EZ Money Team Review – Scam or Legit?

EZ Money Team Review

This EZ Money Team Review focuses on showing people how to make money with their own website, page, and paid ads.

This version of affiliate marketing is generally a lot harder than blogging because of the nature of which people must go by in order to see some benefits.

But if I were you I would not try PPC marketing even if you do have the money.

For one, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you’re trying to get rich and don’t care about learning then this whole idea of making money online is probably not even going to work for you.

But, for the people who don’t have much money and want to create an online income then Affiliatetrainingnow.com is the best place for you to be. Just read the success people are having from the training I use: How I Made $2,170.45 for ONE Click.

Product Name: EZ Money Team


Jeffrey Hart

$9-$67 + upsells

Overall Rating:

What Is EZ Money Team?

The EZ Money Team is a work from home system training that allows people to put together their own online business.

The EZ Money Team was founded by Jeffrey Hart. Jeffrey introduces himself through he’s website at Ezmoneyteam.org.

But when somebody buys EZ Money Team because they want to make money, after the purchase they’ll get access to a dashboard within their member profile along with a bunch of video trainings that teaches people how to make money online.

How Does EZ Money Team Work?

EZ Money Team uses an affiliate marketing concept by which affiliate make money by selling other people’s products or services.

The EZ Money Teams framework is combined with a paid-ads presentation, which means people will need more money when they join to help pay for their ads.

EZ Money Team Review - Scam or Legit?


EZ Money Team offers the following program features:

Module 1

  • Create Your commission account
  • Clicksure
  • Create your website

Module 2

  • Email marketing
  • Get Response
  • Create opt in peage
  • Integrate with your website

Module 3

  • Drive Traffic
  • Webfire
  • Money generating campaigns
  • Get commissions put it all together

Module 4

  • FAQz & What to watch out for

Module 5

  • Platinum and Gold Members\


Is EZ Money Affordable? Yes. At $67 to get in the door it does seem affordable.

Does EZ Money have a free version? No. Prospects are only able to buy the training for the offered price.

Is EZ Money Team reliable? Yes, and no. The business model that EZ Money uses is a recognized system that affiliates use around the world, but EZ Money Team is just a small product that doesn’t have much to offer.

Can people commit to the training and coaches that is being offered here? Yes. I think there are lots of people who have bought this system, and even if you don’t go all the way, you still paid the $67!

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • EZ Money Team uses a well-known business model to make money online
  • EZ Money has coaches and training videos that people can use
  • There are not a lot of bad reviews online about EZ Money Team

What’s not to like

  • The product is so small it hard to imagine it being very helpful
  • Generally, when people want to make money online they should invest in a community training
  • EZ Money Team does not offer live chat to the member’s area and community


Similar EZ Money Team Products

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Since anyone can make money online, we now come to understand that it is possible. We are just looking for the right training to get us there.

EZ Money Team is generally OK to work with but to be honest I would not recommend it. I truly believe that the makers of this program are only in it for themselves and don’t really care about what other people get out of it.

The whole point in your being here is to take your earnings to the next level. By focusing on the right pathways anyone can do this very easily.

If you want my advice on what to do now, I would invest in writing some content for yourself and putting the right work: Month 7 – $4550

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