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Affiliate Training Now is an online business that offers a variety of different resources such as content, reviews, and coaching.

On the homepage of this website are a few main buttons that offer “get started now”, “Coaching guide”, and “Contact”.

Readers can get help to make money online and start a business or just read.

Yes, when you read my content feel free to contact me or just leave a comment within the comments section of the post.

You can also begin your own affiliate website and get me as your free coach and mentor which is another way you can be assured of newbie friendliness and hope in achieving online success.

To join Wealthy Affiliate is free, which gets you to build a website (your own online business) and produce an income.

If you decide to upgrade within your first month you’ll only pay only $19 just for your first month only (special offer). After that, Every other month is $49.

Overview of the costs here:

  • Starter Membership $19 (for the first month only)
  • Premium Membership – Monthly $49
  • Yearly Premium Membership $359 (save $229)

Affiliate Training Now has a few different buttons on the top homepage menu.

Readers can get started by clicking on “Start Free”.

Wealthy Affiliate uses PayPal to pay their affiliates. Members need a minimum of $10 in their earnings to be paid directly into their PayPal account.

Remember, There are many different affiliate programs, which all work the same. You’ll create an account with an affiliate program of your choice (ex. Amazon) and then add your banking details to that profile in order to be paid from future sales made with that company.

You have to build a site and “earn” traffic within the Google Bing and Yahoo search engines to earn money. This can take anywhere from 3-6 months to get traffic, and then when people see your brand they buy from you.

Please check the spam or junk folders of your email program. Some programs automatically sort emails into the spam folder based on specific keywords. However, if you have not received an email from us within 48 hours please get in touch with me at by using this email page.

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