Assistant – Scam or Legit?”

  1. As a home business coach, I am glad to discover this company, Ask Wonder. This will be included in the list of companies or opportunities I can recommend to my clients in my home business coaching. My clients oftentimes ask me what opportunities I can recommend them and most of the time, I don’t have enough companies to recommend.

    By the way, is this opportunity available to people residing in the Philippines? Filipinos have a deep understanding of English and are fluent in English. If yes, then I’m going to recommend them to my Filipino followers.

    • Hi, Gomer, the only countries where they cannot accept researchers are countries that do not accept PayPal payments. I hope that helps your time of mind and things can continue on with you and your companies success.

  2. Hello, there! Thanks for coming up with such an interesting review. Ask Wonder is a legitimate website which pays people on time. However, because they are running a legit operation, there are actually some standards you need to follow in order to get paid. Previous experience isn’t required, but it certainly helps.

  3. Quiet and informative review you’ve got here on ask wonder… I must say that I appreciate your effort and time spent on carrying out such a tentative research about this very platform and sharing your unbiased findings and opinions with everyone…

    Thanks a lot for your effort is very much appreciated, and I look forward to sharing it to my friends they would also find it informative…


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